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EDITORIAL: U.S. Marine ‘left behind’ in Mexico

What is President Obama doing to free an American Marine from a Mexican jail?

Marines learn in boot camp that you always take care of a buddy, and you “never leave a Marine behind.” This is something a commander in chief who never wore his country’s colors apparently does not understand, so Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi goes on trial Wednesday in Mexico, subjected to the “justice” he can expect in a Tijuana courtroom.
Sgt. Tahmooressi, a veteran of three combat tours of duty in Afghanistan, has been in a Mexican prison since March 31 because he made a wrong turn near the border south of San Diego. He became confused in unfamiliar traffic and turned into a lane that forced him to enter a Mexican border checkpoint with no way to turn back. He told border agents that he was trying to make a U-turn and had no intention of entering Mexico. He told them that he had three legally owned weapons with him, stowed with the personal items packed in his pickup truck. He was looking for a place to live in San Diego, having just moved from Florida.
Mexican police arrested him and threw him into a cell with a dozen thugs in a jail 40 miles from Tijuana. He faces the prospect of sweating for the next two decades behind bars.
The Obama administration says it is “very engaged” in this case. Secretary of State John F. Kerry brought up Sgt. Tahmooressi’s plight last week on a visit to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. “The secretary did raise this issue yesterday during his meetings,” a State Department spokesman said, “but I don’t have anything to update you on beyond that.”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/27/editorial-abandoned-in-mexico/#ixzz32zuZS7GT

The Watercooler ~ Karl Rove (and other e-Repubs) butt in California gubernatorial race, too

Convinced the tea party candidate will bring down Republican Party, e-Repubs engage in smear campaign

In a bizarre attempt to maintain control of the Republican Party in California, Karl Rove’s hubris is beginning to take on almost paranoid features as he insists that if the Tea Party favorite — Tim Donnelly — wins the gubernatorial primary, it will tarnish all Republicans everywhere:

Karl Rove, the prominent Republican strategist, said Friday that Tim Donnelly will be a liability for Republicans nationwide if the tea party favorite finishes second in the gubernatorial primary election and advances to a November runoff against Gov. Jerry Brown.

“If the California Republican Party has as the leading candidate, the leading statewide candidate on the ballot this year somebody who has said the outrageous things that he’s said and prone to the outrageous behavior that he routinely engages in, it will be used to tarnish not only the California Republican Party, but they’ll throw it at everybody else on the ballot, and everybody else will, across the country, disavow the guy,” Rove told the conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt on his show.
This paranoia is reaching scary proportions as Rove, Condoleeza Rice and Mitt Romney all came out to support the only guy — Neel Kashkari — who is competing against Donnelly in the primary. In my view, Kashkari’s record could only qualify him as a “DIRC” — Democrat in Republican Clothing:

They’ve lined up behind millionaire former Goldman Sachs vice president Neel Kashkari. The 40-year-old, first-time candidate ran the federal bank bailout known as TARP – the Troubled Asset Relief Program – as a Treasury official, favors abortion access and same-sex marriage rights, and even admits to voting for Barack Obama in 2008.

Why is this guy even pretending to be a Republican and why is the establishment so concerned about stopping Donnelly and supporting a man who is worse than a squish on every issue? In addition to being socially liberal, Kashkari actually voted for Obama in 2008 and has never run for public office.

My point in this article is not to try to push a Donnelly win — although I think he will easily defeat Kashkari as he has all the grassroots and tea party support in California while Kashkari’s campaign is failing to gain traction. Pulling off a win in November against Jerry Brown would take a few miracles and is not likely to happen, but at least Donnelly will give Brown a bit of a fight.

But the bigger issue is just how obsessed the establishment elite have become in thinking “establishment knows best.” Their arrogance is getting repugnant.

Read more on RedState.com

VA Scandal Grows As Bonuses Went To Worst Hospitals

The Veterans Affairs Department health care scandal has deepened in recent days, with new revelations of incompetent management and misplaced spending priorities, including millions of dollars paid out in bonuses at the very hospitals where services were the worst.

Last week, VA secretary Eric Shinseki tried to bring closure to the scandal by firing the VA undersecretary of health, Dr. Robert Petzel, and filling the position with Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky — the director of VA's Great Lakes Health Care System in Winchester, Ill. Since 2009, Murawsky had oversight responsibility of the Edward Hines VA Hospital in Cook County, Ill.

But Freedom of Information Act requests by Illinois-based watchdog group Open the Books reveal that the VA spent millions on bonuses during the last three years at Hines.
Worse, in 2013, only about one-in-four of Hines' 4,230 employees were those providing the actual primary care: doctors (309) or nurses (about 800), Open the Books found.
Five veterans died waiting for care at Hines.

As far back as 1999, the VA had found systemic quality-of-care problems at Hines with little done to correct them. A VA study concluded that "Hines has the most inefficient physical plant for inpatient care and the most significant compliance issues with patient privacy."

In 2005, a VA study rated Chicago the worst regional office in the country. Now the man in charge at Hines, Murawsky, has been elevated to oversight of the entire VA system.
Democrats in Washington have started touting a recent poll showing a slight plurality (43%) of Americans believe the scandalously poor quality at VA hospitals is due to recent budget caps and inadequate financial resources devoted to the hospital system.

This was slightly higher than the 41% who believe the shoddy care is due to federal bureaucratic incompetence.
The revelations of bonuses suggest that misspending may be the biggest problem.

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-brain-trust/052714-702273-why-are-underperforming-va-hospitals-getting-performance-bonuses-.htm#ixzz32zypQdnc

Hollywood celebrities caught on hidden camera accepting money from "Middle Eastern oil interests" for Anti-Fracking and Anti-Keystone XL Pipeline Film


Part 1: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2014/03/democrats-and-gop-establishment-ally-to.html

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"Dead" Tea Party Rocks Texas!

Patrick beats Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst in runoff

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Republican voters appeared ready to push Texas even further to the right Tuesday, backing tea party favorites and casting out longtime Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for a state senator and firebrand radio talk show host who criticized the incumbent as too moderate for one of the state's most powerful political jobs.

Dan Patrick, who emerged as the front runner from the first round of voting, easily beat Dewhurst in the primary runoff for the GOP nomination, ending the political career of a multimillionaire energy businessman who has been lieutenant governor since 2003. Dewhurst had said this would be his final campaign.

"Salute the tea party of Texas!" Patrick said in his victory speech that quoted scripture. "Tea party folks love America, they love the Constitution, they love (free) markets, they love the Second Amendment and they love Texas. ... If you love America, welcome to the grass roots of the Republican Party."


Rep. Ralph Hall defeated by John Ratcliffe

Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Tex.), the oldest-serving member of Congress and one of the last World War II veterans serving on Capitol Hill, became the first incumbent House lawmaker to lose a primary challenge this year by losing Tuesday night to a tea party-backed challenger.
Hall lost to John Ratcliffe, a former U.S. attorney and small-town mayor who spent more than $500,000 of his own fortune to defeat the 18-term incumbent, especially on television ads that raised questions about whether 91-year old Hall was still fit to hold elective office.
The Associated Press called the race for Ratcliffe, with 66 percent of precincts reporting. He was leading Hall 52 percent to 48 percent.


Don’t Mess With Texas

The Tea Party and grassroots conservatives have come back to life from the dead more times than any of us can count.  The media keeps missing the point; whenever our candidates can raise money and get their message out to the voters before they are defined by the smear machine, they will win every time.  And especially in Texas, where we have done a better job getting out the message, things are looking pretty grim for our opponents.   Here are some highlights from tonight:

  • The biggest news of the night was John Ratcliffe unseating Rep. Ralph Hall, the dean of the House, in TX-4.  Ratcliffe is rock solid, particularly on immigration. During his time as U.S. Attorney, Ratcliffe coordinated the arrest of 300 illegal immigrants in one day and prosecuted many of them for identity theft and Social Security fraud.  We need a strong voice for our side on the Judiciary Committee.  There is no Democrat opponent, so he is de factor congressman-elect.
  • David Dewhurst, the sitting Lieutenant Governor for over a decade, was crushed by Dan Patrick 65%-35%.  This is nothing short of spectacular.  Ken Paxton, the more conservative candidate for Attorney General, won by almost the same margin.
  • In the state legislative races, Ted Cruz-backed Konni Burton crushed the establishment choice for senate in district 10.  It also appears that incumbent Bob Deuell has gone down in the east Dallas district.  There were no clear establishment pickups in either house of the legislature.
  • About 740,000 voters turned out for the GOP runoff at the top of the ticket; roughly 180,000 turned out for the Democrat runoffs statewide.  #TurnTexasBlue


Power shift in Texas election to benefit anti-toll cause

It was another great night for the anti-toll cause in Texas. Today was the Republican primary run-off election and voters toppled the incumbent David Dewhurst, replacing him with tea party favorite State Senator Dan Patrick for the powerful Lt. Governor seat. The campaign got downright nasty with Dewhurst hurling mud about Patrick’s past mental health challenges that dated back thirty years into the past, drudging up Patrick’s attempted suicide to try to win votes. It clearly didn’t work. Patrick beat Dewhurst 65%-35%.

Two more tea party favorites also won statewide office easily, perhaps on Patrick coattails: Ken Paxton beat Dan Branch for Attorney General and Sid Miller beat Tommy Merritt for Agriculture Commissioner. Newcomer and tea party leader Konni Burton cleaned up the senate seat vacated by Democrat Wendy Davis in Senate District 10, which is a pick-up for the GOP. Burton was also one of the top anti-toll candidates tonight.

A remarkable race to watch this election night was the nail biter between incumbent State Senator Robert Deuell versus dark horse tea party candidate Bob Hall in District 2. At one point, there was only one vote separating these two and no clear winner as of 10 PM. Deuell also used dirty tactics misrepresenting the court record in Hall’s divorce case from decades earlier, accusing him of being a wife beater when, in fact, the court exonerated him from all charges made by his ex-wife.


Gaining New Ground

May 28, 2014 by

Every statewide endorsee of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility won their run-off elections! Adding to the big wins in March, the 2014 election cycle continued to see conservatives make big gains around the Lone Star State.

Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton won their respective lieutenant governor and attorney general races with more than 60 percent of the vote. Sid Miller, running for agriculture commissioner, also had a strong win.

One simply cannot overstate the importance of conservatives winning in the lieutenant governor and attorney general races. Both Patrick and Paxton have established themselves as consistent champions for liberty. They can be counted on to fight the corruption and cronyism being uncovered in the Texas Legislature.

Both men were outspent, demonstrating that voters are much more interested in policy results than campaign rhetoric.

Paxton will carry on Greg Abbott’s legacy of challenging federal overreach. Meanwhile, with Dan Patrick at the helm, the state senate will lead on policy reforms.



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