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Tea Party Endorsed Candidates
Updated February 7, 2018

Bob Hall

Bob Hall for reelection to Texas State Senate SD-2Bob Hall is running for reelection to the Texas State Senate in SD-2 and is fully endorsed by TEAParty911.com. Senator Hall has proven himself to be a man of his word, a staunch conservative, and a man of strong principles. He was rated the most conservative State Senator in Texas by Rice University for the 2015-2016 84th Legislature.

Visit SenatorBobHall.com

Bryan Slaton

Bryan Slaton for Texas HD-2Born in Mineola, Texas, Bryan Slaton is a proud East Texan with values and principles that resemble(represent) the great people of East Texas. These values were formed as he grew up regularly participating in church and family gatherings. Bryan attended Ouachita Baptist University, where he earned a double major in Youth Ministry / Speech Communication. He then attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a Masters of Divinity with Biblical Languages. He served in the ministry as a Youth and Family Minister for 13 years.

Continuing his education, Bryan graduated from The University of North Texas, where he earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration Accounting. Bryan now works at his family-owned company, Slaton Financial Services. He understands what it takes to balance a budget and cut wasteful spending, no matter the scale.

Bryan currently attends Fellowship Church with his wife in Royse City. Bryan’s commitment to limited government and his ability to be an advocate for citizens was demonstrated during the Blacklands Corridor/ Northeast Gateway project. He opposed taxes being raised and land being taken away from private citizens in order to build toll roads. Bryan Slaton is passionate to help the people in East Texas obtain and maintain a Government that they not only deserve but for which they are calling.

Visit BryanSlaton.com

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Grassroots America Endorsements


Grassroots America Endorsements 2018


State Representative Matt Schaefer HD 6 (Tyler), Chairman

State Representative Bill Zedler HD 96 (Arlington), Vice-Chairman

State Representative Tony Tinderholt HD 94 (Arlington), Sec-Treasurer

State Representative Jeff Leach HD 67 (Plano), Policy Director

State Representative Matt Shaheen HD 66 (Plano), Grassroots Liaison

State Representative Kyle Biedermann HD 73 (Fredericksburg)

State Representative Briscoe Cain HD 128 (Deer Park)

State Representative Matt Krause HD 93 (Fort Worth)

State Representative Mike Lang HD 60 (Granbury)

State Representative Matt Rinaldi HD 115 (Irving)

State Representative Jonathan Stickland HD 92 (Bedford)

State Representative Valoree Swanson HD 150 (Spring)


NE Tarrant Tea Party Recommendations


The Board of NE Tarrant Tea Party has indicated below how each member would choose to vote on every contested race in Tarrant County (does not include Precinct Chair races nor races with only one candidate).  These are recommendations NOT ENDORSEMENTS.  Each race has a possible 6 votes (two board members did not vote due to illness).

US Senate:  Ted Cruz - 6 votes

US Congress:
District 6 - Ron Wright 4 votes; no indication 2 votes
District 24 - Johnathan Davidson 2 votes; Kenny Marchant 1 vote; no indication 3 votes
District  26 - Veronica Birkenstock 4 votes; Michael Burgess 2 votes

Governor:  Greg Abbott - 6 votes

Lt Governor:  Dan Patrick - 6 votes

Land Commissioner:  Jerry Patterson 2 votes; Davey Edwards 4 votes

Ag Commissioner:  Sid Miller 6 votes

RR Commissioner:  Christi Craddick 4 votes; Weston Martinez 1 vote; no indication 1 vote

Criminal Court of Appeals Presiding Judge:  Sharon Keller 1 vote; David Bridges 4 votes; no indication 1 vote

Criminal Court of Appeals Place 8:  Michelle Slaughter 6 votes

State Board of Education District 11:  Feyi Obamehinti 5 votes; no indication 1 vote

State Representative:
District 98 -  Armin Mizani 6 votes
District 99 -  Bo French 6 votes

District Judge 233rd:  Kenneth Newell 6 votes

District Judge 342nd:  Pat Gallagher 6 votes

Family Judge 322nd:  James Munford 6 votes

Family Judge 323rd:  Alex Kim 6 votes

Family Judge 325:  Cynthia Terry 6 votes

Criminal Court 4:  Deborah Nekhom 6 votes

Probate Court 1:  Patricia Cole 6 votes

District Clerk:  Tom Wilder 6 votes

Tax Assessor:  Trasa Cobern 1 vote, Rick Barnes 5 votes

Justice of the Peace 3:  Lenny Lopez 5 votes, Bill Brandt 1 vote

Justice of the Peace 4:  Chris Gregory 1 vote, Charity DeVille 3 votes, no indication 2 votes

Justice of the Peace 6:  Chris Garcia 5 votes, no indication 1 vote

Early voting is Feb 20-Mar 2.  Election Day is March 6.  Click here for sample ballots, voting hours and locations, and other election information.

You can PRINT our recommendations and take them to polls with you.  Share them with friends and neighbors too! 


Texas Conservative Digest Endorsements


Texas Conservative Digest
Endorsements 2018
(Including Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5):

The US Senate:
Senator Ted Cruz                 Texas             CR-97%-A

The US House of Representatives:
Rep. Louie Gohmert              District 1 CR-98%-A
Van Taylor                          District 3
Ron Wright                         District 6
Chip Roy                     District 21

The State of TEXAS, Statewide:
Governor Greg Abbott
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Texas Senate:
Senator Konni Burton           SD10             TCD-100%-A+
Senator Don Huffines            SD 16            TCD-96%-A+
Senator Bob Hall                  SD 2              TCD-93%-A
Phillip Huffines               SD 8

The Texas State House of Representatives:  
Rep. Jonathan Stickland        HD 92     TCD – 107 – A+++
Rep. Briscoe Cain                 HD 128   TCD – 105 – A+++
Rep. Matt Rinaldi                  HD 115   TCD – 105 – A+++
Rep. Matt Schaefer        HD 6              TCD – 105 – A+++
Rep. Tony Tinderholt            HD 94     TCD – 105 – A+++
Rep. Valoree Swanson           HD 150   TCD – 104 – A+++
Rep. Mike Lang                    HD 60     TCD – 104 – A+++
Rep. Matt Shaheen               HD 66     TCD – 102 – A+++
Rep. Matt Krause                  HD 93     TCD – 99 –   A+
Rep. Wm. ‘Bill’ Zedler            HD 96     TCD – 99 –   A+
Rep. Kyle Biedermann           HD 73     TCD – 97 –   A+
Rep. Jeff Leach                    HD 67     TCD – 96 –   A+
Rep. Cole Hefner                  HD 5              TCD – 91 –   A
Bryan Slaton                 HD 2
Dr. Stuart Spitzer                 HD 4
Garrett Boersma                  HD 9
Danny Ward                        HD 11
Steve Toth                          HD 15
Emily Cook                          HD 18
Mayes Middleton                  HD 23
Damon Rambo                     HD 25
Jay Wiley                      HD 47
CJ Grisham                          HD 55
Mark Roy                      HD 64
Drew Brassfield                    HD 87
Jason Huddleston                 HD 88
Armin Mizani                 HD 98
Bo French                           HD 99
Jared Patterson                    HD 106
Jonathan Boos              HD 113
Matt Beebe                          HD 121
Chris Fails                           HD 122
National Endorsements:

The United States Senate: Challengers
Josh Hawley (R-Missouri)
Josh Mandel (R-Ohio)
Richard Mourdock (R-Indiana)
Matt Rosendale (R-Montana)

The United States House of Representatives
Gary Palmer                  (R-AL)           (CR-100%-A)
Dave Brat                            (R-VA)           (CR-100%-A)
Thomas Massie                    (R-KY)           (CR-97%-A)
Jim Bridenstine                    (R-OK)           (CR-97%-A)
Jeff Duncan                         (R-SC)           (CR-96%-A)
Jim Jordan                          (R-OH)           (CR-96%-A)
Ken Buck                            (R-CO)           (CR-95%-A)
Justin Amash                (R-MI)           (CR-94%-A)
Mark Meadows                     (R-NC)           (CR-94%-A)
David Schweikert                 (R-AZ)           (CR-92%-A)
Mark Sanford                (R-SC)           (CR-91%-A)
Michael Snyder                     (R-ID)



Voter Lookup & Registration Tool


Our Voter Lookup Tool lets you check on whether your friends and family are registered to vote, and our Voter Registration Tool lets you fill out a voter registration form for your state online, print it, sign it, and mail it in if you are not registered.

Our Voter Lookup Tool also has an "email form" button for your convenience to send a voter registration form to your friends, family, and neighbors who are not registered to vote!

So, get involved, get active, and encourage those around you to get out and vote!




2018 Candidates


Tea Party Candidates
TEAParty911.com endorsed candiates for the 2018 elections.

Tea Party 911 Supported Candidates

For Congress

Louie Gohmert - TX CD1

John Ratcliffe - TX CD4

Texas State Races

Greg Abbott - Governor

Dan Patrick - Lt. Governor

Ken Paxton - Attorney General

TX State Senate

Bob Hall - SD-2

Konni Burton - SD-10

TX State House

Briscoe Cain - HD-128

Matt Rinaldi - HD-115

Bryan Slaton - HD-2

Jonathan Stickland - HD-92



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