Donna Campbell Gaining Momentum in Texas State Senate Race

Texas State Capitol Building in Austin, TX
Dr. Donna Campbell
Donna Campbell

Dr. Donna Campbell is gaining momentum in her race to become the next Texas State Senator of District 25. Apparently, Texans have had enough of politics as usual and endorsements from conservative heavy-weights have been rolling in for Dr. Campbell.

Influential conservative leaders Cathie Adams, David Barton, and Kelly Shackelford have all endorsed Dr. Campbell. Major groups such as Texas Right to Life, Texas Leadership Coalition, Texas Alliance for Life, and the Texas Home School Coalition PAC have also publicly endorsed Dr. Donna Campbell.

So why is Dr. Campbell receiving so much support? Founder, Michael Kinzie, said of the District 25 Senate race, “Texas is an exceptional state and requires exceptional leadership. Now that people are paying attention to what is going on in government, the days of mediocrity are over. Dr. Campbell will provide that exceptional leadership in the Texas State Senate.”

Pro-life groups and supporters are flocking to Dr. Campbell because she is 100% pro-life; her opponent, Jeff Wentworth is not. Here is a video of Jeff Wentworth telling the Comal County Republicans that he supports abortion up until the 3rd trimester.

According to Mark P. Jones, chairman of Rice University’s political science department, state Sen. Jeff Wentworth and former Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones’ House voting records are not just “virtually indistinguishable.” They’re also “in the center (with a modest leftward tilt) of the Texas House Republicans.” To sum it up in a word, mediocrity.

Here is a short ad from the Campbell campaign citing a few examples of the left leaning votes of Wentworth and Ames Jones.

It is time in Texas for exceptional leaders. It is time to elect Donna Campbell to the Texas State Senate.