Agenda 21 Smart Meters in Diboll, Texas

Agenda 21 Smart Meters

I live in a small rural town of Diboll, Texas. This is my story of how I was confronted with Agenda 21. I was at home when there was a knock at my door. When I answered the door, there was a workman from Oncor holding a smart meter in his hand.  He told me he was going to install the meter and I had heard about these meters through a program I watch and learned about them from a speaker by the name of Tom Deweese. I refused having the meter installed and the workman left. About 3 weeks later, another knock on my door and a different workman from Oncor with another smart meter in his hand. I told him that I did not want the meter installed on my home, and before he left he said he would be back and he would have the police with him. I told him that was fine and i shut the door.

At this time, they have not returned to install the meter but I understand that the government wants to have these meters installed in Texas by the end of 2012.  I want to get my story out so that others will know because had I not educated myself on smart meters I would not know that they were a part of Agenda 21.  I am concerned for my community and my state because I am concerned that in my little town that people are not aware of Agenda 21. I wanted to share my experience so that others would know that Agenda 21 is not in some far off land. It is here in America and our leaders are bending to the U.N. so that our rights and freedoms are being lost.

Submitted by Michelle Holt