Alabama Forever Wild Fiscal Conservatives – Thanks


“Elections have consequences” is often spoken in the negative during campaign cycles. However, positive consequences are not uncommon.

Both negative and positive consequences resulting from our most recent state election cycle will be in play into our next election cycle in 2014.

Some of our public servants and those interested in serving the people of Alabama are either focused on doing what is best for the state and respectful of our limited and shrinking revenue stream or not. Can not have it both ways, both deeply concerned about state finances and willing to do something about it or not. It is as simple as that.

Bigger government never serves us well. Especially when reinforced by our elected officials campaigning for more attacks upon the Alabama Trust Fund as we saw in September and November. Hardly can these servants be called “fiscal conservatives” unless spoken from their camp. Fortunately, a dozen true fiscal conservatives serving us had the guts to come out and publicly denounce Forever Wild additional funding for another 20 years.

These twelve legislators apparently understand what many of us in the TEA Party and conservative movement have known for years. Alabama can no longer adequately afford to fund Forever Wild to purchase more government land and preservation of the ATF is paramount for the state’s future. Immediately following our September 18 election and approved raid on our ATF lead by the Governor, Moody’s issued a world wide warning with “the state plans to rely on non-recurring revenue for operations, a credit negative.” I wonder what Moody’s is thinking now following yet another raid on the ATF.

The Patriots of Liberty TEA Party, of Auburn, would like to give a resounding round of applause and a ”thank you” to these legislators who not only understand and respect the current financial downturn but were able to look further than the end of the month.

These stand-up and true representatives of the people of this great state are:
Senators Tom Whatley, Gerald Dial, Shad McGill, Paul Sanford, Jimmy Holley, Greg Reed, Dick Brewbaker, and Clay Scofield. Our state representatives who deserve our thanks and admiration include Representatives Ed Henry, Paul Lee, Barry Moore, and Mike Jones.

The TEA Party and conservative groups in Alabama should be proud of their effort in attempting to wrestle fiscal irresponsibility from the likes of our Governor Bentley, Bradley Byrne, and the Alabama Democrat Party, all on the same side of an important state issue, who either encouraged a YEA vote on CA #1 or have now sent out a “thank you” letter to those who fell into step behind the likes of out-of state money from The Nature Conservancy’s world-wide office in Arlington, VA. This international and out-of-state organization carried our in-state CA #1 debate while assisted by the Alabama chapter kicking in 10% of the total pot.

Between the two, TNC and the state chapter contributed over 43% of the total money collected by the PAC supporting more government land, and thereby less private land, which enabled fancy ads on collegiate football stadium giant teletron, expensive highway billboards, full color glossy magazine ads and throwing money at newspapers eager for an advertizing dollar. This out of state influence and money is nothing better than the distaste most of us have for the “Super Pac’s” in national politics.

To those who voiced their concerns of September’s raid on the ATF yet choose to remain silent for November 6, shame on you. For those who call themselves “conservative” and choose to either ride the rail or not see recognize the dangers of obligating upwards to hundreds of millions of dollars that should be saved and used for the benefit of all rather than those able to enjoy the outdoors, shame on you.

November 11, 2014 is not that far into the future to cause us to forget those true fiscal conservatives and those who call themselves fiscal conservatives when in fact their actions shed a different tale.

Yep, isn’t it interesting to note Governor Bentley, Bradley Byrne and the Alabama Democrats being in the same camp!

Again, the Patriots of Liberty thank you senators and representatives for representing those demanding fiscal sanity in state government.

The Governor’s office recently thanked the Forever Wild coalition for their efforts during the “last two years”;  great, where have they been for years 1 through 18?

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