Are You Listening Uncle Sam? Music Video

Are You Listening Uncle Sam? Music Video

The frustration of being out of work. Asking Uncle Sam….. ‘ARE YOU LISTENING?’…. do you hear our plight?….Do you even care? ALL governmental officials… STOP what you are doing and take a moment and LISTEN to what we are telling you… Stop the “Business As Usual” power struggle and unshackle the regulations that are prohibiting businesses from hiring. WE NEED JOBS!

Artists: Martie Echito and Dale Jean Covington

Music, Lyrics, and arrangement: Jim Covington & Martie Echito

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Having to watch our family members and friends who are out of work… barely scraping by… some having to be helped by parents just to stay afloat, is unbearable at times. Unable to buy a house, put food on the table for the family, pay their bills, in debt and having to live on credit cards, not just in our hometowns, but all across the nation and around the world. The lyrics were inspired by the conversations… overheard by us… when people were talking with their families, friends, neighbors. Seems the elected officials in our government, regardless of political affiliation, are NOT listening to what people are telling them.

Are You Listening Uncle Sam? Lyrics

Lyrics and Music by Jim Covington & Martie Echito

Well, we’re sending you this e-mail, you don’t seem to understand,
Folks are out here hurtin’, in what once was the promised land.
We elected you to help us, when we stood and cast our vote,
Seems we were mistaken, hope you’re taking note.

We need jobs to feed our families, we need jobs to pay our bills,
We need jobs to fix this country, to repair all of it’s ills.
Are you listening? Are you listening?
Are you listening…. Uncle Sam?
Sincerely, every child, woman, and man.

We’re discouraged, tired, and beaten down, so frustrated, just plain mad,
We lost our homes, our hope, our spirit, and dreams that we once had.
It’s your empty words and speeches, stop playin’ it RIGHT or LEFT,
No one will hire in this political mire, to our voices you’ve gone deaf.


Stop and listen to what we say, walk in our shoes for just one day,
Unshackle businesses so they know where they stand, Are you listening?


To buy the MP3, please visit: gives a special shout out to Jim Covington for giving us permission to use the “Uncle Sam Are You Listening?” video at the Get Out the Vote Rally in Texas! Everyone loved it!