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Black Panthers News - Case Dismissed????
And they call the Tea Party Racist?

Black Panthers News - Case Dismissed?

And they call the Tea Party racist? You've got to be kidding me! This story reeks of racism all the way to the top. Where are you “Rev.” Al Sharpton? Where are you Nancy Pelosi? Where are you New York Times? Where are you ACLU? Where are you “main-stream media?” Why are you so silent? You hypocrites! The whole lot of you traditional race card throwers, you are ALL hypocrites! What would you be saying if this had been someone from the Tea Party Movement carrying a weapon, intimidating voters going to the polls, and throwing racial slurs at voters as they enter a polling place anywhere in the US of A? That Tea Party member would have been crucified and you know it!
For anyone watching the “main stream” media and never having heard of this story, let’s take a look at the video from Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal.

Fox News Reporter Rick Leventhal breaking the story in November 2008


Rick Leventhal from Fox News was the first to break this story during the 2008 election. The case was taken up by the then Bush administration Department of Justice (DOJ). After the case was already won by the DOJ, the now Obama administration DOJ chose to dismiss the case stating that the law and the facts do not support prosecuting the case. This was after the case was already won. Watch the following videos from a Fox News exclusive interview with a former DOJ attorney turned whistle blower in the case. These are shocking allegations against the DOJ, but the "main stream" media remains silent.

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly interview with DOJ whistle blower Part 1

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly interview with DOJ whistle blower Part 2

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly interview with Civil Rights Attorney Bartle Bull


Now you have former DOJ attorney, J Christian Adams, leveling explosive allegations against the Justice Department saying that they are lying about this case. You also have what should be the most credible witness on the planet, Civil Rights Attorney Bartle Bull, confirming the allegations against the New Black Panther Party. Mr. Bull worked civil rights cases in Mississippi in the 1960's and went on to say that this was the worse case of voter intimidation that he had seen in his lifetime.

Mr. Adams is scheduled to testify before the Civil Rights Commission tomorrow (July 6th) and is expected to testify that the Justice Department has adopted an immoral and unlawful policy of not enforcing civil rights laws in which the perpetrators are black and the victims are whites or Asians.

These allegations should have created a fire storm in the media, but somehow they remain strangely quiet on this story. Could a policy like this have been enacted without the express consent of Attorney General Eric Holder? More importantly, would Holder have enacted a policy like this without the express consent of the President of the United States?


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