Texas House Speaker Race


Reps Playing "Dancing with the Voters"


HD Reps like Stefani Carter, Kelly Hancock & Jerry Madden make an art form of “Dancing with the Voters” 
by Cindy L Hyltin
- December 5, 2010

Texas House Speaker Race Candidate Joe Straus
Joe Straus (RINO)

At this point “We the People” do need to be asking the House Reps to publicly state that Straus is not a conservative leader that they would consider for House Speaker.  Your House Rep is only giving lip service (when asked to vote for Ken Paxton) as Rep Carter did in her reply as she stated “I very much value the conservative principles that we hold so dear and appreciate your confidence in me”.  Please understand that is a statement in which she clearly thinks her answer will be acceptable to get her off the hook.   Carter and others are desperate to convince voters that they are a conservative for now but make no mistake, once the vote for Speaker is over Jan 11, well, then they will want to quickly move on to other issues.

Bottom line, if your House Rep is a conservative then the HD Rep will vote for the best conservative and of course, I believe that is Ken Paxton as his record  certainly proves it. 

As you review all of Paxton’s qualifications and legislative voting record, you can clearly say, “Now, this is what a CONSERVATIVE LOOKS LIKE!!”  And, when Straus calls himself a conservative, one can see GREAT DECEPTION in his statement.  Our clear message to HD Reps is that it would never make any sense for a CONSERVATIVE LEGISLATOR under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to vote for anyone else who falls short of the high standards of Rep. Ken Paxton.

Slot Machine Joe Has Got to Go!

With the first vote of the 82nd Legislature, they will cast an all important vote for Speaker.  Their stand on this issue will determine if the HD Reps are more interested in keeping a non binding pledge to Straus OR their solemn commitment to represent the voters in their own district—and clearly, this is an issue that voters WILL NEVER FORGET.  I doubt seriously that there will be any sort of trust in ANY House District Rep who clearly betrays the will of the district’s voters.

When I spoke with Rep Carter, I very emphatically stated, “We were not born yesterday.”  Straus is no conservative and he’s not Pro Life either.  And, anyone voting for him is just someone the voters will not trust from here on out.  We need conservatives who make sense and good judgments and not waste time on being confused on “BASIC 101 CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES = CONSERVATIVE VOTE FOR HOUSE SPEAKER”.

The House District Reps will only come around when enough people make it clear what I've just expressed above.  Let me encourage everyone to call & write to these Representatives and make it clear that there has already been ample time to make this decision.  Thanks for being the true Texas Patriot that you are who understands that what other HD reps do affect all of the other districts and ultimately affects Texas.

Joe Straus vs. Matt Beebe

We lost the battle of getting Ken Paxton elected as the Texas Speaker of the House for the 82nd legislature, but that does not mean we have given up.

We now are working to not only prevent Joe Straus from becoming the Texas Speaker of the House for the 83rd legislature, but to prevent his re-election to the Texas House of Representatives.
TEAParty911.com founder, Michael Kinzie has endorsed Matt Beebe in HD-121 and we are all working hard to get Beebe elected to rid the House of Representatives of Joe Straus.

To see how you can help, please go to Matt Beebe's page on our site.

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