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Senator Bob Deuell
Bob Deuell


Gail Lowe became the chair of the Texas State Board of Education in 2009; but when the 82nd Legislative Session began in 2011, she had to go through the Senate confirmation process as do all the Governor’s appointees to boards and commissions. 

Sen. Deuell is the chair of the Senate Nominations Committee, and his committee confirmed a total of 596 nominees with only a small handful who were rejected. 

I went down to Austin on April 6, 2011, to talk to Sen. Deuell.   I asked Sen. Deuell to move Lowe’s name out of his Senate Nominations Committee and to the floor of the Senate for a vote. I explained to him that SBOE members on both sides of the aisle respect Gail Lowe and that the Board did not need to change chairs right in the midst of the adoption of upcoming curriculum standards and education policies.

In follow-up comments, I explained to Sen. Deuell that they should be begging Gail Lowe to be the SBOE chair again after the fabulous job she had done to conduct fair-minded SBOE meetings during very contentious debates in the midst of the spotlight of the national media. I told Deuell that the Texas Senate had never had to endure the kind of biased national media attention that occurred during the adoption of the Social Studies standards (TEKS), yet Gail Lowe moved undeterred through the adoption process with fairness and decorum.  

I carefully explained to Sen. Deuell that powerful Senators had already come out in support of Lowe’s confirmation and that we grassroots citizens would mount so much public pressure for her nomination that the other Senators would be hesitant to vote against Lowe on the floor of the Senate for fear of being ousted themselves in 2012. 

Our efforts were ignored, and Sen. Deuell chose to keep Gail Lowe’s name bottled up in his Senate Nominations Committee.  She was never allowed an opportunity to appear before the entire Senate to voice her many accomplishments as chair of the SBOE.

Now it is time to “make a believer” out of Sen. Deuell and oust him from the Texas Senate. His actions do have consequences. Deuell is not a conservative; he is a left-leaning moderate. Texas Eagle Forum rated Deuell with a 56% conservative rating, and Young Conservatives of Texas gave him a 58%.

Please go to Jan Shedd’s article (1.26.12) in which she lays out the facts about Deuell’s voting record:


Bob Hall
Bob Hall


The good news is that Bob Hall has stepped up to run against Deuell, and it is my privilege to endorse Bob Hall for the Texas Senate, District 2.

Bob Hall is “the real thing.” He is a committed Constitutional conservative whose life experiences as a Captain in the U. S. Air Force, as an aerospace systems engineer, and as a private businessman have prepared him to go to Austin and be a voice for the people.





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