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Alabama Tea Parties - The Wetumpka Tea Party
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Alabama Tea Parties - The Wetumpka Tea Party

Founded in March 2009, the Wetumpka Tea Party (WTP) has grown into one of the largest and most active Alabama TEA Parties in the State, with a membership of over 800 and still growing.  The organization has hosted numerous guest speakers, supported protests against National Healthcare, held Tax Day TEA Party rallies, helped coordinate political forums and debates, attended rallies at the Alabama State House, co-hosted town hall meetings for Congressmen and Senators as well as organized and supported many other local events.  In 2009, the WTP coordinated bus trips to our nation's Capitol where almost 200 WTP members participated in the "9/12 March on D.C".   In 2010, the  WTP  is again coordinating trips to D.C. to attend the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor Rally" as well as returning to attend the "Unite in Action 9-11" event and the "FreedomWorks 9-12 March on D.C". Read More





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Tea Party Patriots Sticker

Purchase our TEA Party Patriot stickers and please share them with family and friends.  These stickers are not specific to any group and can be proudly displayed by anyone supporting our cause.  Help us to grow our movement and to connect with others.


TEA Party Patriot stickers are 4" round and weather resistant vinyl.

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Simply send a check to P. O. Box 195, Wetumpka, Alabama 36092, payable to Wetumpka TEA Party.  Specify that it is for stickers and they will be mailed out to you promptly.




More About the Wetumpka Tea Party

The Wetumpka TEA Party is a vibrant arm of a much larger nationwide grassroots movement dedicated to restoring basic free-market principles and the personal and religious freedoms our country was founded and built upon. Our goal is to raise awareness in our local and surrounding communities of the detrimental effects of fundamental changes in governance being made and attempted at the Federal, State and local levels.   We want to encourage all citizens to be active in the political process so we can restore and defend individual liberty and fiscal responsibility in our country, recognizing that together we can “make a difference."