Santorum Wins Big in Louisiana by a 2 to 1 Margin


Less Gov is the Best GovSantorum Wins Big In Louisiana by a 2 to 1 Margin

By Scott Rohter, March 2012


Out funded and out spent since the beginning of the Republican Primary by nearly ten to one, nevertheless Rick Santorum still managed to beat Mitt Romney in Louisiana’s March Primary by almost a two to one margin.  If it hadn’t been for three former Republican candidates who long ago suspended their campaigns, but whose names still appeared on the March ballots, Rick Santorum would have received over fifty percent of the votes.  What does that mean for Mitt Romney?  It means a lot more, tough slogging through the Southern States, and in parts of the Midwest, because the favorite son of the “Elite Political Establishment” is not liked nearly as much as he needs to be, in order to wrap up this Primary and put it “in the bag.”  It means more fundraising efforts by Mitt and his Mitt PACs, and further spending of nearly endless amounts of money in order to win the Republican nomination!

The more money Romney has to spend, the more money he has to raise. And the more money he raises the more Mitt Romney is beholden, – the more he is compromised.  Mitt Romney is trying to buy the Republican nomination, and as such he will be the most wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Establishment that we have ever had!  If he manages to pull this off and win the Republican Primary, he will be the second most compromised candidate in US history, next to Barack Obama.  And if he somehow manages to win the General Election, his first term in office will literally be something akin to indentured servitude!

“Beholden” is not the only thing that Mitt Romney has in common with Barack Obama. Please don’t forget “O’Romney Care.”  But how can you forget it? After all it is the model for ObamaCare!  Mitt Romney has to raise and spend nearly ten times as much money as Rick Santorum does, in order to achieve approximately the same results.  Newt Gingrich whose campaign is based solely upon the financial contributions of one man in particular, Sheldon Adelson, doesn’t have to worry about raising any money at all, as long as the purse strings to his Las Vegas “casino sugar daddy” are not cut. But if Adelson, who is Americas 8th richest man, ever gets tired of pimping out Newt Gingrich to the Republican Party, then Mister Speaker is going to be “misteriously” out of luck!

It has been both surprising and gratifying to watch the sky-rocketing surge of little known Senator Rick Santorum’s Presidential campaign from his Pennsylvania launch pad, while Newt Gingrich’s heavily financed and more popular twin engine Atlanta based turbo prop can’t even seem to taxi down the runway to take off.  I think I can explain the phenomena this way.  It is the, “Oh no you’re not going to give us another RINO Republican candidate this time” response from the conservative base of the Republican Party.  The oft-maligned and much ignored conservative base of the Republican Party is actually waking up and stretching its wings before the November election.  And it is making itself heard!

It is perfectly obvious that neither Mitt Romney nor Newt Gingrich has the trust and support of the conservative base of their Party.  Most conservatives have said “Nyet to Newt-Romney”.  They have said NO to both progressive Republican Establishment candidates this year.  Senator Santorum is the alternative to another progressive, or another RINO like George W. Bush or John McCain.  It is apparent that most anti-Establishment Republicans find Rick Santorum to be an honest, likeable, trustworthy, and intelligent man, NOT perfect, but consistent enough to be credible, and quite capable of exercising leadership.  And he is worthy of their vote.  What’s more he is REAL. He owns up to his positions on the important, and the difficult issues.

Personally I would be honored to have Rick Santorum represent me as my President. He is not like some of the other candidates who have had their images dreamed up and refined by Madison Avenue political consultants, and their positions on the issues honed over the years by surveys, and by hundreds of hours of painstaking political calculations. Rick Santorum is genuine, and he is for real and his Presidential campaign is also for real.  Foreign Policy is a very important part of being the President of United States, and Rick Santorum has the foreign policy experience and the intelligence to lead our country in a dangerous world. 

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