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Texas State Capitol Building in Austin, TX

Donna Campbell Gaining Momentum in Texas State Senate Race

Dr. Donna Campbell is gaining momentum in her race to become the next Texas State Senator of District 25. Apparently, Texans have had enough...
Caution Toll Plaza Ahead

Robert Nichols Dubbed Mr. Trans Texas Corridor

Under the influence of lobbyists for private companies, State Senator Robert Nichols sold out Texas citizens by actively supporting the massive give-away of Texas...
Texas State Capitol Building in Austin, TX

Tammy Blair Endorsed by Grassroots Activist Mary Lou Bruner

May 9, 2012 A Message for the Voters in Texas Senate District 3: Recently on an out-of-town trip I was encouraged to see Tammy Blair's...
Texas Conservative Digest 2016 Endorsements

Tammy Blair for Texas State Senate

  Tammy Blair         Republican for Texas Senate - District 3 “Tammy Blair is a true Constitutional Conservative and a friend of I have known...
Less Gov is the Best Gov

Eyes of Texas Watching – The Law is an Ass

The Eyes of Texas and the Whole World are Watching Convicted on Circumstantial Evidence Alone By Scott Rohter, May 2012  Judge Ken Anderson “It shall be the primary...
Less Gov is the Best Gov

Political Pandering in American Politics

Only Pandering, Insincerity, and Political Expediency Do I See By Scott Rohter, April 2012 Two months ago nearly all of the Republican candidates in the Primary...
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