EXCLUSIVE: More Mueller questions for Trump leaked

More Meuller Questions Leaked!

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Several sources close to the Mueller Russia Collusion Investigation, speaking off the record, have leaked more questions that Mueller investigators want to ask President Trump.

Previously, scores of Mueller questions have been released.  The queries below were not included in that original tranche.

  1. What did you think and what did you do in response to James Comey’s efforts to blend in with the curtains in the White House so you wouldn’t notice him?
  2. What did you think about James Comey being so much taller than you, did that make you feel small, and is that why you don’t like him?
  3. When you first read the Steele Dossier did it make you wish everything in it was true, and wasn’t everything in it actually factual?
  4. What persons of Russian descent have you spoken with in the last five years and what information was exchanged in those conversations?
  5. What’s the basis of your hostility toward McCabe, Comey and Hillary Clinton, and how have you acted on that hostility?
  6. How do you feel about, and what do you plan to do about, AG Sessions’ continuing unwillingness to order DoJ officials to release all the information requested by Congressional investigations ASAP?
  7. Why do you eat so much of what many people consider to be “junk food,” like greasy hamburgers, and isn’t it true you put Russian dressing on your burgers?
  8. How many persons of Russian descent are employed at your properties worldwide, what individual contact have you had with them in the last three years, and what was in the notes to your close friend, Putin, that you passed to him through them?
  9. What books, if any, have you read by Russian authors in the last two years, and what did you think of them?
  10. What Russian cuisine restaurants have you eaten in during the last year and what information did you exchange with the Russian waiters?
  11. Did you sent a Christmas card to Putin during the last five years and what personal message to him did you write in those cards?
  12. Have you ever put on a traditional Ukrainian peasant costume and had you picture taken, and to what Russians, and for what reasons, did you send that picture?
  13. Isn’t it true that, as it’s been claimed, “the secretive Seychelles sessions were scheduled to solidify a three-party international cabal – the U.S., Russia and the UAE – set to corner the market on the distribution of the coveted coco de mer nuts that fall from the rare palm trees native to the Seychelles?”
  14. Why did you order that a Belarus “model” named Anastasia Vashukevich (AKA: Nastya Rybka), who traveled to Thailand on a Russian passport, and who has ties to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko, be detained in a Thai prison awaiting deportation, and did she have direct knowledge of the “Golden Shower?
  15. Why did you suddenly send Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, nicknamed “Lenny,” living in New York City on a work visa while employed at Trump Tower as a saucier specializing in fish egg-based sauces, back to Russia?
  16. What questions have we not asked you that would conclusively prove that you and Putin colluded to steal the election from Hillary Clinton?


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