Willful Blindness


Both ‘suspects’ in the Boston Marathon bombing are captured, so I feel I can now comment.  For those who wish to believe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are innocent despite their actions and despite their confessions, you may as well quit reading now.  You are willfully blind.

I waited till now so that certain facts could be revealed.  I predicted these things and I suspect you did too, unless you too are willfully blind.  Let me get to the meat of this quickly as there is so much we now know.  A great deal more will be revealed within the weeks and months ahead, but the major lessons are already apparent.

There has already been much hand ringing about all the opportunities these two ethnic Chechens enjoyed here in America.  Why were they blinded to the goodness of America?  They were willfully blind.  One example often given is of the wonderful ‘American’ education they received here.  Yet all of us criticize the state of education in America today.  Our school system has been taken over by America hating lefties.  This is true of public and private schools from pre-K to PhD.  It is most likely the Tsarnaevs’ radical hatred of America started in American schools, not at the feet of radical Imams.  Yet we celebrate when our child or grandchild is accepted at this or that university.  This is willful blindness on our part.  Unless we have inoculated our young people before sending them into this toxic environment, how can we continue to claim to be surprised when they are returned to us full of American self-loathing?  This is willful blindness on our part.  Why does any American company demand a college degree?

The events in Boston are not nearly as unique as we wish they were.  Countless similar plots by radicalized Muslims in this country have been thwarted, many just in the nick of time.  Tragically, other plots have not been thwarted.  The body count continues to rise.  Why are we blinded to the evil of Islam?  We are willfully blind.  In spite of worldwide evidence to the contrary, we continue to hear Islam referred to as a ‘religion of peace.’  Who stands to contradict this statement?  By what measure would it be true?  If any religion from Buddhist to Baptist, from Anglican to Zionist were to behave on the world stage as modern day Islam has, is it conceivable to you in any way that they would be described as a ‘religion of peace?’  Is it even possible to imagine that their membership would not abandon the pews en masse?  Where are the hoards of Muslims leaving the faith because it no longer represents their values?  To not notice this, one has to be willfully blind.  Some Muslim apologists have suggested that members are afraid to leave Islam.  This is the defining feature of a cult, not a religion.

While we are questioning Islam’s credentials as a religion, it is useful to note that where Islam takes root, it takes over the political apparatus and uses it to impose the rules of Islam on the entire populace.  Religions do not do this, imperialistic political movements do.  To look at Islam as a religion and not a political movement is willful blindness on our part.  Political threats need to be dealt with politically.  In the ‘50’s the Communist Party vowed to destroy America.  The US responded with the Communist Control act of 1954 which outlawed the American Communist Party and referred to it as an “agency of a hostile foreign power,” a fitting moniker for Islam in America today.  As long as we fail to recognize Islam as the political movement it obviously is and as long as we grant Islam the constitutional protections usually afforded to religions, these remedies will be unavailable to us.  This is more than willful blindness it is dereliction of duty.  In the Jewish faith, if a young man feel a religious fervor, he is likely to become a rabbi.  If a Catholic boy feels a religious calling, he is likely to express it by becoming a priest.  A Protestant youth, similarly inspired by religion, might become a pastor or missionary.  Only a Muslim, feeling the tug of his religion, is inspired to become a mass murderer and a terrorist.  Is it not safe to conclude that there is a problem within Islam?

It is our self-destructive habit to Balkanize the Islamic threat.  One act of evil is committed by al Qaeda, another by the Muslim Brotherhood, then by Chechen radicals, still another is an act of a ‘lone wolf.’  It is as if during the Revolutionary War, we refused to believe we were being attacked by the British because some combatants were from London, some from Liverpool and others from Leeds.  They all wore ‘Red Coats’ just as our current attackers are all cloaked in the ideology of Islam.  We have to be willfully blind not to see this.  The Muslim apologists are quick to point out that only a small minority of Muslims engage in these activities.  Yet these activities are the habit of Muslims exclusively.  These ‘bad actors’ plot in Muslim communities and seek shelter there.  Rarely are the perpetrators identified by members of their own community and this usually occurs only when our authorities initiate the contact.  Most Muslims, yes even the ‘good ones,’ are complicit in these activities by their tolerance of them.  The occasions where true cooperation from the Muslim community has broken a case is rare.  The number of Muslims who embrace the American ideals of individual liberty and individual responsibility are few.  Even those who live here and enjoy these freedoms daily are at best ambivalent towards them and at worst hostile to them.  We would have to be willfully blind not to notice this.

A few additional important observations before I wrap this up.  First the left wing media was very quick to blame the ‘radical right wing’ for these attacks.  In their defense, they had to be quick before the facts made such an obviously foolish statement impossible.  I withheld comment until the facts emerged even though I was confident as to what those facts would be.  I did this because I wanted the known facts to support the arguments I planned to make.  The leftist media knew that the facts would not support their preconceived notions and therefore they had to make their statements before the facts were proven.  One even suggested that because it was April 15th (tax day) that it was probably the work of a disgruntled wealthy person who resented paying taxes to support all the socially destructive leftist policies.  Even though their ridiculous predictions would all prove false, they had to use the opportunity to make the case that it was possible that their arguments were just as likely as whatever conclusions those pesky facts would support.  This is a rare look into the soul of the left.  Don’t look away.  Don’t be willfully blind.  This happens every day on leftist media outlets.  Fortunately, so few people watch their mindless blather, they did not feel the need to apologize for any of their highly biased speculation.  One of the perks of being a brain dead leftie is never having to say you are sorry.

There are a number of self described ‘conservatives’ who are to the left of Obama on social issues.  We all know some of these; they are not conservative.  In the days and weeks ahead they will develop conspiracy theories that blame the government either directly or indirectly for the attack on the Boston Marathon on Patriots’ Day.  In order to support their isolationist policies they are forced to embrace implausible conspiracy theories and abandon the accumulated wisdom of Western Civilization.  They wind up being Muslim apologists and political combatants in the war against Western Civilization.  To the left they are useful idiots.  To me they are a waste of valuable time.  They are willfully blind.  If you ever crack their code please share.  I give up.

Another issue which has come up in this murderous affair is a criticism of the explosive device as ‘simple,’ ‘amateurish’ and ‘low yield.’  I am not sure what is to be gained by scoring the attack as if it were some sort of Olympic event.  ‘The tree shall be known by its fruit.’  Whatever one thinks of the “bombs” themselves, one has to look at the effects.  Three were killed outright, over 170 were injured, many in life changing ways.  A city of ¾ of a million people was shut down for a week.  Many in Boston, who supported restrictive gun laws may have, if for only one week, wished they were better able to protect their families as they were locked into their homes hoping the killers would not come to their door.  Two young radicalized Muslims, living in America caused all this.  I expect they will be labeled ‘lone wolves’ but how many lone wolves, all doing the same things, do there have to be before we recognize them as a pack?

Which brings us to the real question; “What can be done?”  We must be honest with ourselves.  Why do we have this problem?  We have this problem because we have decided to accommodate Muslims in this country.  We have this problem because we want to feel good about ourselves, we want to think of ourselves as ‘tolerant.’  But we must realize that, like most virtues, tolerance is a self limiting virtue.  Are we to be so tolerant that we tolerate intolerance?  Of course not.  Muslims, Islamists if you prefer, are among the planet’s least tolerant people.  In Islamic societies, you can be stoned to death or mutilated for life for offences which are apparently minor.  I consider this to be intolerant.  Islamists engage in wholesale slaughter of innocents to make political points.  I consider this to be intolerant.  Simply disagreeing with them on some pedantic theological point can get you killed.  I consider this to be intolerant.  Again, ‘the tree shall be known by its fruit.’  It is the Islamic world exclusively which produces murderous mobs and terrorist youth.  Yet, so that we can feel good about ourselves and wear our tolerance on our sleeves, we invite these people into our communities.  We feel great when we capture one or two who seem more willing to act out.  Like this accomplishes something!  But the cost to us is measured in the number of good people dead and injured.  We must take some responsibility.  This is a choice we have made.  We have to be willfully blind not to see this.

I admit it.  I am not this tolerant.  And I invite you to be less tolerant too.  It’s OK.  You can do this.  So what can we do?  Muslims leave their mosques after a fiery sermon delivered by radical imams and go on murderous rampages worldwide.  Does this happen at your church?  Does this happen at your synagogue?  Here in America, radical imams recruit young men and send them into our cities for the express purpose of committing atrocities and paralyzing the population with fear.  Does your priest, rabbi or pastor do this?  I suggest the Muslim Control Act of 2013.  What, you don’t have the stomach for this?  The alternative is that you will have a body count.  I did not make this the choice.  But it is the choice and one we have to make.  To choose not to act is to choose the body count.  I can see that.  I am not willfully blind.  Are you?

Muslims out – school vouchers in!

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