EXCLUSIVE: Leaked TOP SECRET Obama Binder on Women’s Economic Prosperity


We, at teaparty911.com, have obtained a highly classified copy of President Obama’s plans to advance employment opportunities for women.

This Top Secret administration “binder” has surfaced in the wake of the question Obama and Romney were asked, during the last debate, about how each would improve the chances of unemployed women finding jobs.

In his answer, Romney told how he had once asked for a “binder of women” – meaning resumes representing female candidates – in order to fill open positions with qualified women.

Democrats are now trying to make his reference to a “binder of women” into a campaign issue.

Here are three facts related to the issue:

1.  Obamanomics has been very hard on the employment rate of women.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

“The sluggish economy under President Obama has been particularly hard on women. Nearly six million are currently unemployed, more than 400,000 have lost their jobs, and poverty rates among women have soared to record highs.

Since Obama took office, the unemployment rate among women has jumped from 7 percent to 8.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Young women have fared even worse. Their unemployment rate has risen from 12.5 percent to 14.4 percent since 2009.”

2.  The BLS reports that the poverty rate of women is now breaking records.

“The US Census Bureau’s annual report reveals that the poverty rate among American woman and children reached a 17-year record high in 2010, standing at 14.5 percent.

The new report indicates that, women’s poverty rate in the United States stands at 14.5 percent which means that over 17 million people live in poverty.”

3.  The Obama White House has neither been a popular nor lucrative place for women employees.

“Despite Mr. Obama’s claims of championing the plight of women in the workplace, his record at the White House on closing the gender pay gap is mixed: In a broader survey of the 121 White House employees who were paid at least $100,000, 47 are women and 74 are men. That is only slightly better than in 2003, the third year of the Bush Administration, when 39 of the top 121 employees were women.

When all White House employees are considered, the Obama administration’s record dims a bit further. Female employees earn a median salary of $60,000, roughly 18 percent less than men, whose median salary is $71,000.”

With these facts in mind, we eagerly opened up “Obama’s Binder of Plans to Advance the Economic Welfare of Women” to learn of Obama’s plans. Here’s what we found.