TSA Groping


TSA Groping


Don't Touch My Junk!

We have all heard about the “new” screening process implemented by the TSA which sparked the now famous “Don’t touch my junk!” video, but now here is your chance to sound off and tell the TSA, Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and the rest what you think about it. John Tyner, the Don’t Touch My Junk passenger, is now facing an investigation and possible fine by the TSA. Send us your comments and we will forward them to all of the above.

Don't Touch My Junk T-Shirts



Don't Touch My Junk! John Tyner Video of TSA Screening



From Michael in Texas - "Oh, great! I've got Obama in my pocket and now the TSA in my shorts. Folks, I'm stimulated enough already! My wife is getting jealous."


From Willa in Texas - Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano are an absolute joke. The Americans that fly are not the terrorist! All the terrorists came from other countries. Every time we have a scare, Homeland Security bans something else that doesn't make sense. Now this ridiculous screening stuff - American has become a joke around the world. We are humiliating Americans at airports and are being punished and we are not the terrorists!!! Something needs to be done with Homeland Security.

Don't Touch My Junk T-shirt

Don't Touch My Junk T-shirt

Folks are up in arms about the TSA and its full body scan and for good reason. Those scans can see your Junk. All of your junk. It's Crazy! It's nuts! This funny t-shirt is perfect for your next plane trip. Wear it with pride.


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