Fiscal Responsibility Scorecard in on North Texas State Legislators Representative Scott Turner and Senator Bob Deuell


Who Gets an “F” And Who Gets an “A”?

– by Tina Millican –

Texans For Fiscal Responsibility, a non-profit group that compiles a Fiscal Responsibility Index scoring Texas legislatures based on their voting record, has released their 2013 scorecards.

President, Michael Quinn Sullivan, stated the Texas legislators of the 83rd Session showed a “lack of responsibility” this year, but how did Rockwall’s State Representative and State Senator score?

Scott Turner

Scott Turner, Rockwall’s freshman Representative for our newly mapped District 33, scored an “A+” on his first Fiscal Responsibility Index as a result of his score of 100. Turner is a Republican.

Bob Deuell, Rockwall’s Senator for District 2 since 2002 scored an “F” on his scorecard as a result of his score of 53. Deuell also received an “F” in 2011, 2009 and 2007. Deuell is a Republican also.

The Fiscal Responsibility Index is a measurement of how lawmakers votes specifically impact fiscal policy, accountability, transparency and good governance. More than 70 votes in the House and more than two dozen in the Senate were used to compile this year’s Index.

Representative Turner commented by phone that he was “humbled to receive high marks” from Empower Texans. He added that when he concentrates on “doing the right thing, just like in school, you get good grades.” He was one of only six House members that received a score of 100.

Bob Deuell

Trey Bahm, Political Director for Senator Deuell responded by email for Deuell. When asked how Deuell felt about his score of “F” on the index Bahm responded that Deuell “doesn’t pay attention to indices or scores that don’t reflect the overall needs of Senate District 2.”

The House overall average was 46.9% and the Senate overall was 58%. While the House GOP average was 63% and the Senate GOP average was 68.9%. The House Democrats averaged 18.7% and the Senate Democrats averaged 40.8%.

Sullivan stated “We’re going to let Texans know which legislators are, and are not, working as thoughtful stewards of their best fiscal interests.” You can go to to find out more.


Editors Note: Bob Hall is the Tea Party supported candidate for Texas Senate District 2 to replace Bob Deuell in the 2014 Elections.