“Rocket Man” and “The Man on the Moon”

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One Candidate Rockets to the Front While Another Candidate Just Talks About Colonizing the Moon…

“Rocket Man and “The Man on the Moon”

Integrity in the Presidential Primary

-by Scott Rohter, February 2012

It looked until very recently like either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, who were jockeying back and forth in the polls, were a “shoe-in” to win the GOP Primary.  But that was before Rick’s rocket took off, i.e. Rick Santorum’s Presidential campaign blasted off form the Primary launch pad.  It blasted off like a giant Atlas V Rocket with two solid propellant booster tanks strapped securely to its sides, and a Presidential candidate’s capsule mounted firmly atop the powerful launch vehicle, which was aimed directly at Washington D.C. with a soft targeted landing planned for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue sometime between November 2nd 2012 and January 20th 2013.

All of this was going on while Newt Gingrich was expounding about colonizing the moon, and Mitt Romney was somewhere out in deep space trying to figure out where his next shift in policy position would be coming from. I’ve heard it said that Mormons actually believe that God is going to reward every  Mormon in the hereafter with their own separate planet to rule over. I don’t know what Mormon women are supposed to get in the hereafter.  I think it is just the men that get to have planets, but maybe that’s why the women have so many children, because there are so many planets out there to colonize… So I guess the only difference between Newt and Mitt is that Newt wants to colonize the moon right now, while Mitt is content to wait until the hereafter for the colonization to begin!  Maybe by then somebody will figure out a way for them to breathe up there.  Small a minor detail, I know.

Right now about all I can say is, Go Rick Go!  There is just way too much stuff to overlook in order to vote for either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney.  I mean what with Newt’s perennial marital infidelities and his disregard for solemn vows, his twenty year career as a big government politician who grew the federal government, voted to create the Department of Education, voted to surrender American sovereignty to GATT, voted for NAFTA, his affinity for Alvin Toffler’s books calling for the destruction of the existing world order and the creation of a new world order, his resignation from Congress in disgrace in 1999 over admitted ethics violations, and his most recent career as a Washington D.C. lobbyist cashing in on all of his political connections, “Newt Gingrich the sequel” would make a much better movie than a President.

And what can you say about Mitt Romney? Or what can’t you say about Mitt Romney for that matter? What do you say about a guy who has changed his positions on the issues over the years more than the weather changes in Oregon? The joke about the weather in Oregon is that if you don’t like the weather just wait a few minutes!  And that’s just about how long you have to wait for Mitt Romney to change his position on some issue too!

To be fair I could also vote for Ron Paul, who along with Rick Santorum are the only two honest candidates left in the race. Paul like Santorum seems to have learned not to tell a lie at a very early age, and he didn’t grow up only to forget that very important lesson, like Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney did.  Our Founding Fathers warned us about the importance of good character in selecting our leaders.  George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Harrison among others all told us that honesty and integrity matter more than anything else when selecting our leaders.

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum both have the kind of character that our founders would be well satisfied with.  Just like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who learned not to tell lies at an early age, they too have never forgotten that lesson later in life just in order to become successful.  In fact Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd President put it best when he said, “Vacillating and inconsistency are as incompatible with personal success as they are with self-respect and human dignity.” Reprisal

So my motto for this Presidential Primary Race is to vote for an honest man, not for a candidate who will tell you just about anything you want to hear in order to get elected.  Vote for an honest man, even over a much smarter man, because without integrity all of the intelligence in the world won’t necessarily be too helpful!

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