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TEA Party Supported Candidates

Ken Paxton ~ TX Attorney General

Matt Bevin ~ for U.S. Senate Kentucky

Konni Burton ~ for Texas State Senate

Wayne Christian ~ TX RR Commissioner

T.J. Fabby ~ for Texas HD 10

Bob Hall ~ for Texas State Senate

Art Halvorson ~ for U.S. Congress PA 9th

Sid Miller ~ TX AG Commissioner

Matt Rinaldi ~ for Texas HD 115

Dr. Stuart Spitzer ~ TX HD 4



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Tea Party Endorsed Candidates
Updated March 6, 2014

TeaParty911.com strives to list here only candidates with true Tea Party support. We will be updating the endorsed candidates on this page as time and resources permit throughout the 2014 election cycle, so check back here often to see who's new.

Wayne Christian for Texas Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian
Republican Candidate
for Texas Railroad Commissioner

Throughout his time in the legislature, Wayne Christian was ranked not only  consistently conservative, but literally as the most conservative legislator in Texas. Serving as President of the Texas Conservative Coalition and dubbed by many as the “General” of the Texas Tea Party, Christian provided valuable leadership that led to many of the victories that have made Texas so great.

As a statesman, Christian didn’t just vote right; he led the fight and always pushed for more. When some thought the fight for unborn life was over, Wayne Christian pushed harder and authored an amendment to prohibit taxpayer-funded abortions. When others thought the Trans Texas Corridor could not be stopped, he led the charge and protected Texas landowners. Whatever the issue, fiscal or moral, Wayne Christian has and will continue to stand for conservative values and fight hard to preserve the Texas way of life.

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Matt Bevin for US Senate in KentuckyMatt Bevin
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky

Posted July 29, 2013

Matt Bevin grew up in a financially humble home, built on a bedrock of strong Christian values, and was encouraged by his parents to pursue the American Dream. He is running for the U.S. Senate because he believes that the chance for future generations to achieve their own American Dream is in danger of being destroyed by elite politicians out of touch with the hardworking, independent-minded taxpayers that make our country great.

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Konni Burton Endorsed by TEAParty911.com Founder

Posted December 5, 2013

Konni Burton for Texas State SenateSulphur Springs, TX, December 5, 2013 -- In a surprise announcement today, TEAParty911.com’s founder, Michael Kinzie, announced his personal endorsement of Konni Burton for Texas Senate District 10 in Tarrant County.

Kinzie is known as someone who rarely gives his personal endorsement, reserving it for those candidates who have exhibited the strongest conservative conviction.

Kinzie endorsed Konni saying, “Konni Burton is a proven conservative fighter. Conservatives in Texas should all be rallying behind Konni Burton’s campaign. We have an opportunity to actually gain ground in a year that Democrats are attempting a resurgence. I’m excited to join so many of other conservative leaders in supporting Konni’s campaign.”

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Konni Burton Takes on Wendy Davis Over "War on Women"

Konni Burton ~ Why I'm Running for Texas State Senate

T.J. Fabby - Tea Party 911 Supported Candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in District 10 in the 2014 Elections

Posted September 18, 2013

T.J. Fabby for the Texas House in District 10

T.J. Fabby
Republican Candidate for the Texas House of Representatives - District 10

The son of a U.S. Marine, T.J. has always had a love for freedom and the Constitution, but in late 2007 T.J. started to become very worried about the state of our nation. He began to see just how far from the Constitution the government has gotten and that both parties have been complicit in growing the government for decades. In early 2009, T.J. started a Tea Party group, Ellis County Conservatives, and began to organize his friends and neighbors. At the end of 2009, he left his position as operations manager for a Houston-based equipment company and began his own business, Liberty Container.

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Bob Hall for Texas Senate District 2

Bob Hall
Republican for Texas Senate - District 2

Bob Hall is a Constitutional Conservative with Judeo-Christian values who became active in the Tea Party movement in 2008.

He is a semi-retired business man. He and his wife Kay, a native Texan, live at Tailwind Airpark in Edgewood, Texas and are members of Lakeside Baptist Church in Canton, Texas.

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2014 Candidates


2014 Tea Party Endorsed Candidates by State

Tea Party Candidates
(Candidates supported by various TEA Party groups and members for the 2014 elections)

Texas Tea Party Supported Candidates

Statewide Offices:

Governor: Greg Abbott (Recommended)

Lt. Governor: Dan Patrick (Endorsed)

Attorney General: Ken Paxton (Endorsed)

Comptroller: Glenn Hegar (Recommended)

AG Commissioner: Sid Miller (Recommended)

Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian (Endorsed)

Texas Supreme Court

Nathan Hecht ~ Chief Justice (Recommended)

Jeff Brown ~ Justice, Place 6 (Recommended)

Phil Johnson ~ Justice, Place 8 (Recommended)

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Bert Richardson ~ Judge, Place 3 (Recommended)

Kevin Patrick Yeary ~ Judge, Place 4 (Recommended)

David Newell ~ Judge, Place 9 (Recommended)

Texas State Senate Races

Bob Hall ~ District 2 (Endorsed)

Konni Burton ~ District 10 (Endorsed)

Don Huffines ~ District 16 (Recommended)

Texas House Races

Dr. Stuart Spitzer ~ HD 4 (Endorsed)

Bryan Hughes ~ HD 5 (Endorsed)

David Simpson ~ HD 7 (Endorsed)

T.J. Fabby ~ HD 10 (Endorsed)

Matt Krause ~ HD 93 (Endorsed)

Bill Zedler ~ HD 96 (Endorsed)

Giovanni Capriglione ~ HD 98 (Endorsed)

Matt Rinaldi ~ HD 115 (Endorsed)

Kentucky Tea Party Candidates

Matt Bevin ~ for U.S. Senate

Pennsylvania Tea Party Candidates

Art Halvorson ~ US Congress PA 9th

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