Bryan Slaton Issues Statement on Property Taxes in Texas

Bryan Slaton Issues Statement on Property Taxes in Texas

Bryan Slaton (R), candidate for Texas HD 2, issues a fiery statement on property taxes after incumbent representatives fail in protecting property owners.

Bryan Slaton for Texas House

Bryan Slaton Statement on Property Taxes

The sovereign people of the State of Texas have gone to great strides over the decades to protect their rights to life, liberty and property. We pride ourselves on having one of the largest economies in the world, and yet all the while keeping the cost of living low compared to States like California and New York. We have rejected an income tax over and over again, denouncing the unjust nature of such a tax.

Unfortunately, a different type of tax has steadily increased its burden over the decades. This is the property tax. So long as this tax is in place, the property owner and taxpayer will be forever renting their property from the government — a practice that is not compatible with private property rights. The property tax is just as unjust and antithetical to the liberty and rights of the people as an income tax would be. Retaining such a tax, with its ever increasing burden, will lead to conditions similar to what is found on the west coast and the north-east.

Therefore, the property tax should be abolished. Period. The yoke of the property tax must be lifted off the backs of hardworking Texans. And until the majority of the Texas legislature finds the political will and gumption to do what is right and just in this regard — every effort should be made at each level of government, and every opportunity taken, to reduce this tax burden on the people.

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“Bryan Slaton will be a true taxpayer champion, and will make real property tax reform a priority if elected. Bryan is well aware that the property tax reforms passed in the previous legislative session in Texas are absolutely worthless without reigning in out-of-control, skyrocketing property tax appraisals throughout the state. If you want real property tax reform and not just lip service from your current representation, Bryan Slaton is your man. Vote for Bryan Slaton in the July 14, 2020 runoff election for Texas House District 2.”
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