Hamas and White House Use Similar Tactics


Two important issues are currently before the American people.  First, Israel’s constant struggle with the world’s worst neighbors is once again consuming the news cycle.  This is appropriate as this is the focal point for the entire Islamic world as they struggle with the question, “Why hasn’t Allah killed all the infidels yet?”  The Sentinel predicted, if Obama were to win reelection, Israel would immediately have to start taking steps to defend herself.

Without the US standing solidly beside Israel, she looks weaker and the forces aligned against her will probe for a weakness in her defenses.  This had already started as Hamas has been hectoring Israel with rocket launches from Gaza almost daily for a year now.  Over a million Israelis have been driven to shelter.  This is the population equivalent of 40 million Americans.  To defend her citizens, Israel must act.  With a strong America at her side, Israel has often been able to deter such attacks with very limited responses.  Without American support, the Israeli response must be far more convincing.  A weak American commitment to Israeli sovereignty is a destabilizing influence in the Middle East.

The rockets used by Hamas are supplied by Iran and usually launched from school yards, market places, hospital roof tops and Islamic Mosques.  This is deliberate on the part of Hamas to draw fire to innocents; to use their own citizens as cannon fodder.  At some level of operation, Israel must act to defend her citizens.  As soon as she does so, an endless stream of “innocent victims” is paraded before the world press.  “Israel is killing innocents,” they cry.  The “innocents” should have turned out these terrorists a long time ago.  There are no innocents in Gaza, and there has not been for generations.  We see these same tactics used here in the US, thankfully without the bloody missiles. (read below)

The second issue is the Benghazi incident and, more importantly, the administration’s cover up of the facts surrounding it.  Both sides of the political aisle have now stipulated the Benghazi incident was badly handled.  The President would have us believe this happened because of incomprehensible political alchemy.  Years of field engineering taught me, in the overwhelming number of cases, the cause of a failure is almost always the most obvious and most predictable.  At the time of the incident in which four brave Americans were assassinated, including an American ambassador, the President was running for reelection and the Benghazi incident made him look bad.  This is the most obvious and most predictable reason for the cover-up.

To forward the cover-up, a lie was launched at the American people. The lie stated the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous outburst inspired by an unreleased and seldom viewed video. This lie was launched from the head of UN ambassador, Susan Rice.  On one of the Sunday shows, your author witnessed Susan Rice saying that it could not have been an al Quaeda attack because “the Obama administration had decimated al Quaeda” – an Obama reelection campaign talking point.  When questions arose regarding the veracity of Ambassador Rice’s statements, the President leaped to her defense.  “She knew nothing of Benghazi and was only reporting what she was told.”  By tasking Rice with this mission, the administration was drawing fire to innocents.  Who told her what to say?  According to the President, it was “the White House,” as if brick and mortar could talk.  Mr. President, you are the White House.  Does the buck stop anywhere in this administration?  Mr. President, you lied in order to be reelected.  To put it in terms the President can understand, the American people are entitled to a Mulligan on this election.  Obama was reelected on his own perjured testimony.

My advice to Israel is, if Hamas launches a missile into Jerusalem, the IDF should launch a missile at the Al Aqsa Mosque and blame Hamas for the destruction.  Hamas is unable to direct their missiles with any accuracy and the Al Aqsa Mosque draws a bad element anyway.

Now, anytime I come to Israel’s defense I hear from Ron Paul supporters who are, quite frankly, misinformed on this issue.  The country we now know as Israel was in the past inhabited mostly by Jews and frequented by nomadic Arab goat herders.  Jews have been the majority resident population of this area for over a hundred years.  The state of Israel has transformed the desert into a thriving and productive country.  Any time a piece of it has been given to the residents of Gaza or the West Bank they instantly acted to return it to its barren and unproductive state.  I implore anyone who is tempted to throw Israel over, thinking it will bring us some sort of peace, to do an independent and objective search into the history of the area.  Or, if you prefer, consult your Bible on this issue.

My advice for the American people is to insist that for the next two years our Representatives in the House get a backbone and defund all Obama’s Czars.  That further legislative initiatives and court cases are forwarded to halt or slowdown the implementation of Obama Care.  That at every opportunity, even if we have to make the opportunity happen, power is ceded back to the states.  A movement to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution would be helpful in this regard.  That within your state a concerted effort should be mounted to ‘nullify’ the Obama care law.  That every device be used to bring to light all the facts of various scandals like Benghazi, and Fast and Furious.  Almost every Republican congressman won by margins greater than Obama’s.  Congress therefore has more of a mandate than the President.  This is not the time to be shy or reserved.  We may not be able to reap the fruits of these investigations until 2014 when we can retake the Senate.  To this end, retaking the Senate must be our political focus for the next two years.

Keep informed as to how you can best participate in this political action by dropping in on Tea Party 911 and subscribing to the newsletter.  As the newsletter is free, it makes a great Christmas gift for people on your Christmas card list.  As Archie Bunker once said, “It’s easy to be generous when it doesn’t cost you anything.” ~ Terrell AronSpeer

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