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Updated October 6, 2016

Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert Serving his fifth term in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Louie Gohmert was first sworn in January 4, 2005. He proudly represents the First District of Texas which encompasses over 12 counties stretching nearly 120 miles down the state's eastern border.

Louie did not go to Washington to get a title and that is why to everyone he meets he is just “Louie.” What you see is what you get!

As Congressman, Louie has developed innovative solutions to jumpstart our economy and offered practical alternatives to the government's bailout frenzy. His “Federal Income Tax Holiday” gained widespread national support from the grassroots level to national leaders, allowing taxpayers to decide how best to spend their hard-earned money.

Louie serves on the prestigious House Judiciary committee and was recently named Vice Chair of the subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security. Louie’s extensive legal knowledge and background as a former no-nonsense judge is a major asset in working through the matters that come before this committee. In addition, Louie serves on the House Natural Resources committee which oversees everything from domestic energy production to mining, public lands and much, much more. Louie serves on the Energy and Mineral Resources subcommittee as well as the National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands subcommittee.

Prior to being elected to serve in Congress, Louie was elected to three terms as District Judge in Smith County, Texas. During his tenure on the bench, he gained national and international attention for some of his creative rulings. He was later appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to complete a term as Chief Justice of the 12th Court of Appeals.

Louie received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and later graduated from Baylor School of Law. He is also a veteran having served his country as Captain in the U.S. Army.

Today, he and his wife Kathy are the proud parents of three daughters. Their family attends Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, where Louie serves as a deacon and still teaches Sunday school.

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Louie Gohmert - TX CD1

John Ratcliffe - TX CD4

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Wayne Christian - Texas Railroad Commissioner



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