Congress Turning FREEways into Toll Roads!

Caution Toll Plaza Ahead

Raising Taxes via Toll RoadsIn another end-around maneuver, Congress is planning to raise the taxes on the entire country by turning existing freeways into toll roads with SB 1813 and HR 7. Terri Hall of is raising the red flag and calling on all Americans to contact their Senators and members of Congress to put a stop to this madness.

It has been 7 years since Congress passed the last federal highway bill. Now it is racing through Congress at the speed of light — why? Because they want to sell-off our public roads to private corporations, raise your taxes through tolls, and lift the ban on imposing tolls on existing highways. There are 500 toll projects being contemplated in Texas alone!

An amendment to allow tolls on ALL existing interstates in all 50 states is expected to be presented on the floor by Senator Carper of Delaware. Imposing tolls on existing freeways is a massive DOUBLE TAX — charging motorists an additional tax, a toll, to use what they’ve already built and paid for!

Here is part of an email from Terri and a call to action:

Hello fellow patriots,

We need your help spreading the word about the anti-taxpayer federal highway bill coming before Congress this week. It’s going to take a Texas-sized uproar to STOP Congress from selling off our infrastructure to foreign entities like Cintra (same playbook as the Trans Texas Corridor), from borrowing more money from the Federal Reserve to lend to states to prop-up toll roads that can’t pay for themselves, and from imposing tolls on existing FREEways in ALL 50 states!

Contact your Senator: (Reference SB 1813)

Contact your Representative: (Reference HR 7)

In Liberty,

– Terri


Can you imagine the impact on YOU and your family as a result of this legislation? What is a loaf of bread going to cost you after it has to go through 500 miles of toll roads? 1000 miles? What is your commute to work going to cost you after 30+ miles of toll roads?

America, it is up to you to stop this insanity. Contact your Senators and Congressmen.

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Calls are still needed, but toward the end of the week and early next since Congress won’t go back into session until the last week of February.


Sen. John Cornyn addressed the Texas Transportation Forum last Friday and he lobbied for the sale of our sovereign Texas public roads to private corporations in PPPs (that result in toll rates as high as 75 cents PER MILE, the equivalent of adding $15 to every gallon of gas you buy!). He needs to hear from us on that.