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Texas Conservative Digest 2016 Endorsements

Lance Gooden Mocks the TEA Party

At a recent candidate forum in Kaufman, Texas State Representative Lance Gooden openly mocked the TEA Party. His disdain for the Tea Party is apparent....
Failure of the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution

The Failure of the Founders of the U.S. Constitution

By Larry W. Davis Several years ago I began to feel overwhelmed by all the reports coming from Washington, especially the multitude of deficit spending...

Santorum Wins Big in Louisiana by a 2 to 1 Margin

Santorum Wins Big In Louisiana by a 2 to 1 Margin By Scott Rohter, March 2012   Out funded and out spent since the beginning of the...
Border Security

Securing America’s Borders

From Burt Keefer of AmericaWorking.Org It's important to understand why we must secure our borders. There are many reasons and all of them need to be...
Obama Playing Games with the Economy

Grover Norquist Presents The Debacle Circus

The Obama administration just can’t keep from playing games when it comes to the economy. Distortions, changing targets and name-calling won’t change the fact...
Less Gov is the Best Gov

“Rocket Man” and “The Man on the Moon”

One Candidate Rockets to the Front While Another Candidate Just Talks About Colonizing the Moon... “Rocket Man and “The Man on the Moon” Integrity in the...
United Precincts of America

NDAA Explained by Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall

Constitutional attorney, KrisAnne Hall, explains the dangers of NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). This is a must see video!
Mitt Romney Global Warming

Why is Romney being supported by the Global Warming Crowd?

How depressing. Conservatives remain divided this election cycle while the most liberal candidate for the GOP nomination in decades continues to pile up delegates....

Senate punts on long-term fix to federal highway program

With the next continuing resolution for the federal highway program coming to an end March 31, lawmakers in the nation’s Capitol have been scrambling...
List of Government Agencies

List of Government Agencies

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance." ~...
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