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TEA Party Supported Candidates

Ken Paxton ~ TX Attorney General

Matt Bevin ~ for U.S. Senate Kentucky

Konni Burton ~ for Texas State Senate

Wayne Christian ~ TX RR Commissioner

T.J. Fabby ~ for Texas HD 10

Bob Hall ~ for Texas State Senate

Art Halvorson ~ for U.S. Congress PA 9th

Sid Miller ~ TX AG Commissioner

Matt Rinaldi ~ for Texas HD 115

Dr. Stuart Spitzer ~ TX HD 4



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Michigan Groups


Michigan Tea Party Groups & Locations

If you do not see your organization in our Michigan Tea Party Groups listed here, please submit your group information using our contact form and we will be glad to post it here.

Michigan Tea Party Groups

1st Michigan Tea Party Alliance
Resource: Here is a map of the groups who are listed on the 1st Michigan Tea Party Alliance website. This group is comprised of Tea Party and 9-12 groups. On this map we list their locations, and some contact info for each group.
Michigan Tea Party Alliance Map

Ann Arbor Patriots
Contact: John Taylor
Phone: Unlisted
Website: http://annarborpatriots.ning.com/
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Michigan Groups


Brighton Tea Party
Contact: Rose Drouillard
Phone: 810-923-9892
Website: http://brightonteaparty.ning.com/
Location: Brighton, MI

Grassroots in Michigan
Grassroots in Michigan
Joan Fabiano, Founder
E-Mail grassrootsinmi@gmail.com
Twitter: MIgrassroots  https://twitter.com/MIgrassroots  #mitcot And MidWgrassroots https://twitter.com/MidWGrassroots  #midwest
Facebook: Search for "Grassroots in Michigan"
Physical Location: Capitol City, Lansing State-wide: Newsletter

W4AR - Warriors for American Revolution
Fighting Against Smart Meters and Agenda 21
Contact: John & Pauline Holeton
Phone: 586-731-3314
Website: http://www.w4ar.com/
Email: w4arjohnholeton@att.net
Location: Michigan statewide


If you are affiliated with one of these Michigan Tea Party Groups and you feel that any of the information is inaccurate or out of date (including info on locations), please contact us and we will correct any errors.