Big Bird, Binders, Bayonets, and BS ~ The reverse prophecy of Barack Obama


After he defeated the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813, the commander of the American fleet, Oliver Perry, sent a message to General William Harrison that began, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours…”

At the Denver Democrat Convention in 2008, Candidate Obama defined his “enemy” in this YouTube clip:

The Republicans, he said back then,

  • had no fresh ideas,
  • used stale tactics to scare voters,
  • had no record to run on,
  • would paint the opponent (him) as someone to run from, and
  • would make a big election about small things.

That was then.  Now, the President Obama running for re-election

  • has no fresh ideas, except to hint at supporting the Detroit Tigers in the World Series as he slides down in the Michigan polls, and Detroit wallows in poverty, unemployment and despair,
  • uses stale tactics to scare voters with Romney’s reference to “a binder of women” as part of the mythological Republican “War on Women,”
  • has a failed record he can’t run on, but is running fast from,
  • paints Romney as a bad man who deals in bovine feces, and
  • makes a big election issue out of someone in a bird costume.

What’s next: Putting a dunce cap on his opponent? No, that’s not next folks– he’s just done it!

This characterization of Mitt Romney reflects the best surgical-like precision of a thoroughly-prepared and deftly-argued case for President Obama’s re-election.

It falls considerably short of reaching the level of the adolescently sophomoric – no offense to sophomores anywhere.

The angle of the decline of the Obama Campaign is becoming so precipitously steep that it’s taking our breath away, as we suck in oxygen to prepare for the only response appropriate to such…lunacy.  That response would be…laughter.

Bring on Pogo to take us inside the Obama campaign as they survey the ground immediately ahead.