Pajama Boy Outed as CIA Whistleblower

Pajama Boy Outed as CIA Whistleblower - Satire

By Carlos Delicto, Free Lance Correspondent

Three anonymous sources inside the U.S. Intelligence Community have confirmed that Adam Schiff’s “Whistleblower” is Eric Ciaramella, formerly known as “Pajama Boy”.

The sources state that Ciaramella’s name is intended to conceal his identity as the son of former CIA employee, and now Democrat candidate for the US Congress from New Mexico, Valeria Plame. Plame once worked as a clerk in a CIA undercover business that sold custom made pajamas to adult children living on Ambassador Row in Washington, D.C.  One source suggests that the buttons on some of the p.j.’s contained listening devices, but that is not yet confirmed.

Ciaramaella’s last name is a partial derivative of the acronym of the Central Intelligence Agency – CIA.

Ciaramella has also worked at the Agency, and functioned as a DNC operative, was fired from the NSA (National Security Agency) for leaking classified information, returned to the CIA, and worked in the Obama administration for Joe Biden and John Brennen. This according an investigative reporter for Real Clear Investigations.

Adding to what is already known about Ciaramella, we can report here that, in 2013, upon a recommendation from Plame, he was hired by the Obama administration to appear in an Obama tweet as the poster boy for Obamacare.

Obamacare's Pajama Boy

Two years after appearing as “Pajama Boy,” Ciaramaella met the girl who was the model for the Obamacare promo entitled “The Life of Julia”.  Alexandra Chalupa was then an opposition researcher for the Democrat National Committee.  Pajama Boy met “Julia” when she “visited the White House with a number of Ukrainian officials lobbying the Obama administration for aid for Ukraine”.  Chalupa is mentioned in The Ukrainian Weekly (Vol. LXXXIII, No. 47, Sunday, November, 2015, page 4, second column from left) as “Ali Chalupa, National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Committee”.

Alexandra Chalupa aka Julia from the Life of Julia
(undated photo, no info re. parrot)

According to a POLITICO article dated November 12, 2019,  “A longtime Democratic consultant and Ukrainian-American activist [Chalupa] says she’s itching to testify in the House’s public impeachment hearings to beat back Republican assertions that Ukrainian officials used her as a conduit for information in 2016 to damage Donald Trump.”

It’s unknown whether, if Chalupa is called to testify, the parrot will accompany her.


(Current Ciaramaella photo source )

Before the leftist "fact checkers" go crazy, I'll point out that this piece is SATIRE. So lighten up and have a little fun.

Posted by on Monday, November 18, 2019

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Carlos Delicto, not related to Pierre Delecto, is an award-winning freelance journalist both in the US and on the international stage. For his reporting on the death of Osama bin Laden, when he accompanied US special operators on their assault representing freelance journalists worldwide, both he and NBC Reporter Brian Williams, who flew on the raid representing MSM journalism, both received the coveted Tell It Like It Is (TILIS) Award for truth and excellence in journalism. Delicto lives in Burbank, CA where he once worked for Congressman Adam Schiff (D. 28th Dist. CA) as his Senior Spokesperson.