Blowback from “Needle in a Haystack”


OK, maybe it wasn’t as bad as the illustration suggests.  But the criticism of my article was significant.  (See original article  here).  One was a failure on the part of readers to notice I suggested the deportation of non-citizen Muslims only.  You can’t deport citizens because there is no point of origin to return them to.  I believe the misunderstanding came about because some readers were so incensed by the suggestion that some Muslims be deported that they just assumed that I was so maniacal I wanted to deport all of them.  The two issues are unrelated and the article specified “non-citizen practitioners.”

The second issue was my failure.  Much of the criticism centered on what was perceived as my discrimination against a “religion.”  The article does suggest actively discriminating against Muslims.  However, Islam should never be considered or treated as a religion.  I introduced this concept in prior articles.  In “Needle in a Haystack, I failed to make the case.  Allow me to put this argument together in the remainder of this article.  I also think it insufficient to just declare that Islam is not a religion because this then would leave us with the question, ‘What is it then?”  So in the process I will identify Islam by its true nature. In so doing I hope to avoid this article becoming a trilogy.

Let’s begin by defining the term religion.  Then, by comparing Islam to the definition, we can see if it fits neatly inside.  Just ripped from the internet the following definition is provided by: Merriam Webster
Simple Definition of religion. : the belief in a god or in a group of gods. : an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods. : an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group.

Now don’t start feeling smug too soon.  It is true that all of these things can accurately be ascribed to Islam.  However, much of Islam can be found outside this definition. Let’s take a look at how Islam exists in the world as compared to all other religions.

There are countries which are majority Catholic, majority Protestant, majority Jewish, majority Hindu, and majority Islam.  In which of these countries are the cannons of the religion, the law of the land?  The practice of applying sharia law to the entire population of a country is uniquely Islamic.  In this regard, Islam is the State making laws for all citizens regardless of the citizens’ religious beliefs.  Islam holds territory and maintains political borders, again, like a State.  Which other of the world’s great religions do this?  I can’t think of any either.

Some would say that Israel is a Jewish nation.  This is true.  But the emphasis is on the “ish.”  In the Knesset (Israel’s legislative body) you will find Islamic citizens serving as duly elected members of parliament.  Would you care to guess how many Jewish or Christian citizens of Islamic countries hold elective office?  Eighteen Islamic nations exclude, by force of law, anything but Islamic leadership of the country.  In many Islamic countries, the Christian and Jewish populations have been driven out, sold into slavery, crucified and murdered.  Who was tried for these murders?  What was their sentence?  Which nations of the world still permit slavery?  What is the common ruling philosophy of all these nations?  I think you know these answers.

Which of all the world’s great religions seek conversion at the point of a sword?  I can name one. Only nations seek conquest at the point of a sword.  In fact, I can think of only one “religion” which enforces law.  Is this not the action of a political institution – a State?  Who do you know who has been convicted in Jewish court for a violation of rabbinical law?  Me neither.

What religions punish, by death, members who wish to leave?  In all other instances would we not refer to this as a “murderous cult” rather than a religion?  How would you justify Islam’s getting an exemption on this?

What religions seek to take and hold physical ground by force of arms, and to subjugate all survivors who reside within their borders?  I can name only one.  Are these not the actions of an imperialistic Nation State?

Other religions rely on the donations of their followers for financial support.  Only Islam acts as a taxing authority in countries it dominates.  Is this not one of the defining characteristics of a State?

There is a mystical quality to Islam.  A religion resides within it, yet Islam also resides within the religion.  It is as if the religion part were a Trojan horse.  We would be advised to get our heads around this while we still have one.  What I hope is now apparent about Islam is that it is an imperialistic political organization which wraps itself in a veneer of religion.

Assuming you are not a Muslim, does your religion of choice (there is no choice in Islam) have a specific word assigned to the accepted and encouraged practice of lying to people of other faiths?  Islam does – aqiyya.  Has your pastor, priest or rabbi declared a fatwa on anyone calling for his/her beheading or stoning?  It seems a daily practice by Muslim Imams.  Does your religion of choice have a specific term for going to war against other faiths?  In Islam it is jihad.  Does your religion engage in ancient barbaric practices like female mutilation, stoning, crucifixion or beheading?  Do any of the congregants of your church engage in, or celebrate a child who has engaged in, suicide bombings?  These are daily occurrences in Islamic countries.  I don’t know; it seems different to me.  Does it seem different to you?

I ask you to consider what has been presented above.  Do not get caught in the weeds of the Crusades as if we are to be held accountable for the actions of those who died a thousand years ago.  The historical truth is that, prior to the Crusades, Jews and Christians in the Near East and in Europe suffered scores of Islamic military assaults over several hundred years.  They lost territory along the south of Europe and much of the Baltic region to these constant imperialistic Islamic attacks.  Amazingly, after the Crusades, the attacks abated.  Is this just a coincidence?  If you are still apologizing for the Crusades – Stop!

We wring our hands today waiting for the “Good” Muslim nations to join us in the fight against radical Islam.  Why are they so slow to respond?  The answer is obvious.  They still have some small Jewish and Christian populations they are hoping Isis, Boko Haram or some other murderous franchise of Islam will clear out for them before they are so pressured by the West that they have to take real action of their own.  In the mean time, the Islamic horde, masquerading as “refugees,” is being pushed en mass into Europe.  In addition to the general criminal population which always seems to attend this circus of horrors, there are radicalized Islamic terrorists whose goal is the destruction of Western civilization.  Their entourage, all the “good” Muslims attending them, is all too happy to provide the smoke screen.  These “good” Muslims populate these countries, sucking them dry of resources, (click here) contribute little and dance in the streets at the news of each successful suicide attack (a staple of only one religion I know of).  Then they look the other way while pretending to know nothing of either the last attack or the next.  We pretend not to notice any of this because the horror of the truth is too overwhelming for many of us to contemplate.  But this may not be our most effective strategy.

In our quest for the “good” Muslims, we would do well to remember Syed Rizwan Farook and his lovely bride Tashfeen Malik.  Syed worked for the San Bernardino County Health Department.  We know these were “good” Muslims because Syed’s coworkers thought highly enough of him to throw a baby shower for the couple’s soon to be abandoned demon seed.  For their thoughtful consideration, Syed and his lovely bride Tashfeen showed up at the department’s “holiday” party, which coincidentally this year was held just before the Christian holiday of Christmas, shot and killed 14 of his coworkers and severely wounded another 22.  Despite cries of “Allahu akbar” and “jihad,” the police and FBI were initially stumped as to what could be the motive.  Were you stumped?  I don’t think so.  But maybe it’s just me . . . or maybe it’s not. Click (here)

Since my original article, there have been several additional horrendous attacks at the hands of Islamic extremists.  No one seems to fear an Episcopalian or Hindi extremists. But I digress.  What is obvious is that there is within Islam, something dark and sinister.  To me, the obvious question is who has the responsibility to excise this force from Islam?  Who would be most effective?  Many Americans seem to assume it is our task.  Yet, who suggested during World War II that it was our responsibility to identify the good Italians and only go after the bad ones.  No one suggested we had any responsibility to cull out the good Germans and only bomb the bad ones.  We bombed the heck out of all of Germany.  The world was better for our having done so.  And had the good Germans prevented the bad Germans from taking power in the first place, the whole miserable affair could have been avoided.  That is why we had little sympathy for the “good” Germans.  If they had been “good enough,” 50 million people would not have died horrendous deaths.  So this is my point: the “good Muslims” are not good enough. And either they get good enough and clean out the vermin from within their ranks or we will have to gear up again and go all Dresden on them.  Investigation and deportation is a kindness and the least we can do.

I would especially like to thank two personal friends, Friend A and Friend B I will call them, for their sincere questions regarding my initial article.  Without their comments and inquires, I would have been unaware of the gaping hole in my article.  I hope this follow-up article answers any lingering questions they and any others may have.  I am also honored that Friend C, a local pastor, used parts of this post in his Sunday sermon.

It is our personal right and our obligation to future generations to save the values of Western civilization which have brought so much benefit to populations both East and West around the globe.  Whether or not Islam is offended by this is their choice. However, they are welcome to keep the hellish nightmare which is Islam in their own countries.  We should have no part of it.

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