Finally We are Fighting Back


The latest example is the conservative’s response to the A&E suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson resulting from the gay communities outrage over his words. Boycotts are planned, national leaders have denounced the suspension, and conservatives in general are speaking out. The offended gay organizations have never seen such push back. Christians and conservatives have been mainly silent in the past when our icons have been ridiculed, denigrated,  or persecuted but no longer I suspect.

But that is not the only example of fighting back. State nullification, where state legislatures pass laws canceling the effects of unconstitutional federal laws, is a growing phenomena. The latest example comes from South Carolina and probably Georgia. There state laws passed or contemplated prevent any state official or state entity from any actions supporting the implementation of Obamacare.

Other examples are states that have nullified federal gun control laws, and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allows the President to arbitrarily imprison any U.S. Citizen without trial based only on his desire to do so. Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana is an act of nullification since by federal law growing or possessing marijuana is still a federal crime.  The public outrage over NSA surveillance is forcing changes in the law.

Public education is an important area where the fight is also ongoing. Legislation has been introduced in 17 states to get Common Core stopped and leaders have been trained in 44 states. Five states have refused this government take over. The Federal Government pays less than 10% of states school budgets yet for that they want to dictate the curriculum. How did we go from every town controlling the education of their children to every town being told by the Federal Government how and with what information they will educate their children? This fight, more than just about our culture, is as important as any we will ever wage. State governments that have sold us out can correct this problem with a little help from ourselves.

The point is we have had it and we are fighting back. It has started slowly but as the left continued to erode our freedoms and destroy our culture we have reached the point where we will no longer meekly submit.

2014 is a year for both state and national elections. Every candidate we support should tell us that they feel as we do that enough is enough. I want to hear how they are going to join us and help us continue the fight to restore our freedoms and our culture. In particular, I want to hear at the state level that they will support laws to nullify federal laws that are unconstitutional or overly oppressive.

While on my first job out of school a senior employee told me something I have never forgotten and has helped me understand many things in the following years. He said “ You cannot solve a problem before its time”. He was telling me in part that some of us may see into the future and see oncoming problems but until a large portion of the population sees the problem or feels the consequences the problem will not be solved. That is true now concerning the national debt and the coming consequences.

However, the left destroying our culture and taking our freedoms is a problem whose time for a solution has come. I feel this is true because at many levels finally we are fighting back.