The First Libertarian President


There is little about our current President which is libertarian.  Using the mechanisms of the state to punish political enemies, rewarding political allies with contracts and gifts from the treasury, the affinity for “public-private partnerships,” and “Crony-Capitalism,” are all hallmarks of fascism, not libertarianism.  However, the favorite foreign policy stance of the current administration, isolationism, has been a cornerstone of the Libertarian Party from its inception.

Isolationism was embraced by a significant population of Republicans prior to WWII.  During this time, Republicans were unable to take the presidency for 20 years.  The US went into WWII woefully unprepared.  Most Republicans learned the lesson.  Those who did not gravitated to the Libertarian Party.  Occasionally, a third party candidate comes upon the scene and the political climate is such that they are able to capture 10% to 20% of the vote.  At its zenith, the Libertarian Party was scarcely able to garner 1% of the vote.  It is the home of pious posturing and political irrelevance.

However, here before them is a great lesson.  They can actually see the impact of their isolationist policies.  As President Obama has taken a backseat on foreign affairs, what has actually gotten better?  Our allies know that we are undependable and our enemies no longer fear or respect us.  Europe is rapidly becoming Islamic.  The Middle East is in turmoil and Islam is forming up a new caliphate. This modern caliphate will be nuclear and a threat to the entire world.  Narco-terrorist states run rampant throughout much of Central America and parts of South America.  Christian populations in the Middle East and North Africa are being butchered like cattle.  Putin looks at Eastern Europe as if it is a buffet.  Third world terrorist groups dictate terms to us.  And Justin Bieber dominates our news.

When Carl Sewell opened his first Cadillac dealership in Dallas, he requested that the city sweep the street more often.  Even when he offered to pay for the service the city declined.  Sewell purchased a street sweeper and cleaned the entire block, both sides, every day. He did not do this because it was his job.  But, because he swept the street every day, the neighborhood got better and so he improved his business.  This is a simple and obvious lesson.

“The US is not the world’s policeman,” they declare.  Although this is true, if the US does not fill this vital role, who will?  Would you feel safer if Putin policed the world; perhaps you prefer the Mahdi?  I ask you to honestly consider what the world would be like without the US, as if we did not even exist.  Who would protect Europe?  Surely not Europe.  Would all oceans become the Gulf of Aden, riddled with pirates?  Would beheading become the preferred way of dealing with dissent worldwide?  Would nuclear states rule the world and would nuclear war become common?  Would religious freedom be found anywhere?  Would property be held only by the courtesy of those who do not seize it?  Those who envision a world of sunshine and lollypops are delusional, blinded by their own narcissism and unwilling to recognize the facts before them.

Like it or not, the US is the world’s policeman and apparently the only one on the beat.  It’s called taking responsibility.  It is what grown-ups do.

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Terrell AronSpeer ~ Born in 1947 under an assumed name. I moved to Texas at age 3 and brought my entire family with me. I majored in economics at the University of Houston. My entire corporate career was spent in high tech engineering starting as an apprentice and ending my career as director of Customer Service for a multinational rapid prototyping corporation which I took from a garage shop through its IPO in under two years. My first involvement in politics was in 1952 working in the Eisenhower campaign. Since then I have worked in every Presidential race to date and in most off year elections as well. Except for a brief flirtation with the Libertarian Party in its formative years, I have always worked in Republican politics. I was asked to speak at the first Tea Party event from the court house steps here in Quitman. It was my first public speaking experience. I looked at the Tea Party movement as fresh troops to help restore Republican values to a broken Republican Party. In retirement I have become a writer, mostly humor and political commentary. Currently I am writing three books. One is near completion; a short piece of political satire. One is a three volume political tome detailing the history of the political parties, economic and monetary policy, and the application of conservative principles to current political issues. The other is the hopefully humorous story of my journey through cancer. I also edit, the “Sentinel”, the Lake Country Republican Club’s newsletter. The local Master Gardeners association took first in state for their newsletter which I edited. In addition I was honored to be the assistant editor to Michael Kinzie with his landmark newsletter “Tea Party 911.” Once again I am honored to be invited back as a guest blogger.