Osama bin Laden Dead


U.S. Navy, Chums with Terrorists?


Osama bin Laden Dead
U.S. Navy, Chums with Terrorists?
by Terrell AronSpeer ~ May 9, 2011

Osama bin Laden Dead!
Osama bin Laden Dead

U.S. Navy, Chums with Terrorists?

We know they chummed with Osama bin Laden.  In an action bound to upset both PETA and the E.P.A., bin Laden’s body was flown to an aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea where it was hosed down and thrown to the fishes.  Some want to whine of how the burial was carried out.  I say, call it for what it is.  However, I would avoid imported seafood for a while.
That’s right, Osama bin Laden is dead.  Some of my most devoutly Christian friends question the joy in their hearts.  Is it OK to take pleasure in the death of another?  I do think we can rejoice that a great evil was removed from the earth.  “Water boarding,” as a means of shaking information out of enemy combatants captured on the battle field, has been also been vindicated; one more reason to rejoice.  One person asked, “We can kill them, but we can’t water board them?”  Apparently there is benefit to doing both.
Some speculated that Obama had to shoot someone just to get the birth certificate issue off the front page.  What better target?  Also, I have heard the lament that now he is unbeatable in 2012.  Oh, the hand ringing!  There is little but good news and opportunity here.  Two opportunities quickly come to mind.
Most amazing, was how quickly came the calls to appeal to the hearts and minds of those who all too often appear to have neither.  It is about time they appealed to us.  Many Muslims, who were too fearful, may be ready to redeem their souls.  I checked the CAIR site, I think it stands for Committed American Islamic Radicals, and found a perfunctory statement referring to a nonexistent article.  For the sake of argument I will assume they do not speak for all American Muslims.
For our first big opportunity, previously fearful Muslims might wish to use this occasion to purge their ranks of misogynists, murderers, rapists and pedophiles.  Being on the inside, this would be easy for them.  They alone can identify this problem and correct it surgically.  Left to others, as was done in Germany, Japan and Italy in the 1940’s, the job becomes messy.  Just as citizens of a state have and obligation to see to it that their state is a good citizen in the community of nations, members of all organizations have a responsibility to others to see that their organization is a good citizen in the community they occupy.  This is past due.  This may be their one and only second chance.
For my conservative friends who now fear that Obama is now undefeatable I say take heart and rejoice in this additional great opportunity.  For whatever reason he finally got one right, and it is an important one.  He will get a healthy, well deserved bump up in the polls.  Historically these are short lived.
2012 is a long way off.  Although Obama has displayed a dependable incompetence in foreign affairs, he has rarely been criticized for it.  His Achilles heel has been his destructive domestic economic policies.  What, in the termination of bin Laden, has made ‘Obamacare’ less of a threat to our liberty?  What in his capture allows us to exploit our own petroleum resources?  Since deep in his chest beats the heart of a Marxist, I doubt his inner capitalist will soon reveal itself.  By the time any real campaigning begins, Obama’s poll numbers will return to their rightful place in the basement.  All Americans would welcome a return to prosperity with 5% unemployment figures.  But leftists do not have this arrow in their quiver.  You cannot restore an economy by taxing the life out of it, or by spending money you do not have or by redistributing the little bit you do have.  You must grow into prosperity, bake that bigger pie.  Somehow, no matter how loudly we say this, no matter how many examples we cite from history, this remains a deep secret in the conservative community.
The Republican bench is deep.  Go on YouTube and look at the clips of Michele Bachmann, Marco Rubio or Newt Gingrich.  No one articulates the conservative position better than these three.  Even Mitt Romney’s 2008 concession speech was impressive.  Republican governors are plentiful and talented.  Chris Christy says no, but we do not have to take no for an answer.  The election is ours to lose.  Our work, as always starts after the successful election, keeping the conservative candidate conservative.
So what do you do about your friend, the one who thinks he will vote for Obama just because he “got” bin Laden.  That’s why the lord put you in his life.  Now get busy.

Terrell Aronspeer


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