Did the NRSC sabotage a Tea Party-backed U.S. Senatorial candidate’s campaign in 2010?


By Lee Cary –

Persons associated with the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) recommended that a G.O.P. Primary-elected candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010 engage the services of six key campaign staffers who proved to be, at a minimum, non-productive, according to a reliable source with first-hand knowledge of the inner-workings of the candidate’s campaign. According to the source, the staffers came “highly recommended” by the NRSC.

The staffers were engaged in a variety of campaign functions. Their performance was patently unremarkable. At least one of the six was reportedly caught rifling through files in the campaign headquarters after hours, having gained entry with an unauthorized key.

Bill Murphy, NRSC Digital Strategist, who relates to internet bloggers on behalf of the NRSC, responded to inquiries about how the NRSC recommends staffers to G.O.P. senate candidates. In emails dated May 7, 2013, Murphy stated, “Our team is committed to electing a conservative majority to the US Senate in 2014. I cannot comment on allegations from 3 years ago as none of us were at the committee.”

When asked “What is the process for the NRSC to follow-up with GOP Senatorial Candidates who engage the services of campaign personnel, upon the recommendation of the NRSC, in order to determine whether or not those persons merit recommending to other candidates in the future?” Murphy responded, “Each candidate and campaign is responsible for their staffing decisions. Individuals make recommendations, if asked.”

In other words, there is no follow-up process.

On April 23, Senator John Cornyn’s Press Secretary, Kate Martin, was initially contacted for a comment because Cornyn was the NRSC Chair in 2010. Martin was unable to respond because Senate staffers are prohibited from engaging in any activities related to elections.

Martin referred inquiries to NRSC Press Secretary Brooke Hougesen. Murphy responded to the inquiry sent to Hougesen.

The lingering question is this: Did the NRSC sabotage a Tea Party-backed U.S. Senatorial candidate’s campaign in 2010?

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