Cat Brained Politicians’ Feckless War on ISIS


Cat Brained Politicians’ Feckless War on ISIS

You can entertain a cat for hours with a simple laser pointer.  You can run him back and forth, up and down, make it pop up and disappear at will.  It drives the cat quite mad and in no time exhausts him.  It all comes from a simple laser pointer; however, the cat never figures this out.  But in all fairness, it’s just a little cat brain – not much of a challenge.

So my question is, do our politicians have anything larger than a cat brain?  Was the attack directed or just inspired?  Was it coordinated?  Was it funded?  Was the attacker simply a lone wolf, or an affiliated militant?  When was he, or maybe she, radicalized?  What does this even mean?  Can a Baptist, Buddhist, or Breatharian be radicalized?  Was the attack al Qaeda, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, Hezbollah or you choose from the ever growing list of murderous vermin?  Were these Shia, Sunni, or Wahhabi Muslims?  Was the attack from political Islam, religious Islam, cultural Islam or even commercial Islam?  These are all laser pointer distractions.   To the 14 who lay dead, or the 21 injured by the latest inspiration of the “religion of peace,” does any of this matter?  More importantly, when does the navel gazing end and the protection of America’s citizens and borders begin?

We must instantly get a handle on the scope of the problem before us.  This dithering and confusion is fatal.  Time is no longer our friend.  Europe may already be lost (click here).  We are not far behind.  There is a common theme in all the hand wringing exercises above – Islam and Muslims.  This is what must be addressed, not any of the distracting subsets listed in the above paragraph.  It is past time to get real.

An FBI agent reporting on the San Bernardino massacre stated that 24/7 surveillance on a single subject requires 12 full time agents in the field and 36 full time agents in support capacities.  They also indicated that it is very difficult to know when any given devotee of the “religion of peace” becomes radicalized.  Estimates for the number of Muslims in the U.S. range from 2 million to 7 million.  Even using the lowest estimate, to ensure that none of them go wonky on us would require 96 million FBI agents working full time.  This is more than 25% of the U.S. population.  It is safe to assume this will not happen.

It has been proven in repeated attacks (click here and here), that this government is either incapable or unwilling to protect her citizens.   Often we are treated to this administration’s concern that the population which is constantly attacking us may be the victims of backlash and hate crimes.  Fully 64% of hate crimes in the US are directed at Jews, yet the administration is strangely silent regarding these attacks.

Whether this government is incapable, or unwilling does not matter.  You must prepare now to protect yourself and your family.  Yet, under these very circumstances, this administration is trying to curtail your Second Amendment rights.  The AR 15 is the best hog gun around, but every student of the Second Amendment knows it has nothing to do with hunting.  Do not defend it on these grounds.  The Second Amendment was specifically written for self defense.  The San Bernardino incident proved that when seconds count the police are only minutes away.  The police arrived within four minutes of the 911 call; yet around half of the event’s 70+ attendees were already shot, fourteen fatally.

We are constantly told that radical Islam represents only a tiny fraction of Muslims.  In all majority Muslim countries, polls have repeatedly shown the majority of their citizens support violent jihad.  In countries where Muslims are not yet in a majority, polls are somewhat more restrained.  In this country, for example, polls indicate that a scant 25% support violent jihad.  Using the smaller estimate for the U.S. Muslim population, that’s around 500 thousand or half a million U.S. Muslims who admit to supporting violent jihad.  Tiny is in the eyes of the beholder.

Muslims like to play on our sympathy, pointing out that Muslims are more likely to be victims of the worldwide jihad than we are.  However, this only bothers them when we complain about our casualties.  Otherwise they do not care about their own casualties; why do we think they would care about ours?  This is a cult of death.  Human life is worthless to them.  The fact that they parade around their own dead does not give life back to ours.  They are not fellow victims.  Note how casually they excuse and dismiss their terrorist family members.  Where was the remorse from the parents of the Tsarnaev brothers?  Syed Farook’s father dismissed the incident saying he told Syed, “Don’t worry.  Israel will be gone in two years.”  Real nice.

Many individuals comment on the nice Muslim at their work place.  Yet in incident after incident, people claim that the Islamic radical who just shot up the place seemed so nice and quiet – the perfect neighbor.  Can we not put these two thoughts together and draw a conclusion?  Just a few months before the San Bernardino massacre, coworkers of the Farook’s threw them a baby shower to welcome their demon seed to America.  Thank you notes were late, but delivered at the speed of a bullet.

We must also dispense with the, “Well, what can we do?” hand wringing.  You might as well raise a white flag over the White House and lock up your goats.  I am tired of hearing everyone, especially anchors and commentators on FNC, say that it is unconstitutional to apply a religious test to immigrants seeking to come to the U.S.  The term “religious test” occurs exactly once in the U.S. Constitution.  Quoting from Article VI paragraph 3 “. . . no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”  The prohibition on religious tests applies only to office holders, who already happen to be American citizens.  The disinformation campaign must cease and more important, you need to read your Constitution and recognize disinformation when you hear it.  Alert others when this happens.  The U.S. Constitution is only 4500 words, a pamphlet, written in plain English available on line and in pamphlet form from the Heritage foundation and many other sources.

So, hand ringing aside what can we do?  First, at the airport we must realize, every time we take off our shoes, or throw a bottle of perfectly good water into the trash, we do so to accommodate Muslims who may, or may not, be flying with us.  If there were no Muslims in the United States, there would be no reason to remove your shoes, or toss your water.  This threat comes exclusively from Muslims.

There are only two effective solutions to this problem and until one of them is implemented with determination this problem will persist and grow larger.  The first is to remove the scourge of Islam from this nation.  Now before you go all religious freedom on me, I would direct you to the many previous posts on this site where I explained Islam is not a religion, but an imperialistic political movement.  If you think about the behavior of Islam compared to any other religion, it may become obvious to you.

The second option is to wage all out war on all Islamic countries which harbor terrorists and hope the victory will be clear enough to encourage all remaining Muslims to live in peace with their neighbors in this country and abroad.  If you have a more effective plan, post it here with some specificity.  The specifics of my two alternative plans follow.

Creating an America free of Islam will not be easy.  First, all mosques would have to immediately be required to close and all Islamic practices, both public and private would have to be made illegal.  All Muslims in the U.S. who are not citizens would have to leave, or forcibly be removed.  There could be no spousal exemption.  Non-Muslim spouses would be allowed to accompany their Muslim spouse in leaving the country if they so choose.  All Muslims who are first generation naturalized citizens would have their citizenship revoked and they would be deported to their country of origin.  All U.S. born Muslims would be encouraged to leave through various incentives and failing this be chipped and monitored or relocated to an internment camp.  Muslim converts who were U.S. citizens before their conversion would be given the option of publicly renouncing their conversion, or leaving the country, or being chipped and monitored or relocated to an internment camp.  The option of chipping and monitoring or internment would be at the sole discretion of the United States.  It is tough to write about these things and I do not do so lightly. Again, short of war, what is the effective alternative?

The second alternative is all out war with any Islamic nation which harbors terrorist organizations.  This would include the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and similar groups which maintain a public front but have a terrorist history.  In an all out war, nothing is off the table.  Ted Cruz said, “If I am elected President, we will utterly destroy ISIS.  We will carpet bomb them into oblivion.  I do not know if sand will glow in the dark, but we will find out.”  This is a thinly veiled reference to nuclear weapons.  Anyone, going into this fight, who is unwilling to use the full extent of our military arsenal is not serious.  We know two things about nuclear weapons.  One, when we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan they surrendered.  Two, today, Hiroshima is a beautiful, thriving city of over a million people living in peace with their neighbors.  America’s Muslim population would have to be relocated to internment camps for the duration of the war.  Japanese were interred during WWII for fear that some might be spies.  We know that a certain “tiny fraction” of U.S. Muslims would be spies and saboteurs.  We would have no choice.

All out war sounds horrendous and in all respects it is.  However, any war lacking a clear mandate for victory is nothing but an immoral political exercise.  We saw this in Korea and Viet Nam.  It was a complete disaster.  Korea remains a communist hell hole.  For contrast, look at Germany and Japan.  Once defeated and rebuilt, they are productive non-threatening members of the community of nations.

If neither of these options is employed, I fear we will just content ourselves to pick at this scab, treating each attack as a violation of the criminal code to be adjudicated in the courts.  How long would WWII have lasted if we had been required to get a warrant for the arrest of each German and Japanese soldier on the battle field?  No wonder they say this is a generational war.  Their colossal foot dragging makes it so.  Because of the insidious nature of the metastasis, we will start amputating one nation at a time.  The world will descend into an abyss which will make the Dark Ages look like a World Fair.  You may not be at this place yet, but at some point you will be.  The question is will it then be too late?


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