C-Scope, A Race to the Bottom


Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Timothy 3:7

—-By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman—-

            C-Scope is another, in a long train of federally mandated, State administered experiments in social engineering. C-scope burdens the local taxpayer to pay costs of technology initiatives, additional administrative staff, training, and textbook compliance. Even if the Feds paid for C-scope, it is still our tax money. It isn’t as if Arne Duncan is working a night job, to pay for it.  C-Scope is another un-Constitutional attempt by the federal government to impose national standards. Your children are the guinea pigs in this latest socialist experiment. According to Alan J. Borsuk, “The Common Core got its start well before Obama was elected and is not directly a federal program, although steps the US Department of Education has taken have put the weight of the administration behind the effort.”

C-scope repeats the tired mantra that standardized testing, new textbooks and technology, will result in smarter kids. These things don’t equate to better education, they do equate to a fat government contract for the companies who produce such materials, who also are the usual lobbyists for the latest education bill.

Wisconsin signed on to C-scope; to obtain a “No Child Left Behind” waiver. That’s like swallowing the spider to catch the fly. Wisconsin would have been better off not signing on to either. The losers are your local school board and especially your children. C-scope’s one-size-fits-all, assembly line approach severely limits individualized attention to differing learning styles.

C-scope is not merely content to destroy the minds of public-school children, but calls for controlling traditional schools, namely home, private and religious schools. C-scope will also pull on those government strings attached to school choice to impose its “standards” on charter and choice schools. C-scope also represents the continuing invasion of child and family privacy, including data that has nothing to do with education.

C-scope promoters are aping the line that Wisconsin has such low standards. Again, according to Borsuk, “The Common Core movement has swept across the nation in the last five years. It arose largely from among governors, state education chiefs, corporate leaders and education advocates who believed the nation as a whole was not aiming high enough in education and that the wide variation from state to state in defining good achievement and what it takes to get a high school diploma was a problem.” Low standards are a result of 100 years of socialism in education; designed to crank out drones, with no desire to think on their own. C-scope is more dialectic and praxis, the forerunners of C-scope have made a nation of functional illiterates, C-scope will worsen, not solve this condition.  The “higher we aim,” toward the socialist utopia, the lower we will descend. The State of Wisconsin is caught up in C-scope, not only are the Democrats, but the Republicans on the wrong side of the issue, again.

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