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Rachel Maddow Says the TEA Party is Dying


Rachel Maddow | The TEA Party is a Dying Movement

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Rachel Maddow says the TEA Party is a Dying Movement
Rachel Maddow Says TEA Party Dying

Rachel Maddow says the Tea Party is a dying movement without purpose or leadership.  The Republicans have failed miserably at reducing the debt and cutting spending.  Barack Obama is planning to raise a billion dollars to fight against the Tea Party during the 2012 Presidential race.  Our principles and beliefs of limited government and responsible spending are under attack by big government forces and the welfare state.  And now, the purchasing power of the dollar is sinking like a stone.

There is hope.  The Tea Party has a voice in D.C. who stands tall for it’s message, Senator Rand Paul.  In his new book, “The Tea Party Goes to Washington”, we have an opportunity to send a clear and well defined message to the media and the Washington establishment that the Tea Party has arrived and we are here to stay.

So what are we going to do about all this?  First we must come together and educate Americans as to the true nature of our problems and solutions. That’s why Kurt Wallace and I are in the process of contacting thousands of tea party organizers and members like you in hopes of creating some momentum for a tea party grassroots effort to push Rand Paul’s book, the “Tea Party Goes to Washington”.  We’re holding a book blast on May 23rd to help support book sales and also to offer a question and answer forum with Rand Paul.

Here is how you can help make this event a success.

1.) Buy the book.  Make “The Tea Party Goes to Washington” the Tea Party Manifesto by buying the book and asking others to do the same.  Send a message to D.C.  Tell Washington DC the Tea Party has Arrived.  Let’s make this book a New York Times bestseller!

Education is the battle.  The more we educate the more we win.  This book is a great educational tool, so let’s use it!

2.) Sell the book.  Use the Amazon/affiliate program to earn funds for your organization.   If you don’t have an affiliate account yet you can create one here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/.  Once you’ve signed up you can send around the link to everyone in your organization and put the link on your organizations website.  You can also spread the word by writing about the book on your blog (and include your affiliate link).

3.) Ask Rand Paul a question.  Ask Rand Paul a question to be answered during the May 17th “Tea Party Goes To Washington” book blast.  You can leave your comments at www.TeaPartyGoesToWashington.com via Zambig, a new tool we’re using that allows anyone to upload audio questions for Rand Paul recorded right from your computer!

Ask your question here:  http://www.zambig.com/p/randpaul

4.) Trade Links:  Our links page for TeaParty groups is up and running and we’d like you to add yours.  Just copy and paste this code into your website and then contact us and send us your link.  We’ll add it right away.

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Washington" >Tea Party Goes To Washington</a> - The Tea Party Manifesto by
Rand Paul</p>
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5.)Share this page.  Do you know anyone else in the teaparty you can forward this request to?  Your help in getting the word out about this effort will go a long way in making it a success.


6.) Subscribe.  There are several ways to keep updated on this project.
You can
1.) Subscribe to the blog here:
2.) Like the facebook page here:
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7.) We’re also excited and pleased to be using a new MeetUp.com technology called “meetup everywhere”.  It’s free to join and works with your current MeetUp or facebook account.  We’re pushing this book blast as the first event with “meetup everywhere” and there will be many more to come.  You can sign up for it here Meetup.com/teaparty.

Best of all you can use the network to create and host YOUR OWN meetups. So the work we do here helps all of us achieve more.

Thanks for your time and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Kurt Wallace: kurt@kurtwallace.com
Trevor Lyman: lyman.trevor@gmail.com

Trevor Lyman


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