Demand a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the IRS


~ by Kirk E. Hackett


Dear Fellow Patriots,

I have started a petition on the White House website asking that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate IRS abuses.  Tea Party organizations around the country have a direct interest in making this happen. 

Your organization is capable of sending the petition to your members, and perhaps of posting it on your website.  If you approve, can you please do so?

Time is critical. 


We have started a petition on the White House website.  If you approve, please use the URL below to sign it and pass it on to your family, friends, and colleagues.  Also, posting it on social media might help collect signatures. 

The way this works is that after you click the URL, directing you to the petition, it will ask you to create an account.  I think it just wants your e-mail address in order to sign, but it may want a password.

Time is critical.  The petition needs 150 signatures to be published on the White House website, and 100,000 signatures by 25 July in order to get a formal reply from the White House. 

Here is the petition:


Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS  abuses

There is credible evidence that agents in the IRS have committed crimes by releasing confidential donor information.  In addition, by targeting and harassing organizations based on inappropriate and possibly biased political  criteria, the IRS, and by association, the Administration have lost  credibility in the eyes of the American People.  Neither the IRS, nor higher  levels in the administration, nor Congressional politicians are trusted by  Americans to conduct an impartial, objective investigation in order to lay the facts before the American People.

Accordingly, We The People request an impartial Special Prosecutor be  immediately appointed to investigate the IRS.


If people do not engage, nothing will change, and the situation in Washington will only get worse.



Kirk E. Hackett