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Debunking The 'Texas Miracle' Debunkers

Economy: When not making excuses for President Obama's dismal economic record, liberals try to explain away Texas' stellar growth. But what choice do they have? The Lone Star State proves limited government works.

After Gov. Rick Perry entered the presidential primaries in 2011, the left made a determined effort to dismiss the fact that his state had outperformed the rest of the country.

Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman called it the "Texas Unmiracle." Time magazine dismissed Texas' burgeoning growth as mere luck. Others chimed in along the same lines, insisting that low taxes, limited government spending and a business-friendly environment couldn't possibly have anything to do with Texas' better-than-average growth in GDP, jobs and incomes. And so, as Krugman put it, Texas "offers no useful lessons."

Now that Perry is giving hints of another presidential run, the debunking effort is undergoing a resurgence.

An article this week in Washington Monthly written by Phillip Longman and titled "Oops: The Texas Miracle That Isn't" . Over the same years, liberal bastions such as California lost $15.8 billion, New York $21 billion and Massachusetts $4 billion.

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Fooling Black Voters

Mitch McConnell: Debt Man

BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Battleground Texas Illegally Copying Voter Data

McConnell’s Ideology of Pay-for-Play on Display Again

Like most establishment Republicans, Mitch McConnell is not a liberal or a conservative; his ideology is power.  He will stand for whatever helps grease the skids of his pay-for-play career.  If that means pushing a conservative idea one day, he’ll readily do so.  But if that means quietly growing government, he will oblige in a second.

The latest example of his pay-for-play is a story from the Louisville Courier Journal detailing his campaign finance operation pushing federal funds to a failed algae energy factory in return for campaign cash.


We’re Being Played Like Fools

If there is any agreement on fiscal issues in Washington it is that we must do something about the growing debt and long-term unfunded liabilities.  With the debt exploding by over $6.6 trillion under Obama’s watch, the only leverage conservatives had to force a path to balance the budget was the debt ceiling – a built-in check on runaway spending.  Yet, ever since they took over Congress in 2011, establishment Republicans have worked to abolish the debt ceiling.

Moving forward, Republicans have now set a precedent in which the debt ceiling will now be something that must be avoided instead of something we can embrace.   With Obama’s record growth of the federal debt and his past statements against raising the debt ceiling, this is precisely the issue to bludgeon him with before an election. But, alas, that opportunity has been lost.  All of Boehner’s talk about “the Boehner Rule,” which called for dollar-for-dollar cuts, was lost the day he adopted Obama’s false talking point about default on debt.


True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht fire back at the House IRS hearings

Engelbrecht Unloads on the Honorable Elijah Cummings

This week's IRS hearing by Congressional Oversight Committee were quite lively. The Democratic talking point was faux outrage at payback to the honorable Elijah Cummings, ranking member, delivered by Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote. It seems that Cummings sent her three missives on committee letterhead that Engelbrecht correctly interpreted as intimidation. How else was she to interpret them, coming as they did on the heels of years of abuse by government agencies, and raising the specter of a congressional investigation into alleged voter suppression, a code name for racism?

Apparently having had enough, Engelbrecht and her lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, delivered an in-your-face in the form of a formal complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics alleging an abuse of power.

Their reward was renewed badgering, including a series of questions based on a "study" that strongly implied True the Vote's motivation for purging voter rolls and sending observers to polling places is racist. When in doubt, play the race card. But not as intimidation, of course. Engelbrecht had Cummings' "assurance" on that.

Read more on American Thinker

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Mitch McConnell claims to be a conservative, but...


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Texas Tea Party Supported Candidates

Statewide Offices:

Governor: Greg Abbott (Recommended)

Lt. Governor: Dan Patrick (Endorsed)

Attorney General: Ken Paxton (Endorsed)

Comptroller: Glenn Hegar (Recommended)

AG Commissioner: Sid Miller (Recommended)

Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian (Endorsed)

Texas Supreme Court

Nathan Hecht ~ Chief Justice (Recommended)

Jeff Brown ~ Justice, Place 6 (Recommended)

Phil Johnson ~ Justice, Place 8 (Recommended)

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Bert Richardson ~ Judge, Place 3 (Recommended)

Kevin Patrick Yeary ~ Judge, Place 4 (Recommended)

David Newell ~ Judge, Place 9 (Recommended)

Texas State Senate Races

Bob Hall ~ District 2 (Endorsed)

Konni Burton ~ District 10 (Endorsed)

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Matt Krause ~ HD 93 (Endorsed)

Bill Zedler ~ HD 96 (Endorsed)

Giovanni Capriglione ~ HD 98 (Endorsed)

Matt Rinaldi ~ HD 115 (Endorsed)

Wendy Davis gets fewer votes than Bill White

What Happened to the Buzzing Wendy Davis Cult?

When Texas State Senator Wendy Davis shot onto the national scene with her famous filibuster against abortion restrictions, she instantly became a media sensation and a ruling class cultural icon. She was the leading edge of an inevitable paradigm shift that would transform Texas from red to blue.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the ballot box. The Wendy fetish among our national elites didn’t spread to the democratic electorate. Davis garnered just 432,025 votes or 79.05 percent of a total 546,480 votes cast in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

That compares to Gregg Abbott’s haul of 1,219,831 votes or 91.50 percent of 1,333,010 total votes cast in the Republican primary. Abbott racked up nearly three times Davis’ vote total in a race that was generally considered a foregone conclusion. That translates to a statewide gubernatorial turnout of 4.01 percent for the Democrats, and 9.8 percent for the Republicans. So much for pink running shoes enthusiasm.

Texas Legislative Failures

Texas Representative Failures

John Corona ~ TX State Senator District 16

Bob Deuell ~ TX State Senator District 2

Linda Harper-Brown ~ TX House District 105

Bennett Ratliff ~ TX House District 115

Ralph Sheffield ~ TX House District 55


Republican worse than Wendy Davis Candidates?!?! Yes, they exist!

Bell County, TX: Temple mayor, city council recall effort announced

Is Bell County history repeating itself? A Letter of Intent delivered to Temple City Hall today informed officials of an effort to circulate recall petitions seeking to remove from office Temple Mayor Danny Dunn, Mayor Pro Tem Judy Morales and council members Tim Davis, Perry Cloud and Russell Schneider. Grounds cited include misconduct, malfeasance, cronyism, neglect, incompetence as well as noncompliance with the city charter, self-dealing and betrayal of public trust. This move comes three years after city of Killeen residents similarly responded to officials’ seeming indifference to taxpayer interests and transparency.

Read more http://watchdogwire.com/texas/2014/03/03/bell-county-tx-temple-mayor-city-council-recall-effort-announced/

Texas Right to Life Excoriates Senator Bob Deuell in Recent Mailer

Texas Right to Life Excoriates Senator Bob Deuell in Recent Mailer

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Patriots Rally for Freedom

March 15, 2014

Patriots Rally for Freedom
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Texas State Senator Bob Deuell & Obamacare Death Panels

Texas State Senator Bob Deuell authored SB 303 which would have granted hospitals the power to impose denial-of-care directives, such as "do not attempt resuscitation" (DNAR), against patients without their consent and without even giving them written notice. Fortunately, the bill was defeated, but Senator Deuell is up for reelection and Texans must remember this bill when they hit the voting booths.

Texas State Senator Bob "Dr. Death" Deuell

The AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons) apply named the bill the "Right for Hospitals to Deny Care Act".

Read more at AAPSonline.org.

Senator Bob Deuell has a primary challenger - constitutional conservative Bob Hall.


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