Truth or Consequences


I know – most likely you are too young to know that the above title refers to an ancient television show where contestants would be put in embarrassing and impossible situations.  One episode had contestants fill a bucket of water from a large pool and run with the water to an empty container which they were to fill by repeating the process.  What the contestants did not know was that the buckets leaked like crazy making the task impossible.  The tool was insufficient to the completion of the task.  Basically, the show made fools of innocent and unsuspecting people.

Does this not sound like the perfect metaphor for the Obama Care sign-up.  Some will be surprised to learn that Obama was told well in advance, that after several years of preparation, the system was nowhere near ready to accept applicants.  SNL (the TV show, Saturday Night Live) equated it to 1-800-FLOWERS being caught off guard by Valentine’s Day.  Why then, after giving a delay to businesses, would the President insist on going forward with the individual sign-up requirement knowing it was sure to fail?

As the “Sentinel has been warning from the inception of Obama Care, the program was designed to fail – one giant governmental kabuki theater – a waste of all of our time and energy.  The more colossal the failure, the better it will be for the President.  How does any of this make sense?  Pointing to the failure and how long and hard the effort has been, the case will be made that there is nothing left but a single payer system.  You will have been had.  Your doctor will now be an employee of the government and health care nationwide will descend to a level below that of the current VA system.  Remember, all this was to provide health care insurance for the roughly 12% of residents (many illegally here) who did not currently have insurance; they did, however, receive health care from our overly generous hospital emergency rooms.

This blatant manipulation, this waste of Americans’ time, energy and financial resources has been a running theme in this administration.  The latest example is the abuse we have suffered during this otherwise uneventful government shutdown.  Unmanned sidewalks, forest paths and scenic lookouts have been closed at additional expense during the shutdown.  Veterans have been denied access to monuments and surviving spouses have been denied death benefits for soldiers who will not return from battle.  To put his thumb in the eye of the American public, Obama has allowed the National Mall to be open during this shutdown so that thousands of ‘illegals’ could protest.  Dennis Michael Lynch, director and star of the documentary “They Come to America,” recently featured at an LCRC club meeting, appeared on FNC to point out this affront to America.

Cattle going to slaughter go willingly if the entrance is curved so that the animal does not see what is around the corner. They are walked into a shallow pool; then they are gently lifted by a sling and taken quietly to slaughter.  Even those Americans who are incapable of seeing around the curve must realize there is no ASPCA for people.  Do not expect the same kindnesses extended to cattle.  Danger! Curve ahead!

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Terrell AronSpeer ~ Born in 1947 under an assumed name. I moved to Texas at age 3 and brought my entire family with me. I majored in economics at the University of Houston. My entire corporate career was spent in high tech engineering starting as an apprentice and ending my career as director of Customer Service for a multinational rapid prototyping corporation which I took from a garage shop through its IPO in under two years. My first involvement in politics was in 1952 working in the Eisenhower campaign. Since then I have worked in every Presidential race to date and in most off year elections as well. Except for a brief flirtation with the Libertarian Party in its formative years, I have always worked in Republican politics. I was asked to speak at the first Tea Party event from the court house steps here in Quitman. It was my first public speaking experience. I looked at the Tea Party movement as fresh troops to help restore Republican values to a broken Republican Party. In retirement I have become a writer, mostly humor and political commentary. Currently I am writing three books. One is near completion; a short piece of political satire. One is a three volume political tome detailing the history of the political parties, economic and monetary policy, and the application of conservative principles to current political issues. The other is the hopefully humorous story of my journey through cancer. I also edit, the “Sentinel”, the Lake Country Republican Club’s newsletter. The local Master Gardeners association took first in state for their newsletter which I edited. In addition I was honored to be the assistant editor to Michael Kinzie with his landmark newsletter “Tea Party 911.” Once again I am honored to be invited back as a guest blogger.