Democrats and Nazis – Parallels Between the Parties

Democrats and Nazis

An in-depth look at Democrats and Nazis. Are US Democrats of today using methods similar to the Nazis of 1920-1945 that they used to control the German people?

This statement led the series:

Author’s Note: This is the first in a series based on the hypothesis that today’s Democratic Party has, since Donald J. Trump emerged as a contender for the Presidency in 2016, adopted several methods and tactics used by the National Socialist German Worker’ Party (1920-1945) to control the German people. 

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  7. Democrats manufacture a fake ‘Insurrection’ to re-impeach Trump | Canada Free Press
  8. Death by Democrat or Nazi Entrapment is Murder | Canada Free Press
  9. Nazis and Democrats use death to push Party propaganda | Canada Free Press
  10. Democrats and Nazis use death to justify destruction | Canada Free Press

Approximately 10 more to post in the coming months, likely until year’s end.  The final one – Propaganda – will take considerable time. Much to see there.

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