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TEA Party Supported Candidates

Ken Paxton ~ TX Attorney General

Matt Bevin ~ for U.S. Senate Kentucky

Konni Burton ~ for Texas State Senate

Wayne Christian ~ TX RR Commissioner

T.J. Fabby ~ for Texas HD 10

Bob Hall ~ for Texas State Senate

Art Halvorson ~ for U.S. Congress PA 9th

Sid Miller ~ TX AG Commissioner

Matt Rinaldi ~ for Texas HD 115

Dr. Stuart Spitzer ~ TX HD 4



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Northwest Montana Patriots

Northwest Montana Patriots

The Northwest Montana Patriots - Standing for Liberty & Freedom!

We are a vigilant and nonpartisan grassroots organization determined to restore Constitutionally limited government as intended by the Founding Fathers. We believe in a small, sovereign, efficient government that is accountable and transparent. We support state's rights, property rights, free enterprise, the right to keep and bear arms, a strong national defense and individual responsibility.



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For Liberty and Freedom!

Northwest Montana Patriots
Contact: Mark Agather
Phone: 406-270-0253