Karen Pack


An Ardent Plea


Note: This is the article that Ben Jealous and the NAACP made such a fuss over and accused Karen Pack of promoting bloodshed. Read the full article and decide for yourself. Once again, the NAACP and Ben Jealous have tried to paint a picture by distorting the facts to suit their agenda. Mr. Jealous, you have thrown the race card so many times it looks like a Las Vegas seven deck blackjack shoe exploded around you. In all probability, you will deem me a racist for using the term "blackjack shoe," but go ahead and cry wolf one more time.

Michael Kinzie

An Ardent Plea
by Karen Pack

   I've never mastered the art of political correctness. I find it a circular manner of curbing my freedom of speech. Such a freedom is dear to my heart and I intend to embrace such freedom and use it as often as the need arises. With that in mind, I humbly ask you to pause after reading this first paragraph and pray. I ask you to pray for wisdom and discernment. I have prayed that anything I may write in ignorance may be disregarded and that any truth that I can communicate will be received both deeply and passionately.

   There is no separation of church and state. There never has been. Only the historically ignorant or purposefully destructive will claim that there is. There are people at work today who hate our God, despise our Country and will stop at nothing to destroy both Christianity and the United States of America. They have been at work for years, spreading throughout our nation like a cancer with their ultimate goal being our destruction. Like many good people, the church has fallen asleep at their watch post. We have all been working hard each day, enjoying our family, our lives and our God given liberties. We have not been watchful stewards keeping our eyes on the enemy and neither has the church. It is only now, in these dark economic times, that the people have awakened from their foolish slumber. The people have begun to feel the danger from the encroachments of the enemy and they are desperately scrambling for the wisdom, the knowledge and the means to protect themselves from the evil that is threatening them. People are waking up to the lie of the government. They are realizing that greed and monetary interests, both foreign and domestic, have effectively bought off a large majority of both Democrats and Republicans. Incumbents are being thrown out of both parties and the people are demanding their leaders return to the Constitutionally limited role of centralized government and a return to sane spending practices. Amid this awakening, where are all the Christians? Where are the churches? Where are the shepherds? Where are the Ministers of truth and knowledge?

  I am speaking to myself, to people, to preachers and to congregations. Does Christianity exclude you from a responsibility to your nation? Do the rights given by God and protected by the Constitution not require your diligence and duty? Are we given rights and privileges without an obligation to protect them? Does any part of the Christian religion, regardless of name or denomination instruct it's believers to stand quietly by and watch evil and corruption undermine and destroy the prosperous gifts of our inheritance? To separate church and state is to separate God and liberty. Are they not one and the same? Galatians Chapter 4, verse 30 thru Chapter 5, verse 1: "Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bond-woman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free-woman. Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." It is only through the division of something so fundamentally intertwined that liberty can be destroyed. If the nation allows God to be taken out of politics, there is nothing left in politics worth saving. God and Christianity were the very foundations of our government and when God and Christianity cease to exist in government, our foundation is destroyed and there is nothing left for our nation to stand upon.

   We have become full and lethargic on the fat of the land. If the streets were painted with blood and our children wept from hunger, we would not have fallen asleep. If our streets were filled with the acrid stench of exploded bombs and burnt bodies, we would not have let down our guard. Our sense of danger has been lulled to sleep with notions of peace and distractions of television. This false sense of security is by design. It has been a deceptive ploy of the grandest scale. The stripping away of one liberty or the formation of one more government committee has not harmed us or made a huge impact on our daily lives. This is the deception. We have not been asked to give up our convictions only to compromise them. We have not been asked to give up all our rights only to give up our responsibility and duty to those rights. We have not been asked to give up all our prosperity only our demand that our government be wise with spending it. We have not been asked to choose between good and evil only to choose between the lesser of two evils. While unprincipled, immoral and ungodly people slipped into the saddle and gladly took up the reigns of leadership, all we were asked to do was be quiet and enjoy our prosperity. Now those people who sit in the saddle and hold the reigns of our nation seek to destroy everything we have held dear. The good of Christianity, our Constitution, our hard earned prosperity and every freedom we enjoy is under attack by those who value power and monetary gain more than they value God, human life or liberty.

   An America that was once fast asleep has begun to awake. They feel the danger and the urgency to move swiftly in self-defense. One only needs to see the record turn out by voters this year, discover the unprecedented viewer ratings of C-Span or see the turnout at a Tea Party rally to realize the unprecedented and massive awakening of the American people. We have begun to realize that if we continue to go about our merry way, ignoring our responsibilities and duties to our God and our country that everything we know will be lost. People shed their blood and gave their lives to bring us liberty. The cause of liberty and freedom from tyranny so inspired those who came before us that they bought our freedom with their lives. We have always known freedom. Our fathers have always known freedom. We are now faced with the grim realization that if we do not protect the freedom and liberties that we have always known, then we will be the generation who betrays our God and our children. We will be the ones responsible for the devastation of the greatest nation of life and liberty that has ever been known to exist because we will have done nothing to stop its destruction.

   May we fall upon our knees and beg God to forgive our arrogance, to think we can live a good and prosperous life without God at the very foundation of our country. For too long, we have ceased to demand that government be accountable to the principles of Christianity. We have allowed our enemies to dilute our zeal and confuse our understanding. It is imperative that we turn our faces back to the Master we choose to serve. Will we choose to follow God or the finite fallacy of man and his prideful insolence? Look around and see the fruits of our deception. Our leaders plunge our nation into unfathomable debt. The rule of law is subverted and ignored. Innocent children are shamelessly murdered in the womb.  Perversion is accepted while prayer is rejected. Earth is touted as having dominion over man. Wealth is stolen from the wise and given to the foolish. Wicked people are exalted to the level of kings while good and humble men are scorned. Where is the voice of our counselors? Why is there silence from the shepherds? The wolves have surrounded the sheep and yet the shepherds stand idle and speechless. The sheep are crying out for a guide, for men of wisdom and conviction. Can you not hear their cry? Do you fear the wolves among the sheep? Is the truth that men want to hear more important than the truth that is complete and everlasting?

   Christians today are denying Christ. What constitutes a denial of Christ? My dad is my hero. If I let an evil and corrupt person murder my father in front of my eyes and I do nothing to stop it, have I betrayed my dad? Morality, Christianity and God given rights are being massacred in front of us today and Christians are doing nothing to stop it. The evil running rampant today will inevitably lead to tyranny. History proves it. If the Christians of this nation continue to sit on their church pews and turn a blind eye to what is happening, is this not a denial of Christ and all the foundations of Christianity? Are we such cowards that we can't proudly proclaim our allegiance to the fundamental Christian principles that founded and built this nation? How long will Christians wait? How long will they be silent? How much of the Constitution must the enemy shred before they figure out that the Constitution is the only law left in the world that guarantees their religious freedom? Will they wait until they outlaw Christianity like they outlawed prayer in school? By then, my friend, it will be too late to preserve our nation without bloodshed.

   "His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark: sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber." Isaiah 56:10 We need our Godly ministers. We need the strength and the wisdom of those who are qualified to lead and help guide us. "Where no counsel is: the people fall but in a multitude of counselors, there is safety." I implore those people of wisdom and understanding: I humbly beseech you for those who can't, won't or don't know how, please stand up and fight for what you believe in, the time for sleeping is over. Help us find our footing for we have lost our way. Our faith is in God but our strength comes from our unity of purpose. We must begin to speak our politics fearlessly and boldly. We must get involved. We must elect men of principle to the Democrat and Republican parties. Principled people must volunteer to enter politics. We must break the chains of elitism that has gripped this country. A person who works hard, manages their family and their finances well, makes a better person and a better politician than the most prestigious college degree or work resume will ever produce. College degrees don't qualify you to lead any more than it makes a great corporate manager. We must look beyond the deceptions of the pompous and prideful. Leadership belongs to the humble and to the wise.

   Help us unite our country in truth for the cause of liberty. The blessings of liberty are many and they minister to the soul of all who have been touched by it. Liberty flourishes in the absence of evil intentions. Please help us turn our country back to the ultimate Founder so that our children's children can benefit from the blessings that God offers all who seek his will and cherish his gifts.


A Christian, a Tea Party Member, a Constitutionalist and a Patriot,

Karen Pack


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