Battle of Athens – The McMinn County War

Battle of Athens 1946 - The McMinn County War

I started school in 1970, a mere 24 years after the Battle of Athens, and yet up until a week ago I had never heard of the Battle of Athens which is sometimes called the McMinn County War. I showed the following video to my wife and she too was shocked to learn that this armed rebellion had taken place right here in America.

Why are so many people unaware of the Battle of Athens? Of those I have asked, the only ones who had knowledge of this citizen led rebellion in August of 1946 were alive at the time and only had a vague memory of it. It seems to me that this is the perfect example of what the 2nd Amendment is all about and yet the Battle of Athens has all but been erased from the history books. Why? Is this what Michelle Obama meant when she said we have to “change our history”?

Change our history? Seriously? History is history and cannot be changed. However, history can be “rewritten”, or “erased from the textbooks” if it does not fit the narrative of those in power. The reason that the Battle of Athens has been erased from our history books should be glaringly obvious. The “powers that be” do not want anyone or anything to threaten that power and that includes your Second Amendment rights.

How much more of our history has been “changed” or “erased”?