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You need to read the title with a Gomer Pile accent to get where we are going with this piece.  The picture introducing this article was emailed to me by a friend.  The image is of an ISIS jihadist placing an order at a Jason’s Deli in Houston Texas.  Although I cannot authenticate the picture myself, I like the fact that the post is dated, rare in any email article.  I also like that the geographic location of the incident mentioned is specific.  View the original article (here).  Also, in the photograph, one can clearly see the clerk at the named Jason’s Deli.  Someone from this Houston neighborhood should be able to identify the clerk and authenticate this picture.  Do any of us doubt that our porous borders have been breached by people whose intentions are more ambitious than that of a landscaper or drywall installer?

In the President’s speech of September 10th he made the astounding claim that, “ISIL is not Islamic.”  The IS stands for Islamic State. No kidding!  I would contend that the Islamic State is more Islamic than the United States is united, especially on this issue.  We need to pull our heads out of our butts.  The President went on to say, “No religion engages in beheadings.”  I think the President may be on to something.  In numerous articles since 9-11 I have made the point that Islam is not a religion but an imperialistic political movement dedicated to the goal of world domination and subjugation.  Religions promote their message by evangelizing, by presenting their case, by force of argument.  Imperialistic political movements advance their cause by conquering territory and subjugating people.  In which activities is ISIL engaged?

As if to contradict himself, sort of a hobby for this President, Obama then called ISIL “Barbarians.”  As our President was raised in the madrasahs of Jakarta rather than in the local ISD, we cannot expect him to be aware of the origin of this term.  In a general sense the term “barbarian or barbaric” refers to an uncivilized person or state usually of a tribal culture.  Specifically it refers to the Berbers of the Barbary Coast of North Africa.  Thomas Jefferson, in an attempt to understand the Barbary Pirates, who were brutal in their attacks on American shipping, acquired a Quran; the Berbers were Muslim.  After close study, Jefferson decided these people were beyond reason and would have to be defeated.  Hence the Marine hymn contains the line “to the shores of Tripoli.” In other words, historically, in America the term Barbarians comes from our experience with people of the Islamic faith – Muslims.

The President accused ISIL of being the JV team.  But Obama has declined to “put American boots on the ground” preferring to offer air support to the Iraqi army.  This is the same Iraqi army who fled from ISIL while abandoning high-tech American military equipment left for their use and amusement.  It seems to me the JV team is the Iraqi military and this American administration.  For political reasons, Obama chooses to support the Iraqi military through Bagdad rather than to support the Kurdish Peshmerga who has proven themselves effective in operations against ISIL.  Obama has pledged to increase material support, but to date all we have sent are MRE’s, our military’s version of “happy meals.”  Is it Obama’s intention to add a prize to each happy meal?  It better not be a gun toting plastic soldier.  His left wing base of support would have a cow.

Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, came out with a “strong” statement condemning ISIL for the recent beheading of a British aid worker.  But he then declared Britain to be a tolerant nation.  Which is it?  You cannot both condemn beheadings and tolerate them.  In Islam, beheading is considered an appropriate response to certain offenses.  A survey of Muslim populations all around the world, show that a majority of Muslims in all these countries believe this to be true.  Offences as minor as apostasy qualify the offender for beheading.  Few countries consider failure to pledge allegiance to be a capital offense.  We are seeing beheadings and stonings in the twenty-first century because we have tolerated them.  What more are we willing to tolerate?  According to Aristotle, “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying civilization.”  Is there no wisdom to be found in western culture today?  Our President fills in his brackets.  Americans populate their fantasy teams.  Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  Do you see a pattern here?  Is this nothing more than a fiddler’s convention?

Every US President and every British Prime Minister since 911 has declared Islam to be a religion of peace.  Nowhere can any evidence be found to support this claim.  Moderate Muslims are rifling through the homes and possessions of displaced and martyred Christians across the Middle East.  Do not look to them for support.  Because of this hair brained notion of political correctness, every brain-dead idea is said to be as valuable as the next – New Coke the equivalent of the invention of the wheel.  Because of this, our leaders are incapable of naming the enemy much less confronting it.  Our enemy is not terror or terrorism.  These are emotions and tactics.  You might as well declare war on ennui and the flying wedge.  Nor is our enemy Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, or the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is not radical Islam either.

The problem lies in the Quran.  Across the globe, followers of this unholy book engage in the most vile of atrocities.  The great majority of Muslims agree with the Quran’s murderous tenants.  If your Baptist, Catholic, Methodist or any other faith with which you are associated engaged in the activities Islamic activists are engaging in across the globe, how long would it take you to disassociate from and disavow any allegiance to that faith?  All Muslims must be considered unlit fuses.  The fate of western civilization rests on this.  Deport them, contain them, but do not harbor or defend them.  Islam is the enemy.

We are told American and British youth are joining ISIL.  But none of these newly minted jihadists have names like Bill or Winston; not yet.  Most are named Muhammad.  Some are second and third generation, but nothing has been done to Americanize or Anglicize them.  And why would we?  We no longer Americanize our own children.  Proponents of “Common Core” would have you believe that the instruction to diagram the sentence, “America is a genocidal nation dedicated to the subjugation of women, homosexuals and minorities.” is just a lesson in the English language.  AP (advanced placement) courses are even worse.  The left in America is directly and intentionally responsible for this moral confusion.  Most of our young Americans can give you details of the latest celebrity breakup, but few can give you a single right from the Bill of Rights found in the US Constitution.  Apparently they can learn, otherwise they would not know all the details of the latest celebrity breakup.  The question is, what are we as a culture and as individuals, teaching them?  Blessed are the home schooling parents, mothers and fathers, who teach the true history and values of America.  Until education is wrestled away from the federal government and even the local ISD, there will be no solution to this problem.

You can fill your brackets only so long as you can feel your head.  I assure you, Islamists have a concierge service; they will come to you.  It’s time to fill your head with a new mission.  You cannot save this country without saving this culture.  It is time to speak out. You will not save this country by electing Democrats.  You will not save this country by electing the Republicans from the invertebrate (spineless) wing of the Republican Party.  Influence occurs, not in a general election, but in the primary.  You must get involved before this.  We must all speak out at every incident of national moral decay.  The establishment clause of the First Amendment (full text follows) is followed by the more important free exercise clause.  You have a right to pray and to evoke the name of God in public places and at public events.  Do this bravely.  Be the America and the Americans we once were and America will emerge again, land of the free and home of the brave.

Addendum to the original article:  Apparently I am not the only one ringing this bell.  Click here   to see what others have to say on this important topic.   Notice at minute 7, the logos which appear in the corners.  Compare them to the illustration at the top of this article. 

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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