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Most conservatives in Texas Senate District 2 have been voting for Dr. Bob Deuell since he first ran in 2002.  Like many of you, I mistakenly thought that he was a solid conservative.  But a careful look at his voting record belies this common assumption. Because our nation and state are suffering from government overreach and fiscal waste, the time has come for inquiring minds to take a hard look at Senator Deuell’s voting record.  I report, you decide:

Senator Bob Deuell
Bob Deuell

In 2009, he voted for a bill that expanded half-day pre-kindergarten to full-day. Studies show that full-day pre kindergarten does not improve academic achievement beyond the second grade. Pre-kindergarten is little more than taxpayer funded daycare. Cost to taxpayers: $250 million by 2014. Fortunately, Governor Perry vetoed it.

Also in the 81st Session, he voted for a bill that would have increased reporting requirements for racial profiling, burdening law enforcement with more red tape.  The justification for this bill was that racial profiling was “a national issue,” and “continues to be a topic of discussion.”   Surely our representatives have better things to do! I know law enforcement does. Of course the additional information on racial profiling would have been shared with our race-obsessed federal government, even though the ethnicity of who we arrest in Texas is none of their business.  Racial profiling is a legitimate tool of law enforcement, and should not be treated as though it were some shadowy evil that had to be monitored by The State.  Thankfully, this bill did not become law.

Senate Bill 108, also of the 81st Session, established funds for “green-jobs skills training.”  The future of the green industry, and the faulty science it is based upon, is dicey at best.  When politicians vote to invest in dubious businesses, no matter how fashionable, they don’t risk their money, they risk our money. Estimated cost to taxpayers: $17 million.  Deuell voted for it.  Fortunately for Texas taxpayers, it did not pass.

Speaking of green, Senate Bill 16, also of the 81st, would have implemented a state agenda similar to the uber-radical, United Nations Kyoto Protocol.  Had it passed, it would have required Texas’s Natural Resource Conservation Commission, the Rail Road Commission, and the Public Utilities Commission to participate in “developing federal greenhouse gas reporting requirements” and would have included “a greenhouse gas registry. Yes, Senator Deuell voted for this one too.

I wonder how many of you would be surprised to learn that Senator Deuell voted for a bill (HB 592/81st Session) that would have given minors access to prescription contraceptives without parental consent.  What was the rationale behind this disgrace?  Had it passed, would it have drastically reduced the number of teenage pregnancies?  Would it have even slightly reduced the number of teenage pregnancies?  The answer would be “No” to both. The bill’s analysis states that, “Better access to contraceptives helps reduce the occurrence of closely spaced pregnancies” for teenagers.  That’s right!  Our Senator Deuell voted to undermine parental authority so teenage girls wouldn’t have their babies so close together. Amazing.

Texas taxpayers also should know that Texas Eagle Forum (56), Empower Texans (F), and Young Conservatives of Texas (58) all give Senator Deuell failing grades for his regular support of tax and spend legislation so popular in Austin and Washington today.

Bob Hall
Bob Hall

Senator Deuell has a challenger in this year’s Republican Primary.  His name is Bob Hall.  While both Bobs are committed to the unborn, and both are reliable supporters of the Second Amendment, we can do better.  The right Bob is a genuine, grassroots, Constitutional conservative who will be a watchdog for taxpayers.  He’s ready to go to Austin and begin the mammoth job of returning this State to its citizens.  Check him out for yourself at   Whichever Bob wins the primary will be our next state senator.  Your vote for Bob Hall in the Republican Primary is crucial to our state’s future.  If you aren’t registered to vote, by all means-do it today. Our children and grandchildren deserve the right Bob in Austin. God bless Texas!

Jan Shedd
Kaufman County TEA Party
January 26, 2012