Conservative candidate for US Senate needing more signatures in Arizona


Conservative candidate for US Senate needing more signatures in Arizona. Please visit for a DOWNLOADABLE Petition form that any AZ independent or republican voter can print, fill, sign, circulate and send to:

Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary of State
(PETITIONS, Luis4USSenate Campaign)
1700 W. Washington, 7th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Download the signature petition

From Luis Acle

My wife and I have been regulars at our local Tea Party meetings in Yuma for several years. Just this month, we decided there is an important contribution we should make in the ongoing political debate: Putting Solutions to our National problems on the table: it is not enough to recognize that the problems exist. We need Solutions, not Talk! I have just become a Candidate in the Republican Primary for our U.S. Senate seat to bring these subjects to state-wide discussion. We were frustrated because prior candidacies do not offer specific solutions. I will schedule forums to discussion of Solutions, not just Talk.

It now appears that my candidacy is emerging as the Conservative alternative to the establishment options and I would like an opportunity to address your group to become familiar with our positions as well as our solutions to the Nation’s problems.

There is a major hurdle to overcome, before this Solutions-oriented campaign can go on and I am respectfully asking for your help. We must gather about 7,000 signatures on the Petition form. I do not ask you to endorse my philosophy or my campaign (I will strive to earn that during the campaign), but I must ask for your kind assistance meeting the signature requirement so that my campaign can continue.

So I ask you to please go to my web site, or access it through the click on candidates, then federal candidates, look for the Petition in the upper left side. Please download it and print it (on legal-size paper, 8 ½ by 11). Or, you can also take these instructions to your local copy shop and they will print the Petition for you. Then, kindly sign the form, circulate it among your friends, and mail it to P.O Box 1653, Yuma, AZ 85366-1653 in time to arrive in Yuma by 29 May, 2012 as I will drive to Phoenix to deliver them by the 30th deadline.

If you are close to the deadline, please mail it to Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary of State, 1700 W. Washington, 7th Floor. Phoenix, AZ 85007

If you have a meeting scheduled between the 26th and 30th of this month, please invite me to answer your questions and explain why this campaign is absolutely necessary. The substantive discussion of the issues is essential. And the only way this candidate can present Solutions is by submitting the required signatures.
We are also considering scheduling a forum on jobs and also on immigration reform legislation, provided we can find a hall that would accommodate media and about 250 people. Any suggestions? Would you be interested in hosting that event and invite all candidates who wish to attend?

Please help as much as you can. This year’s election is too important to leave to chance.”

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Respectfully yours,
Luis Acle
Candidate in the Republican Primary
for U.S. Senate from Arizona