Dan Flynn Endorsed by Hopkins County GOP Chairman

Dan Flynn Endorsed by Hopkins County GOP Chairman

Hopkins County GOP, Sulphur Springs, TX- In a rare, but very important show of support Hopkins County GOP Chairman Donnie Wisenbaker endorsed State Representative Dan Flynn who is running for re-election as State Representative in the newly created District #2 which now includes Hopkins County. Representative Flynn is the current Representative in House District #2.

In providing the endorsement, Chairman Wisenbaker said, “I endorsed Dan Flynn because I know he votes our values, has the integrity and character we need and because I am tired of his opponent distorting his record with half-truths and misdirection. That kind of behavior by Mr. Alexander cannot be tolerated.” In accepting the endorsement Representative Flynn stated, “I am appreciative to be recognized by Chairman Wisenbaker not only for my values and character but also for my stance on staying positive in my campaign and not responding to personal attacks or distortions.”

Chairman Wisenbaker additionally stresses the importance of voting during early voting or on election day. “Many critical races in the county and for positions we share with other counties will be at stake and it is importnat not to let other counties decide for us in the voting process. If you have any questions please feel free to call our offices or contact me directly.”

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