Congressman calls for a military coup d’etat against Trump

Congressman Steve Cohen - D.TN calls for coup against Trump

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U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen (D.TN.), who represents the City of Memphis, continues to make news with his tweets critical of President Trump.

In addition to suggesting that disgraced Deputy Assistant FBI. Director Peter Strzok deserves to receive the Purple Heart, in his recent tweet below he advocated a coup d’etat against the President of the United States led by the U.S. military. Yes, he did.

Cohen call for Coup

The action Rep. Cohen suggests mirrors the storyline in the 1964 movie “Seven Days in May” starring Burt Lancaster as Air Force General James Mattoon Scott, Kirk Douglas as Marine Colonel Martin “Jiggs” Casey, and Fredric March as President Jordon Layman.

If you’ve not seen the movie, here’s a summary of the action:

“U. S. President Jordan Lyman signs a nuclear treaty with the Soviet Union, arousing public displeasure and the disapproval of the military, particularly Gen. James M. Scott, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who considers the action almost treasonable. After Martin “Jiggs” Casey, Scott’s aide, comes across some cryptic messages and learns of a Top-Secret base in Texas, the existence of which is denied by others in the Pentagon, he suspects that Scott is leading the other Chiefs of Staff in a coup to occur seven days later when the President will be isolated from his civilian aides during a military alert. Casey reports his suspicions to the President, who sends Sen. Raymond Clark to investigate the secret base. Clark locates the base but is held there incommunicado until he breaks out with the help of an officer friend of Casey’s. Presidential aide Paul Girard flies to Gibraltar, where he obtains a statement from Admiral Barnswell, a Joint Chief who isn’t enthusiastic about the coup, but Girard is killed in a plane crash on the return trip, and Barnswell denies signing the statement. Later, Casey obtains some highly incriminating letters from Eleanor Holbrook, Scott’s former mistress, but the President cannot bring himself to use them when he confronts Scott and demands his resignation. Scott, confident that public opinion is on his side and that his aides are behind him, refuses. The President goes on television to demand the guilty officers’ resignations, and Scott’s colleagues desert him. During the telecast it is learned that Barnswell’s statement has been found in the plane wreckage, and Scott also resigns, squelching the coup before it occurs.”

7 Days in May

General Scott’s plan includes a secret military unit known as ECOMCON (Emergency COMmunications CONtrol). It planned to seize control of the country’s telephone, radio, and television networks. Meanwhile, Congress would prevent the President from implementing a treaty with Russia.

The Congressional role would, today, be relatively easy, since several Republicans act like Democrats.

Were they still employed in their former positions, Cohen’s plan might include these members of the “intelligence community”: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan; National Security Agency (NSA) Director and retired USAF four-star General Michael Hayden; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director and fiction writer James Comey; and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and retired USAF three-star General Robert Clapper Jr.

Trump haters all.

Cohen is, also, a well-documented Trump hater as this announcement on his FAKEBOOK page indicates.

Impeach 45, Cohen's effort to impeach Trump

Mirroring the 1964 movie, the secret unit known as ECOMCON would logically be located within Rep. Cohen’s 9th Congressional District in Tennessee at the Air National Guard Base for the 184th Airlift Wing.

164 Airwing

Gaining control of the country’s telephone, radio, and television networks would not be as daunting a task as in 1964, since NSA hoovers up all our phone calls, most of the news networks – including increasingly even FOX News – are under the control of Trump haters, and only a few conservative radio talk shows would hinder the dissemination of key coup d’etat promotional memes.

The internet, though, might pose a greater challenge to the dissemination of real news, now that Net Neutrality is dead – for the time being – that is until Comrade Bernie Sanders is elected POTUS.