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California Tea Party Groups & Locations

If you do not see your organization in our California Tea Party Groups listed here, please submit your group information using our contact form and we will be glad to post it here.

California Tea Party Groups


24 Hour Patriots
Contact: Erin
Email: erin@24hrpatriots.com
Phone: (530) 515-7135
Website: http://24hourpatriots.com/
Location: California

405 605 Tea Party Patriots
Contact: John Passanisi
Phone: (310) 994-5002
Website: http://www.teaparty405-605.org
Location: Los Alamitos, California

40th CD Tea Party – California
Contact: Phillip Yarbrough
Phone: (714) 532-8175
Website: None
Location: 40th Congressional District, California

Alturas Modoc Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Erin Ryan
Phone: None
Website: http://www.reddingteaparty.com/group/modocteapartypatriots
Location: Alturas, CA

America Working
Contact: Burt Keefer
Phone: (760) 807-2494
Email: america.keefer@gmail.com
Website: http://www.americaworking.org/
Location: California

Auburn Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Walter Riley
Phone: (530) 878-6634
Website: http://www.NorCalTeaPartyPatriots.org
Location: Northern California

Bakersfield Tea Party
Contact: Frances Morgan
Phone: 661-203-3607
Website: www.bakersfieldteaparty.com
Location: Bakersfield, CA

Bay Area Patriots
Contact: Sally Zelikovsky
Phone: (415) 453-0955
Website: http://bayareapatriots.com
Location: San Francisco, CA

Calaveras Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Cory Burnell
Phone: (209) 298-3033
Website: http://www.CalaverasTeaParty.com
Location: Calaveras County, California

Central Valley Tea Party
Contact: Brad Roltgen
Phone: None
Website: http://www.centralvalleyteaparty.com
Location: Fresno, CA

Chico Tea Party Patriots
Contact: William Cross
Phone: None
Website: http://chicoteaparty.ning.com/
Location: Chico, CA

Chino Hills Tea Party
Contact: Kelly Good
Phone: (909) 702-3603
Website: http://www.chinoteaparty.com/
Location: Chino Hills, CA

Conservative Activist
Contact: Ted Wegener
Phone: None
Website: http://www.meetup.com/Conservative-Activists/
Location: Sun City, CA

Del Norte Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Mary Wilson
Phone: (707) 464-5616
Website: http://delnorteteapartypatriots.com
Location: Crescent City, CA

East Bay Tea Party
Contact: Heather Gass
Phone: None
Website: http://www.theeastbayteaparty.com
Location: Contra Costa County, CA

Escondido TEA Party - North County Conservatives
Contact: Lynn Miller
Phone: None
Website: http://northcountyconservatives.org
Location: Valley Center-Escondido, California

Fellowship of the Minds
Contact: Steve Janus
Phone: None
Website: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/
Location: Berkley, CA

Fremont Tea Party Patriots
Contact: John Guerrero
Phone: (510) 366-9872
Website: http://www.fremontteaparty.com
Location: Fremont, CA

Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots
Contact: Georgine Scott-Codiga
Phone: (408) 842-2129
Website: http://www.meetup.com/Gilroy-Morgan-Hill-Patriots/
Location: Gilroy, CA

La Jolla Front Porch Patriots
Contact: Victoria Padula
Phone: (619) 985-1055
Website: None
Location: La Jolla, CA

Lake County Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Susie Kaplar
Phone: (661) 803-1526
Website: None
Location: Lake County, CA

Lassen Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Carol Byers
Phone: None
Website: http://www.lassenteaparty.org
Location: Susanville, CA

Liberty Tree Patriots-Poway
Contact: Maggie Cooper
Phone: (858) 486-2311
Website: None
Location: Poway, CA

Long Beach Patriots
Contact: Rosemary Welch
Phone: (562) 590-9298
Website: http://longbeachpatriots.blogspot.com/
Location: Long Beach, CA

Los Banos Tea Party
Contact: Les Palocsay
Phone: (209) 612-5741
Website: None
Location: Los Banos, CA

Madera County Tea Party
Contact: David Rogers
Phone: (559) 665-2744
Website: None
Location: Madera County, CA

Modoc Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Bob Zane
Phone: (530) 233-9179
Website: http://www.reddingteaparty.com/group/modocteapartypatriots
Location: Alturas, CA

Mojave Desert Tea Party
Contact: Darwin Anthony
Phone: (760) 375-3890
Website: None
Location: Ridgcrest, CA

Morongo Basin Patriots
Contact: Virginia Neal
Phone: (760) 365-9157
Website: None
Location: Yucca Valley, CA

Mother Lode Tea Party
Contact: Carl McDanel
Phone: None
Website: http://motherlodeteaparty.org
Location: Amador County, CA

Nevada County Tea Party
Email: nctppinfo@gmail.com
Phone: (530) 270-9004
Website: http://www.nevadacountyteaparty.org/
Location: P.O. Box 3275
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Nor-Cal Freedom Fighters
Contact: Sharon Ferrell
Phone: (925) 989-2039
Website: http://www.norcalfreedomfighters.com
Location: Northern CA

NorCal Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Ginny Rapini
Phone: (530) 389-2464
Website: http://www.norcalteapartypatriots.org
Location: Placer County, CA

North Bay Patriots
Contact: Sally Hopkins
Phone: (707) 542-0495
Website: http://www.northbaypatriots.com
Location: Santa Rosa, CA

North Bay Tea Party
Email: patriots@northbayteaparty.com
Phone: 707-538-5000
Website: http://northbayteaparty.com/
Location: Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Contact: Sinnie Kemp
Phone: None
Website: http://www.meetup.com/OC-The912Project/
Location: Lake Forest, CA

Orange County 912
Contact: Jim Cover
Phone: (888) 559-0901
Website: http://WeSurroundThemOC.com
Location: Laguna Hills, CA

Orange County Patriots
Contact: Daniel Shippey
Phone: (714) 412-8448
Website: None
Location: Orange, CA

Oroville Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Victoria Coots
Phone: (530) 533-4348
Website: None
Location: Oroville, CA

Oroville Tea party patriots
Contact: Berk Flockton
Phone: (530) 990-9759
Website: None (listed but doesn’t work)
Location: Oroville, CA

Contact: Christina Michas
Email: CMichas@dc.rr.com
Phone: (760) 408-0845
Website: www.palmspringsteaparty.ning.com

Peninsula Patriots
Contact: Sharon Cook
Phone: None
Website: http://www.peninsulapatriots.net
Location: Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA



California Groups


Pie N Politics
Contact: Liz Bowen
Phone: None
Website: http://pienpolitics.com
Location: Etna, CA

Placer Tea Party
Contact: Debra Jackson
Phone: 916-625-6205
Facebook: Placer Tea Party
Location: Roseville, CA
See more at: http://www.placerteaparty.com

Pleasanton Tea Party
Contact: Kevin Daniel
Phone: (925) 413-1114
Website: http://www.pleasantonteaparty.com
Location: Pleasanton, CA

Rancho Bernardo Tea Party Patriots
Contact: David Wainwright
Phone: (619) 993-1892
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=351075033297
Location: Rancho Bernardo, CA

Redlands Tea Party
Website: http://www.redlandsteaparty.com
Location: Redlands, CA

Reagan's Renegades
Tea Party Activists
Contact: David K.
Phone: Use website
Website: http://www.meetup.com/reagansrenegades
Location: Orange County CA

Ridgecrest Tea Party
Contact: Darwin Anthony
Phone: (760) 375-3890
Website: None
Location: Ridgecrest, CA

Riverside Patriots
Contact: Shirley Henderson
Phone: (951) 371-4402
Website: None
Location: Riverside, CA

San Bernardino County Tea Party
Contact: Ross Lapham
Phone: (951) 830-2676
Website: http://www.sbcteaparty.com
Location: San Bernardino, CA

San Diego - SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition LLC
Contact: Sara Bond
Phone: (760) 746-0455
Website: http://www.socaltaxrevoltcoalition.org
Location: San Diego, CA

San Diego Tea Party
Contact: Scott Rieker
Phone: None
Website: http://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Tea-Party/
Location: San Diego, CA

San Fernando Valley Patriots
Contact: Karen Kenney
Phone: (818) 881-7176
Website: None
Location: Van Nuys, CA

San Pedro Tea Party Act Now
Contact: Cecilia Villarroel
Phone: None
Website: http://www.teapartyactnow.com
Location: San Pedro, CA

SCV Tea Party
Contact: Chris Lim
Phone: (661) 877-8910
Website: http://www.scvteaparty.com
Location: Santa Clarita, CA

Contact: Gia Schrauben
Phone: (530) 318-8350
Website: None
Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Deanna Doyon
Phone: None
Website: http://siliconvalleyteaparty.com
Location: San Jose, CA

Simi Valley
Contact: Scott McVey
Phone: (805) 584-6560
Website: None
Location: Simi Valley, CA

Solano Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Rod Ferroggiaro
Phone: (707) 426-6085
Website: None
Location: Fairfield, CA

Sons of Liberty
Contact: Jeff Pedrotti
Phone: (209) 847-1355
Website: None
Location: Oakdale, California

South Bay Tea Party
Contact: Gary Aven
Phone: None
Website: http://www.SouthBayTeaParty.com
Location: Redondo Beach, CA

South Orange County 9-12
Contact: Catherine Richardson
Phone: (949) 493-6211
Website: http://www.meetup.com/SOC912
Location: Capistrano Beach, CA

Stop Taxing Us
Contact: Rhonda Deniston
Phone: 760-622-1150
Website:  http://www.stoptaxingus.com
Location: Carlsbad, CA

Surprise Valley Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Bob Galt
Phone: None
Website: http://www.modoccountyteaparty.com
Location: Surprise Valley, CA

Sutter Buttes Tea Party
Contact: Larry Virgal
Phone: (530) 301-3762
Website: http://www.SutterButtesTeaParty.org
Location: Yuba Sutter, CA

Taking Back America
Contact: Andrew Vogel
Phone: (760) 201-3713
Website: None
Location: Southern California

TeaPAC/Pasadena Patriots
936 E. Green Street, Suite 100
Pasadena, CA 91106
T: (626)792-1772
F: (626)578-1130
Contact: Mike Alexander

Tea Party in the Hills
Contact: Tom McCaffrey
Phone: (916) 220-0607
Website: http://teapartyinthehills.org
Location: El Dorado County, CA

Tea Party Patriots - SCV
Contact: Linda Paine
Phone: (800) 661-0084
Website: http://teapartypatriots-scv.com
Location: Santa Clarita Valley, CA

Tea Party Patriots of Colfax
Contact: Ginny Rapini
Phone: (209) 613-0707
Website: None
Location: Colfax, CA

Tea Party Patriots of Modesto
Contact: Jan Etheridge
Phone: (209) 545-4519
Website:  http://teapartypatriots.ning.com
Location: Modesto, CA

Tea Party Patriots of Monterey County
Contact: Robin Kubicek
Phone: (831) 236-0461
Website: http://TeaPartyPatriotsOfMontereyCounty.com
Location: Monterey County, CA

Tea Party Patriots of San Benito County
Contact: Paul C. Lewis
Phone: (831) 297-3828
Website: http://www.meetup.com/Tea-Party-Patriots-of-San-Benito-County
Location: Hollister, CA

Tea Party Patriots of South Placer County SCR
Contact: Robert Myers
Phone: (916) 773-7074
Website: None
Location: South Placer County, CA

Tea Party Patriots of South Placer County - SCR 
Contact:  Gwen Myers
Phone:  (916) 773-7074
Web Sites:  www.tppatriots.net (blog) and www.tppatriots.com (videos)
Location:  Roseville, California 95747

Tea Party United
Contact: Dan Catania
Phone: 916-222-8991 or 916-222-8561
Website: http://www.teapartyunited.us/
Email: TeaPartyUnited@usa.com
Location: Lincoln, CA

Temecula Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Dusty Lunde
Phone: (310) 707-3883
Website: http://temeculateapartypatriots.com
Location: Temecula, CA

Temecula Valley Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Bridget Blanton
Phone: (951) 302-1075
Website: http://www.desertrosebooks.com/TemeculaTeaParty.html
Location: Temecula, CA

The Antelope Valley Tea Party Group
Contact: Michelle Hull
Phone: (661) 951-1636
Website: None
Location: Palmdale, CA

The People of Liberty
Contact: Michael Mahoney
Phone: (760) 613-6168
Website: http://www.ThePeopleofLiberty.com
Location: California

The People Speak Now
Contact: Meg Sullivan
Phone: (877) 420-4464
Website: http://www.thepeoplespeaknow.com
Location: Long Beach, CA

The Ridge Tea Party
Contact: Layne Horton
Phone: (530) 990-6554
Website: None
Location: Magalia, CA

Thousand Oaks Patriots
Contact: Carolyn Guillot
Phone: (805) 262-2477
Website: http://www.teaparty4to.com
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Torrance (CA) TEA Party
Contact: Lee Berg
Phone: (310) 543-8792
Website: http://torranceteaparty.blogspot.com
Location: Torrance, CA

Tracy Tea Party Patriots
Contact: John & Alma Morley
Phone: None
Website: http://www.tracyteapartypatriots.com
Location: Tracy, CA

Tri Valley Patriots!
Contact: Tri Valley Patriots
Phone: (925) 397-0930
Website: http://www.trivalleypatriots.com
Location: Tracy, CA

TriCity Patriots
Contact: John Guerrero
Phone: (510) 366-9872
Website: http://tricitypatriotsca13.ning.com
Location: Fremont, CA

Ukiah Valley Patriots
Contact: Duane Grilli
Phone: None
Website: http://uvpatriots.org
Location: Ukiah Valley, CA

Ventura County Tea Party
Contact: George Miller
Phone: (805) 984-3715
Website: http://VenturaCountyTeaParty.com
Location: Ventura, CA

Ventura County Tea Party
Contact: Carla Bonney
Phone: (805) 652-0376
Website: http://www.venturacountyngttia.ning.com (not tea party site, but networking)
Location: Ventura County, CA
Vista Tea Party Patriots
Contact: H. Leighton Walker
Phone: None
Website: http://www.VistaTeaPartyPatriots.com
Location: Vista, CA

Westwood Tea Party Patriots
Contact: Michael Fell
Phone: (310) 837-6553
Website: http://westwoodteapartypatriots.ning.com/
Location: Westwood, CA

Yuba Sutter Tea party Patriots
Contact: Garrett Tharp
Phone: (503) 713-0423
Website: http://www.ystpp.org
Location: Yuba Sutter, CA


If you are affiliated with one of these California Tea Party Groups and you feel that any of the information is inaccurate or out of date (including info on locations), please contact us and we will correct any errors.