Hollywood A-Listers to hold benefit for embattled Virginia Democrats

Virginia Governor

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Several Hollywood A-Listers are rallying in support of three Virginia Democrat politicians by hosting an early fundraiser to benefit their re-election campaigns.

The Governor Northam was the first to come under attack when a photo surface of him as a college student in blackface.  The pressure on Northam to resign eased up when his logical successor, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, was accused by one, and then another, woman of sexual abuse.

As the pressure mounted on Fairfax, the second in line to assume the governorship, Attorney General Mark Herring, was outed wearing a blackface, too.

Today, all three men are under scrutiny. In response, several Hollywood celebrities are planning a fund-raiser with the proceeds going 51% to Northam, 30% to Fairfax, and 19% to Herring, according the event organizer, Ted Danson, who gained fame as Sam Malone in “Cheers.

In 1993, Danson appeared in a New York Friars Club Roast with then girlfriend, and now star of The View, Whoopie Goldberg in blackface makeup to perform a comedy routine where the “N” word was frequently used.

Ted Danson in blackface

Also supporting the fundraiser is Tom Hanks who performed in a “2004 school fundraiser featuring Hanks and another man wearing black face and stereotypical African clothing.”

More Hollywood stars in blackface

Robert Downing Jr., who adorned a blackface to play a role in the movie Tropic Thunder, will provide the adult refreshments at the gala event to be held at an undisclosed location in Washington, D.C.

Robert Downing Jr. in blackface

The Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be comedian and TV night show host Jimmy Kimmel.  He once did a parity of former NBA Star Karl Malone, complete with blackface and a sprinkling of Ebonics.  Kimmel’s performance can be viewed on YouTube here.

Jimmy Malone

Yes, that’s Kimmel holding the basketball.