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New York


New York Tea Party Groups & Locations

If you do not see your organization in our New York Tea Party Groups listed here, please submit your group information using our contact form and we will be glad to post it here.

New York Tea Party Groups
New York

Website: http://asamom.ning.com/
Location: Orange County, New York

Buffalo Tea Party
Contact: Allen Coniglio
Phone: None
Website: http://buffalonyteaparty.wordpress.com/
Location: Buffalo, New York


New York


Cattaraugrs County Tea Party
Contact: Carl Edwards
Phone: (716) 925-7125
Website: http://www.cattcoteaparty.org/
Location: Olean, New York

Central New York Patriots
Contact: Joanne Wilder
Phone: (315) 247-2256
Website: http://www.meetup.com/CNY-Patriotic-Resistance/
Location: Onondaga County, NY

Contact: John Maney
Phone: None
Website: http://www.citizens4freedom.com/
Location: Orange County, NY

Conservative Society For Action
Website: http://www.csa-1776.org/
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Location: Long Island, NY

Contact: Kathleen Elliott
Phone: (607) 844-5670
Website: None
Location: Dryden, NY

Dutchess County NY 912 Tea Party
Contact: Brian Bertha
Phone: (845) 677-6171
Website: http://www.meetup.com/DutchessCountyNY912TeaParty/
Location: Dutchess County, NY

Norwich, N.Y. Tea Party Patriots
We are a very large and active group of patriots here in central N.Y. We have rallies every month. You can reach us either at 607-336-2280  or www.tea.centralny.net
Additional Contacts:
Charlie Resseguie 607-336-2280
Gilda Ward 607-764-8308
Dawn Adams 607-316-4753

Southern Tier Tea Party
President: Dr. Greg Wixsom
Vice President: Jane Stebela
Treasurer: Gene Clayton
Secretary: Jan Spoor
Membership: Mark Cuda
Publicity: Rob Rano
Phone: 607-743-0650
Email: stteaparty@gmail.com
Website: http://southerntierteaparty.com
Location: Vestal, NY

Westchester County NY Tea Party
Contact: Howard Hellwinkel
Website: http://www.westchestercountyteaparty.org/
Location: Westchester County, New York


If you are affiliated with one of these New York Tea Party Groups and you feel that any of the information is inaccurate or out of date (including info on locations), please contact us and we will correct any errors.