Texas House Speaker Race


Texas House Speaker Race
by Patriot Shar
- December 28, 2010

Texas House Speaker Race Candidate Joe Straus
Joe Straus (RINO)

The race for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives (82nd Legislature convening on January 11, 2011) is a watershed event.  Not only will the Speakers’ election directly determine the future of Texas by determining what bills will be allowed to come to the floor, but the choices our legislators make regarding this crucial event will separate the true conservatives from the pretenders.

The choice is clear. Those legislators who choose Joe Straus choose the corrupt politics of yesterday; the politics of money, graft and corruption. Those who stand with Mr. Straus offer only a deaf ear to those seeking honorable solutions to genuinely difficult issues. On the other hand, those who stand with Ken Paxton represent the foundation of a politically independent, and financially secure, Texas.

Let the cards fall where they may. It is your duty, as a citizen of Texas, to remind our legislators, yet again, their choice of House speaker will come with a price. And what is cost? Remind our legislators - YOURS and MINE - that should they vote for Mr. Straus for Speaker, they will, without hesitation or mental reservation, be opposed by a grassroots candidate during the next primary election.  No threat---just fact!

What can you do? Cut, paste and send the example email below (or your own words) to your state legislator today. Again, no threats; simply remind them their actions come with consequences and We the People are watching them.

Time is not on our side, fellow Texans. In all probability, the Speaker will be unofficially chosen by a Republican caucus in early January BEFORE the first day of the 82nd Legislature and the official election of the Speaker of the House (January 11, 2011).

Brian Roberts
John Stacey
Patriot Shar
Steve Baysinger
Texas Tenth Amendment Center leadership


Dear Representative _________________

 Please be advised that should you enter into the Jan 5, 2011 Republican caucus with a pledge of support for Joe Straus, you WILL face a primary grassroots opponent in the next election cycle.   This is your time to withdraw your pledge from Joe Straus and go into this caucus undecided or for Ken Paxton.
No threat - just fact!  Only a true, tried and tested conservative will be accepted by the conservative voters of Texas. The eyes of Texas are upon you! We the citizens of Texas are asleep no longer!

Respectfully submitted,   

**NOTE:  Folks ... PLEASE copy & paste this - send it in emails & post it everywhere you know ...even if they don’t live in Texas ... someone you know may know someone in Texas.

We MUST get the word out all over TEXAS!      We REALLY need your help on this!!

Joe Straus vs. Matt Beebe

We lost the battle of getting Ken Paxton elected as the Texas Speaker of the House for the 82nd legislature, but that does not mean we have given up.

We now are working to not only prevent Joe Straus from becoming the Texas Speaker of the House for the 83rd legislature, but to prevent his re-election to the Texas House of Representatives.
TEAParty911.com founder, Michael Kinzie has endorsed Matt Beebe in HD-121 and we are all working hard to get Beebe elected to rid the House of Representatives of Joe Straus.

To see how you can help, please go to Matt Beebe's page on our site.

Oust Joe Straus Rally RSVP HereRSVP on Facebook!

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