Swan Song


The dietary requirement of swans does not include herring, yet I intend to expose a few red ones in this article.  First, l commend my fellow Tea Party 911 writers.  This is a nearly thankless task and a constant struggle to extend our reach beyond the choir to which we usually wind up preaching.  My readers already embrace the conservative philosophy and Founders’ viewpoint which is the bedrock of my writing.  My readers also tend to be informed on the issues of the day.  Therefore there is little I write about which they do not already know or cannot figure out on their own.  Because of this, I am taking a different tact.  In future, I plan to put out books in the Kindle format on Amazon.  Some may be made available as paper backs.  However, except in the event of a catastrophic cosmic melt down, this is most likely my last post on Tea Party 911.  I thank Michael Kinzie for the faith he has placed in me and I thank my fellow Tea Party 911 writers for their support and encouragement.  I also encourage them to continue the good fight, to pick a cause and stick with it and not be run from one manufactured fire to the next.  Before I retire from Tea Party 911, I offer the following assessment as to where we are as a people and as a movement.

First, allow me to put you at ease.  Despite claims to the contrary by this administration, global warming, or climate change as they now like to call it, is not likely to be our doom.  As an official old person I can assure you the climate has changed each year of the 68 I have spent on planet earth.  This is not a new phenomenon and over the course of my life, no general trend has emerged – cold, hot, wet, or dry, the only constant is change.  We are under greater threat from the hot air emanating from Washington than from anything emanating from your tail pipe or a nearby smoke stack.

The true existential threat, again contrary to what this administration has told you, comes from the global jihad.  I will come back to this again when I wrap up this article.  But the growth of this movement is accelerating; its funding growing exponentially.  The administration will have us believe that the threat is contained half a world away, yet it takes credit for foiling numerous plots here in our own country.  These are mutually exclusive concepts.  DHS is currently advising shoppers to be particularly vigilant of Somalis in the malls while assuring us there is no reason you should refrain from shopping; mutually exclusive concepts are apparently all the rage.  Jews are fleeing Europe at rates similar to pre WW II levels.  Israel is encouraging this as Israel is safer for them than Europe.  What do they know that this administration is not telling you?  The global jihad is a determined genocidal movement which will not stop until it has taken care of you personally.

If you wish to do something effective today, go to both of these sites for major Israeli daily newspapers (Israel HayomIsrael Post ). In your email and in your own words, let them know that you support Israel in their struggle and that you pray for the reelection of Bibi Netanyahu.

Additionally, this administration seems determined to replenish jihadist leadership with well fed and well rested Gitmo graduates.  Obama’s reasoning is that we cannot detain these battlefield captures indefinitely.  Yet in prior wars, it has been common practice to hold enemy combatants “for the duration.”  The problem is not that we have held them too long.  The problem is that American leadership has not made the commitment to victory necessary to win this war.  Do you think that Patton or MacArthur could not have wrapped this thing up long ago?  Current military leadership, given a mandate and the full US military arsenal is fully capable of victory.  The way wars are won is to fight the enemy until they admit defeat and lay down their arms.  Until this happens you must relentlessly kill them.  The federal government has only four constitutionally mandated activities.  One of these is the protection of the United States (Art. IV sec. 4).  They are derelict in this duty.

The closing of Gitmo is an obsession of this President.  It is one of the few campaign promises for which he seems to have any affection.  He says he wants to do this to save money.  Yet this is the only area where thrift is his motive.  He says, “It’s time.”  What does this even mean?  Time’s up, regardless of the goal or of our achievement?  There is a fundamental misunderstanding by this President and many of our citizens as to what Gitmo is.  Gitmo is not a prison.  A prison is where people who are convicted of a crime go to be removed from the civil society whose laws they failed to respect.  They can win release for good behavior.  But Gitmo is a POW camp where captives are held, regardless of behavior, until the conclusion of the war.

The administration claims that the very existence of Gitmo is a useful recruiting tool for the global jihad.  Who was being held at Gitmo when jihadists flew planes full of innocents into the World Trade Towers?  Who was being held at Gitmo when the USS Cole was attacked?  Who was being held at Gitmo when our African embassies were attacked?  Who was being held at Gitmo when the Barbary pirates attacked American shipping in the Mediterranean?  Who was being held at Gitmo when Muhammad himself was raping and pillaging his way through the Middle East and capturing the Holy Lands?

Why do you think Gitmo is situated in Cuba?  It is obviously because no one escapes into a communist country.  People swim with sharks just to get out of that hell hole.  No one escapes from Gitmo; they are more likely to attempt suicide.  What does this tell you?

The administration is trying to “normalize” relations with Cuba.  This is just an end run to close Gitmo.  Look for part of the normalization package to be the return of Gitmo whether Cuba wants it or not.  This can never be allowed.  U. S. citizens should revolt if it is attempted.  To be safe, we need to fill Gitmo to capacity.  Then we will see if Cuba still wants it.

On the broader issue of the global jihad, Obama has suggested Islamic countries just need a “jobs program,” as if this administration knows how to do that.  Perhaps Tyson and Pilgrim’s Pride have immediate openings for beheaders.  At least this would take advantage of prior work experience.

There are three great myths about the global jihad.  You hear these from both the left and the right.  The first is, “They are killing Muslims too; Muslims are victims of this movement.”  This is a death cult.  It values death more than we value life.  They have said so themselves.  If a fellow Muslim dies as collateral damage from their activities, they assume they have sent them to be with Allah.  They assume they have done him a favor.  If they happen to kill a Muslim of another sect, they will tell you they have killed an apostate as the Koran demands.  It is a win/win for them and no lost sleep over innocent victims either.  “Good, moderate Muslims” have done nothing to correct this within their community.

The second great myth is that this is just a minority of Muslims; “Islam is a religion of peace.”  This flies in the face of history.  Islam exists in two states, “holy war” and R&R.  Those Muslims not engaged in the fight are either breeding for Islam to take over the world (a fifth column), a member of a sleeper cell, actively engaged in supporting Islamic charities (arms and training camps) or an apologist for Islam.  The freakishly few who have spoken against the global jihad have been shouted down by mobs of “good Muslims.”  The good Muslim is the one who is not currently removing your head.  Wake up, America.  Moderate Islam is an oxymoron.

Finally, we are told we worship the same God.  The Judeo/Christian God preaches of peace, love, moderation, discernment and forgiveness.  Jews and Christians share the bulk of Biblical scripture.  Allah is all about ridding the world of infidels and apostates through any murderous means possible.  Islam follows its own rules.  Their god is a false god and is spelled with the small “g” of pagan gods.

We are told that images of beheadings of Jews, Christians and their children are useful for recruiting in Muslim communities.  Ask yourself, “What about these images appeals to Muslims?”  What in their philosophy finds this inspiring?  How is it that these images can be used to recruit what we are told are “moderate Muslims?”  Wake up, America.

Obama has the audacity to go to the national prayer breakfast and preach moral equivalence between what Islam is doing today with the actions of Christians during the Crusades.  Everyone on the right must become familiar with the history of the Crusades.  They were initiated after hundreds of years of brutal suppression by followers of Islam in order to restore access to the Holy Lands for Christian pilgrims.  The practice of excluding Christians and Jews from lands conquered by Muslims is well known and continues to this day, employing the practice of genocide. Muslims were the victims in the Crusades only in the sense that they lost.  They need to lose again and we need to make this happen now.

Obama’s use of language is all too obvious.  He said Islam has done these things in the name of religion as if to taint all religions with their actions.  Yet he attributes the actions of Christians as acting in the name of Christ.  Note the specificity in the latter example.  If you have difficulty understanding Obama’s foreign policy, as many pundits on the right claim, remember in his own book Obama said if it came to a dispute between Christians and Muslims, “I will stand with the Muslims.”  Does this statement by this President not explain his foreign policy?  Why feign ignorance?  Apparently, immigration is not the only place where Obama practices “prosecutorial discretion;” he seems to practice it in prosecuting the war with ISIL as well.

Our Commander in Chief is despised by service members and Obama treats members of the armed services with contempt.  On numerous occasions Obama has released details of military operations.  It is said, this helps Obama with his base.  But obviously it also helps our enemy. Anyone but the President would be charged with treason.  The kindest assumption is that the President is a flaming narcissist, the alternative is that he is sympathetic to the jihadist’s objectives.

I have never before quoted Franklin Graham in print, but he made a most astute observation.  Not being able to find the exact quote I will have to paraphrase; he said Jesus lived a life of peace and charity and gave his life for the sins of mankind; Muhammad lived the life of a blood thirsty warrior snuffing out life in the most vile ways imaginable The true followers of Christ emulate his actions.  The true followers of Islam emulate Muhammad’s actions.  Shortly after this, Franklin said of the situation with the global jihad, “There is a storm coming.”  It will be like no other.  I will comment further on this at the end of this article.

Russia’s Putin is using the global jihad as a smokescreen which allows him to treat Eastern Europe as his personal buffet.  Seldom do his activities merit more than a brief report on the news or a line on the crawler.  Occasionally, a paragraph will pop up on the back pages, more likely to be used for the relief of parrots than to be read by patriots.

The nagging and unspoken suspicion that this President may be an actual agent of the enemy is hardly our only problem.  One of America’s most vexing problems is the inability of Americans to state the obvious.  This “political correctness,” a term which must have been coined in the old Soviet Union, is crippling.  When Rudy Giuliani suggested, “Obama does not love America,” Obama’s lap dog press could not believe their ears. Yet Obama himself has said repeatedly that he wished to “fundamentally change America.”  As a married person, I cannot rationalize how I could want to fundamentally change the love of my life.  The concept is utter nonsense.  No one wishes to fundamentally change that which they love.  This is a definitional truth.  Yet the press thinks it is completely rational to hold both thoughts in the same head.  How is it that Obama would ever come to love America?  Remember, Obama spent his formative years in the madrasas of Jakarta.

In Obama’s last sorry State of the Union address he pointed out that there is a lot of accumulated wealth in America.  He went on to make the case that he could do a “lot of good” with that money as if it were his, as if he were the one to determine what is considered good.  Beware, this thinking is common among members of the left.  They own all your stuff.  Secure property rights are the cornerstone of all advanced civilizations. The “communal pot” theory is the model for all tribal cultures which, because of this, are unable to drag themselves out of the seventh century. The modern concept of property rights is scripturally rooted.  We fail to counter the leftist philosophy of property at our peril.

Generational theft is hardly unique to this President.  This has been going on for decades.  The national debt clock must be stopped and then made to run backward.  If we fail to do this, it is we who will be run backward.  Easy money has corrupted our country and our politics on both sides of the isle.  Hard money or hard lessons; the choice is ours.

This administration has recently released a report warning of a “Sovereign Citizens” movement.  Even the report admits that there is no movement, no organized group of citizens which promote this cause or coalesce under this banner.  Past references to a sovereign citizen usually applied to a “tax cheat.”  This administration applies this term loosely to any citizen who would question the authority of the state, his authority. This is a straw man the administration may use in future to justify further assaults on the liberty of citizens.  Beware of this language.

The concept of a sovereign citizen, however, is necessary to understand the fundamental position of our Founders and the thinking of the Enlightenment.  This concept is fundamental to the justification of the founding of the United States.  The original concept is that all people are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.  These rights are inalienable because they come from our Creator and therefore cannot be rescinded by men.  To put a finer point on it, we have certain rights which cannot be denied to us even by our government.  The exception to this is through “due process.”  This would be a process, agreed upon by democratically elected representatives, where as a punishment, or a preventive measure, the citizen could be deprived of certain rights.

Three broad rights are specifically mentioned.  Life; the life of the individual belongs to and is the primary right of the individual.  Liberty is a regulated, civil version of freedom.  With absolute freedom one could help oneself to the property, even the life of another.  Liberty is a version of freedom where your freedom stops where the equal freedom of another individual begins.  The third right is property which is referred to in our constitution as “the pursuit of happiness” in an attempt to avoid an inconvenient discussion regarding slaves as property.  Property as understood in the Enlightenment and by our Founders is Biblically rooted.  This is defined roughly as that which is not possessed by another and is improved by someone becomes his property.  This is the foundation for laws pertaining to how abandoned property can become yours if you maintain it and pay taxes on it.  These type of laws exist in each state.  All ten amendments which constitute our Bill of Rights in our Constitution rest on our understanding of these three inalienable rights.  We must be sensitive to any action taken to curb the “sovereign citizen” and his God given rights.

Republican leaders have rightly chided Obama for taking the military option off the table in dealings with hostile foreign powers, yet the same Republican leaders took impeachment off the table going into the 2014 elections.  Is this hypocrisy, or just one more abdication of responsibility? Even if we were to pretend it made sense before the 2014 elections, have not the actions of this President since the election justified impeachment? I offer the continued stonewalling of congressional investigations, the failure to defend our borders and American interests abroad, the reckless abandoning of diplomatic outposts, the illegal issuing of documentation intended exclusively for citizens and legal resident aliens to persons known to have violated our immigration laws, the casual release of known violent felons into the general population, I could go on.  Is there no cause for impeachment among any of these?  Do these representatives represent the will of the people who quite recently elected them to office?

We will never get control of a metastasizing federal bureaucracy as long as presidents can appoint czars and invent new departments on a whim. Congress has been little more than a clutch of worthless clucking hens for a long time.  They have bequeathed the task of actual legislation to the bureaucracy so they could concentrate on the all consuming task of reelection.  The only solution to this is to have no reelections.  Terms must be limited to a single term.  A single term in Washington is so corrupting that no good person should be subjected to more than one term.  For the salvation of their very soul we owe them this.  The only solution for this is to make it a national movement.  Line up truly good people who will commit to running for only one term and hold them to this pledge.  When we finally achieve a majority of such people, they should propose and campaign for a constitutional amendment limiting terms to one in the House and one in the Senate.  The argument will be that they would have no one in the House with experience.  Imagine that; really imagine that.  It would be a badly needed breath of fresh air – actual citizens running the government.  Currently, unelected and unaccountable regulators and bureaucrats are writing our voluminous, incomprehensible laws and regulations, crippling the once greatest, most productive nation on earth.  In the current system, Senate and House members are constantly raiding the treasury to purchase the next election.  This must stop.

The Founders warned us of many of these problems.  However, I do not remember them warning us of federalizing education.  I think this may have been unfathomable to them at that time.  The more local education is, the better it is.  Every country has an interest that its citizens be well educated.  However, governments do not.  It is in the interest of the ruling class to restrict the information the citizen receives.  This way the citizen need not concern himself with accusations of petty corruption.  By federalizing education under the guise of “establishing standards,” we are producing citizens who cannot compete globally.  Too many are illiterate, too many fail to graduate, too many are graduated with no discernible education.  Watter’s World and Jay Walking are monuments to modern American public education.  Recently, a friend told me of a teacher friend of hers who had a class of senior honors students.  She asked them a single question – to name the days of the week and months of the year in order and to spell each.  No one got 100% correct.  Not one of these students is capable of producing a simple calendar.  These are “honor students.”  We have failed them.  Our public education system has failed them.  The only legitimate interest government has in education is to be sure it is available to the citizens.  A voucher system, with no governmentally imposed standards, is the only system which will function properly.  Competition for achievement will set the standard.  The current system is so corrupt that American history classes consist almost entirely of a litany of the evil, leftists claim, America has perpetrated on the world.  Foreigners do not believe this as they still, like lemmings rushing to the sea, come here in pursuit of liberty.  But we educate foreign students to hate America in the same way we teach our own children. By the second generation they are lost to us.  How can we pretend to wonder at the “phenomenon” of home grown terrorists?  Brigitte Gabriel speaks.

We are witness to the destruction of our own constitution, which is now said to be a living document rather than an enduring one.  It seems the Supreme Court can find a Buick in a pop-tart.  They are constantly finding things in the Constitution which the Framers did not put there.  If there is a right to same sex marriage in the Constitution, it is there because the Framers put it there.  No one who knows anything about the Framers or who, like myself, has actually read the Constitution, believe this to be true.  These same Supreme Court justices found a right to abortion in the Constitution.  “Where in the Constitution?” you ask.  “In the privacy clause” we are told.  Again, I am holding in my hand a copy of the Constitution.  There is no right to privacy mentioned in it, otherwise would a confessed murderer not have the right to suppress his confession?  Is anything held to a standard of reason anymore?  Yes, I too am frustrated.

Litigants now see our legal system as an extension of the lottery.  The big difference is you don’t even have to spring for a ticket.  Public education has inculcated the jury pool with class warfare rhetoric, often the only evidence needed to convict.  Jury awards too often sound like Power Ball winnings.  A moral people, trained to think critically, would never be swayed by such flim flamery.

The states finally gave into the lure of easy money when they not only allowed, but embraced, the lottery.  Most states did not allow gambling in prior decades because of the tendency of gambling to destroy the family, the foundation of civil society.  The left has been successfully targeting the family for over a century.  The lottery now serves as a tax on ignorance and stupidity.  The occasional “Big Winner’s” life is usually ruined by the infusion of easy money for which neither their life nor their education has properly prepared them.  It is a cautionary tale for those who are observant, but only the wise learn from the mistakes of others and wisdom is now rare.

For centuries, the family structure formed small self sustaining blocks of citizens from which a larger civil society could be built.  This independence is kryptonite for the left.  Dependency is all they have to sell.  Enslaving the citizen is the only means the left has of fulfilling, in even the most meager way, the demands this dependency creates.  This is why shortages, rationing and bread lines are common in countries run on leftist dogma.  Enslaving the citizen?  Slavery?  This is an exceptional charge in the only country which ever fought a war to abolish slavery. Step into the ‘Way-back machine’ with myself and Professor Peabody while we whisk you back to Ancient America.  The year is 2004 and no state allows same sex marriage.  Honestly, at this point in time could you ever have imagined a situation where the federal government could compel a baker to bake a cake, or a florist to arrange a bouquet?  Yet is not compelling a person to do work they do not wish to do the very definition of slavery.  There have been several such cases since the rush to state sanctioned debauchery became all the rage.  Even those who cherish leftist dogma should ask themselves if they wish to be enslaved by it.  But, again, this requires wisdom and critical thinking.  We’ll have none of that.   Marc Patrone comments .


The welfare state itself is an attack on the family.  At first, husbands had to be driven from the home by force of law.  But in time, the state was able to convince the fairer sex that with the state assuming the role of provider, the husband became expendable.  Fewer young people get married today and those who do put it off as long as possible.  The bulk of children who are born, as opposed to aborted, are raised in single parent homes either in poverty or as “ferals” because the single parent works to provide, because the state is not the best provider.  The child becomes its own parent.  Men, relieved of the duties of parenting also become self indulgent, suspended adolescence, devoid of ambition.  Women, who not long ago were the minority in America’s colleges and universities, were given favored student status in an attempt to balance the scales as it were. Even though the balance shifted by the mid ‘70’s women still enjoy the most favored student status.  Today the ratio approaches 60/40, but as manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas and the marital role for males all but abolished, this ratios seems about right.  The American male has been reduced to the butt of jokes for Madison Avenue’s adpersons (adman now becoming an arcane gender loaded relic of the past).
Husbands are hardly the only victims; children suffer the loss of the male influence in child raising.  The male provides structure and standards in a child’s life; the female provides nurturing.  A child needs both.  Stripping the husband from the family has produced a female which is less nurturing, as evidenced by rampant abortion, but disinclined to set standards as evidenced by crime statistics.  This change has injured women as well.  Many appear to be more cynical, unhappy and unfulfilled.  Apparently, a husband is more important to a family than a bicycle is to a fish, another red herring.

We witness an unprecedented degradation of our culture.  Investment brokers, teachers, and law enforcement officers are daily hauled off in hand cuffs.  Entertainment is now an assault on traditional American values.  America was the beacon of freedom for many decades because our citizens were taught to be moral.  By and large, citizens policed themselves in a culture which expected civil society to be civil.  A lawless culture begs a police state.  As all moral institutions and influences are driven out of our culture, a police state becomes the logical future we are building for ourselves and our children.  The American culture is not capable of withstanding the destruction of the family through dilution and a meddling nanny state.  The family is the foundation of any moral society.  If the destruction of the family is not immediately reversed, there will be nothing upon which to rebuild American society.  America, as we have known it, is moved from the endangered species list to the critical list. Only the most concerted effort will save her.

This brings me to the Tea Party and the clamor to push it forward as a reasonable alternative, a viable third party.  I fully understand the allure of this position.  The Republican Party is at best a disappointment to anyone who treasures the Founders’ vision for this country.  Looking at that portion of the population which is politically active, all of the population which has any understanding of the Founders’ vision and all of the population which has any understanding of conservative values is found inside the Republican Party.  This is true, not because the Republican Party is such a haven for conservative thought, but because the only other viable party will have nothing to do with true conservatives.  If the Tea Party cannot achieve a victory within the somewhat sympathetic environment of the Republican Party, there is no way it will be successful in the general population which suffers the crippling wounds of public education.  I implore the Tea Party to march into the Republican Party, ignoring its leadership which is populated almost exclusively by members of the ruling class, and concentrating on the membership, relentlessly make the articulate and persuasive argument for conservative positions and to put forth Tea Party candidates within the Republican Party, including for leadership positions.  This is hard work, but the only effective route for Tea Party victory.  The third party route is the road to irrelevance taken by the Libertarian Party decades ago.  The history of political parties in the U.S. reveals this to be a constant.


Finally, and I appreciate your being with me throughout this long, but woefully incomplete listing of America’s ills, I come to the portion of this article most likely to risk losing readership.  If you have come this far, I ask you to hear me out.  We are nearing the conclusion of this article.

All that we are currently experiencing has been foretold. We are living in a time of Biblical prophecy.  Before I lose you, consider this.  Not long ago, prior to 1948, it was considered polite to listen to some preacher go on about the end times because the entire sermon centered around Israel which did not exist and had not existed for hundreds of years.  Yet within the life times of many of us and only slightly predating the rest of us, Israel rose like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of antiquity to take its rightful place among the nations.  The cornerstone of end time prophecy was laid in place.  Jumping forward past present day consider that the end times calls for a gathering of “Satan’s army.”  What would Satan’s army look like?  Would it engage in beheadings?  Would it crucify children?  Would it burn people alive?  Would this army follow the teachings of a false god as prophecy claims?  Does any of this remind you of anything in our current situation?  Before the recent advent of TV and radio, the claims that the anti-Christ could speak, be seen and heard all around the world simultaneously, was unbelievable, was the product of fantasy.  Today, Kenyans, can watch Obama’s State of the Union address in real time on their cell phones, not that I am claiming he is the anti-Christ.  Additionally, end time prophecy speaks of weapons of unbelievable destructive power.  Unbelievable that is before the advent of nuclear power.  All these predictions appear as prophecy in the Bible.  In light of these predictions, which only a short time ago seemed impossible, should we be doing more to ensure Iran does not get a nuclear weapon?  How about Pakistan’s nukes or the arsenal North Korea would sell a piece of for a price?  Anyone familiar with end time prophecy has to be alarmed at how many pieces are now in place.  Anyone not familiar with end time prophecy and learning about it from this article might benefit from a crash course because all indications are you don’t have time to seek a PhD in this topic.

So if all this is true, why bother you ask?  Is it not all over but the shouting?  I cannot speak to our ability to turn this thing around and to me it appears the hour is already quite late.  However, I can envision a time when we are asked; “When the only nation on earth, founded on the biblical principle that God gave men free will so that they could freely seek to perfect themselves (Matthew 5:48) was faltering, what did you do to save her?”  I would hope that at a minimum we can say, “We engaged in the fight.”  More important than being on the winning side in any conflict is to be on the right side.  Ambivalence is no longer an option.  It is time to chose.  It is time to engage in the fight.

I have chosen to take myself out of the daily battle over each House bill or Senate resolution.  I will be writing on broader topics, more societal than political.  However, I applaud those in the trenches fighting for each detail.  Your work is just as important and just as valuable.  Be focused. Be bold.  When I asked my best friend and fellow blogger what he planned to do in light of the current situation, he said he, “planned to spend the remaining time preparing himself, physically, mentally and spiritually.” I consider this to be excellent advice.

I will spend this next year releasing titles on Amazon in the Kindle format.  I may make some available in paperback.  Look for new releases on My Author page , or check out our Facebook page here.  Please place me in you favorites list.  Currently there is only a single book of humorous essays which I released in order to learn the Kindle platform.  I will be releasing more serious works soon.  In the next couple of months look for There is a God, a scientific proof for the existence of a heavenly Creator.  Later, Left/Right the Great American Divide will be released.  It will cover a history of political parties in America.  Also I am working on The 100 Problems Vexing America and the Ten Actions Required to Resolve Them.  As you can see, these are more serious works than Don’t Laugh, however if you need a good laugh, you can find it in Don’t Laugh here .  You can download a free Kindle app from this order page which will allow you to read any book on your computer, tablet or smart phone.  Thank you for your past support.  Thank you, Michael, for providing this important forum.  May the Lord bless and keep you all. May God bless these United States.

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